Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Nude Beach Review & Swatches

Occasionally Bobbi releases an incredible Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow I can’t live without, Navajo happens to be one and most recently I’m gonna say I can’t live without Long Wear Cream Shadow in Nude Beach.

Nude Beach is available for a limited time with Bobbi’s Summer 2012 Miami Collection and prior to even bothering to read this review I highly suggest snagging it.

It’s just one of those shades you’ll reach for daily.

You NEED it.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow has always been a great formula for me. It applies and blends easily, wears and plays strong through a full day, and has an incredibly flattering finish that brightens up my eyes and makes them look lively no matter the shade I use.

Nude Beach is one of those essential shades you’ll want to own for minimal or natural makeup looks.

This is an iridescent beige with a very fine pearl sparkle. The shade is close to the color of flesh so it has the ability to meld on lids like a second skin creating a brighter, fresher look to your eyes (as if you had 12 hours of sleep when in reality you only had 6).

I love nude beiges like this as they successfully complete a natural look with a little mascara, blush, and gloss. It’s really no nonsense makeup at its best. The shade just pairs up well with anything you want to throw at it while remaining quietly in the background but prominent enough that people will ask, “What are you wearing on your eyes?”

Overall, Nude Beach takes the “nude” look and brings it together for an elegant, classy, and minimal look with absolutely no fuss. This is classic makeup at its best.

Everyone should own a shade like this.

Muse Approved for purchase.

You NEED this one in your arsenal.

P.S. Did I mention it makes an incredible base for eyeshadow, loose pigments, and minerals too?

Available now at Bobbi Brown counters or online at


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  • 6/11/12 19:15 Tammie:

    Ohh, I might have to try this…I love those simple eye-brightening colors and I am severely lacking cream shadows (which I love when I am in a hurry). Is this one pretty opaque? I am having trouble telling since it’s so nude haha. I ask because I love my Benefit ones but they are a bit sheer, so I had been looking for a more opaque nude shimmer cream shadow.


    • 6/12/12 10:34 the Muse:

      mmm it is…it’ll show up ever better on fairer skin tammie. It is really nude so you can’t really tell ;-D but it’s def not sheerer and has a certain thickness that allows the color to show through better!


      • 6/12/12 18:11 Tammie:

        That’s good to know, I’m very fair/pale so I think it will show up quite nicely then haha. I am glad to hear that although the color is light that it isn’t all that sheer, because I love these kinds of nude eye-brightening shades, but the ones I have are just so sheer, which is fine when I am in the mood (on the weekends usually) but for workdays I like a little more opacity…now I can justify getting this one haha :).


        • 6/13/12 9:30 the Muse:

          if you’re fair, it’ll show up even better so you’re golden! ;-D buy it from sephora, if you hate it, return it ;-D


          • 6/13/12 13:00 Tammie:

            That’s good to know, I am practically transparent so I think it will show up nicely on me haha

          • 6/13/12 13:03 the Muse:

            ha ;-D you and cj! lucky!

          • 6/13/12 13:13 Cj:

            Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Me or Tammie?? 😛 lol

          • 6/13/12 13:13 the Muse:

            lol lily collins!

          • 6/13/12 13:33 Tammie:

            Cj – What are you in MAC? I’m NC10 xD;;

          • 6/13/12 13:42 the Muse:

            you guys are kinda my heros…I spent endlessly on whitening products and you are THAT white ;-D lol!

          • 6/13/12 13:51 Tammie:

            Muse – Alas, it’s genetics (I guess) lol. There are some downsides though… hyper-pigmentation and any even slightly dark hair on your face is very very obvious ;_;

          • 6/13/12 14:35 the Muse:

            are you brunette tammie? aw <3! i guess we all have some issue or another.

          • 6/13/12 13:56 Cj:

            Ahh you got me beat, I’m nc15 on the dot :)

          • 6/13/12 14:40 Tammie:

            @ Muse – Yup! Brunette~. Too much contrast haha. Though the hyper-pigmentation didn’t begin until after I had my son >.<*

            @ Cj – Yay, I'm the fairest in the land haha xD;;

          • 6/13/12 14:53 the Muse:

            *raises hand* brunette understand about hair/pigmentation ;-D

          • 6/13/12 15:04 Cj:

            Psh you girls think you got it rough? Try being a guy and having to shave every other day so makeup goes on smoothly lol.

          • 6/13/12 15:21 the Muse:

            i digress, you def have it harder! josh seems like he doesn’t have a whisker in the world…smooth as a baby’s ass…seriously can I has skin like that? I feel like I’m plucking hair from everywhere

          • 6/13/12 15:31 Cj:

            Yeah I know lol he has to shave everyday tho! I’m lucky enough that I don’t start getting stubble till the day after. But still it is a pain! I’m thinking about getting that flash&go hair removal lazer thing and doing my face with it lol

          • 6/13/12 15:33 the Muse:

            it doesn’t work :-/ don’t bother! jai had laser hair removal on his face, under his arms, and legs it was like a down payment on a mansion to do…I’d seriously consider it but I’m a little scared to try.

          • 6/13/12 15:39 Cj:

            Damn :( thankfully I’m not very… hairy lol But shaving every other day is a pain in the butt! And don’t even get me started on the ingrown hairs. They’re like 100 times worse than a pimple. I wonder how much lazer would be just for the face… and how many sessions do you need to do :/

            Sigh #boyproblems lol

          • 6/13/12 15:55 the Muse:

            he paid some sort of CRAZY ass amount for his, I remember it being 1000’s! he was trying to convince me to do it but I was scared. lasers+my face=scary! It’s prob completely safe but I was visualizing scarring or redness or some reaction!

          • 6/13/12 15:49 Tammie:

            Cj – Haha yeah…I am SO lazy, I’d probably just have a beard that I put the makeup around haha.

          • 6/13/12 15:53 the Muse:

            LOL omg tammie! ;-D

          • 6/13/12 15:53 Tammie:

            Muse & Cj – I want to get hair removal on my upper lip so badly it’s not even funny. They occassionally have coupons for at least a few sessions on Groupon but it still ends up being like $150 which is pretty rich for me (I don’t use credit cards for that sort of thing, and I would have to buy nothing else fun for at least a month to save up)…I’ll have to do it some day though, I can’t pluck or wax (even plucking one hair is SO painful) so I shave it with those cute little Japanese facial razors (I also do this with my eyebrows, they are trying to overtake my forehead). ANYWAY, obviously shaving = stubble which is almost as bad as just letting it grow. It’s very sad haha. Oh to be hairy and pale ;_;

          • 6/13/12 16:42 the Muse:

            thankfully I don’t have sensitive skin as I have to wax myself silly to get it all off. believe me I totally understand hair girl ;-D I’m terribly scared of laser hair removal though :-/ I dunno too paranoid for it…!

          • 6/13/12 15:55 Tammie:

            Muse – lol you know I’d rock it…full beard with with blush on top…I’d look like a younger Santa. Can you imagine wearing lipgloss with a beard like that? I’d be getting hairs stuck in it 24/7 haha

          • 6/13/12 16:10 the Muse:

            lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll hey don’t knock it lol sometimes you have to grow it a little before waxing lol!

          • 6/13/12 15:58 Cj:

            PEW PEW PEW!! Lmao 😛

            Wow that sucks. Maybe for Christmas lol

          • 6/13/12 16:10 the Muse:

            not even then lol!

          • 6/13/12 16:46 Cj:

            Tammie – Totally. And stubble is the worst ever with makeup. Well I know what I’m asking Santa for this year lol!

        • 6/13/12 12:15 Littlecreek:

          FYI if you can’t get ahold of Nude Beach, Beach Honey is a permanent color that is very similar. Slightly warmer but very close. Nude Beach is quite opaque on pale skin (no need to use Lemon Aid or other color correcting primers) and shows up as a neutral gold, but you can def tell that you are wearing eyeshadow. Does that make sense? Basically trying to say that it is “dark” enough that it won’t just blend in with your skin since you’re pale.


          • 6/13/12 13:24 Tammie:

            Makes sense and sounds just like what I was looking for :). If I can’t find Nude Beach I’ll look at the other one~.

          • 6/14/12 12:46 Tammie:

            I ended up getting Beach Honey instead haha. Worked better for my skin tone.

  • 6/11/12 20:14 Vic27:

    Hi muse!

    With your esperience, how long does the pot dry out?
    Thanks always for your reviews :)


    • 6/12/12 9:45 the Muse:

      my pleasure vic! I have one for over a year now and no issues with dry out.


  • 6/11/12 23:44 Littlecreek:

    Have to agree with you. I have oily lids and I can get 10 hours wear without creasing. Bobbi is the only brand that is truly crease less for me. And the shade is georgous! It’s a LE that’s worth running out to get!


    • 6/12/12 9:24 the Muse:

      yay glad you think so brooke! ;-D


  • 6/12/12 0:07 LINDARRAGNAR:

    Looks very nice muse!


    • 6/12/12 9:23 the Muse:

      thanks linda! how are you btw feels like ages since we chatted ;D


      • 6/12/12 20:48 LINDARRAGNAR:

        So sorry about that muse! I go on your site quite a bit, but since I don’t have a job, full time student, and large medical bills, I just can’t look at all the makeup goodies,(like I used too) because it makes me so sad.! How have you been?


        • 6/13/12 9:17 the Muse:

          are you ok? large medical bills? all alright? :( I completely understand hun! <3 I was a student once too, know the feeling well!


          • 6/14/12 18:26 LINDARRAGNAR:

            I am better now, right after my 18th birthday I had this horrible knee pain (didn’t have health insurance) and thought maybe it will go away. A month later and it was getting worse, I finally got insurance and saw the doctor, I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. :( it sucks but I take medicine (once every 2 weeks i inject myself with a 500$ shot) and went to physical therapy and am much better know. I am so much. More appreciative of life now. But school is not too bad,me and my twin are going to community college! I have. A 3.75 goa she has a 3.85! <3

          • 6/15/12 11:01 the Muse:

            wow are you serious? that’s crazy. you’re so young! I’m glad you’re doing much better!!!!!!!!!! jeez that’s just crazy. Do me a favor, send me your address, I’ll get you a little love package out (I take a while to get to the post office just be warned) to cheer you up and reward you for those great grades <3! :) keep your chin up girl! Good for you for being so strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 6/12/12 6:11 Ania W:

    I have them on my list- your fault;)


    • 6/12/12 9:03 the Muse:



  • 6/12/12 10:39 Cj:

    Now this is exactly what I’ve been wanting! Something I can just throw on my lids and walk out the door. Your giving me too many new lemmings deary 😛


    • 6/12/12 10:43 the Muse:

      teehee ;-D get it get it!


  • 6/12/12 12:02 Emily W:

    I love Bobbi Brown’s cream shadows, but they’re sooo expensive. I was worried I was going to have to get all the new shades until I bought Mary Kay’s Beach Blonde (a near dupe for this) from a friend. It’s cheaper and you get more of it. Which is good, because I might have had to spend my lunch money on all the new BB shades. :S


    • 6/12/12 12:36 the Muse:

      have to find out about this beach blonde emily ;-D sounds nice!


  • 6/12/12 17:08 Majick:

    Hi Muse, I love this type of shade in the summer. How does it compare to the Tarte ones from the AD last year? I think there were two that were kind of bronzy beachy? I’ll have to look for them when I get a minute. (like that will happen soon…LOL)


    • 6/13/12 9:30 the Muse:

      hey majick the ones i have from tarte are all really colored no nude shades that I own…:)


  • 6/12/12 21:38 Christina:

    I feel like this was a Barneys exclusive at some point in 2009 – and it was what I picked up first from Bobbi Brown, which I never found again. My jar has since dried up, and I am stocking up this time! It was my all-time favorite shadow and stuck like glue from the moment I applied to the moment I took it off. Great feature Muse!


    • 6/13/12 9:16 the Muse:

      hey christina was it?! brilliant it is back ;-D


  • 6/12/12 22:53 Alina:

    Since this is Limited Edition, do you know how long it will be in stores?


    • 6/13/12 9:15 the Muse:

      depends on your stores alina and how well it is selling. i believe it might be already sold out at bobbi brown’s site.


      • 6/14/12 12:47 Tammie:

        It was sold out in both Nordstrom and Macy’s brick & mortar stores yesterday.


  • 6/14/12 15:57 Tammie:

    I ended up getting Beach Honey instead of tracking this one down, Beach Honey is a better match for my pale, cooler skin tone. Nude Beach wouldn’t be as brightening.

    I also got Sand Dollar, which I couldn’t resist. It’s exactly the kind of color I gravitate towards…I hadn’t seen another good cream shadow this color yet either, usually they are too dark


    • 6/14/12 16:06 the Muse:

      have to check those both out, I don’t own either one! you should swatchie and tweet me a pic ;D


      • 6/14/12 16:10 Tammie:

        I’ll tweet you a couple pics I took of it in the pot right now to hold you over and take some swatches for you when I get home (which will be like 12am your time…).


        • 6/14/12 16:12 the Muse:

          brilliant ;-D take your time no hurries just curious what those shades look like. Navajo is a nice one too btw!


          • 6/14/12 16:15 Tammie:

            I already tweeted it to you haha :). They are both really pretty neutrals! I know I will get a ton of use out of them.

          • 6/14/12 16:17 the Muse:

            jeepers you are FAST!

          • 6/14/12 16:18 Tammie:

            Navajo is very nice (just looked at your review) but I already have one of those tubes of Laura Mercier eye stuff that serves the same purpose~. Maybe when I am done with that I’ll give Navajo a look :)

          • 6/14/12 16:21 the Muse:

            def similiar to laura mercier, demure by trish mcevoy is also AWESOME imho!

          • 6/14/12 16:18 Tammie:

            Haha xD. Well I already had the photos on my phone since I took them to upload on Poupee Girl (do you have that?) as soon as I got them home since I don’t like to upload pictures of used products haha :)

          • 6/14/12 16:20 the Muse:

            i do but haven’t used it in AGES believe I am there as MusingsofaMuse or theMuse ;-D ME TOO! lol! I hate doing photos of used makeup on Musings lol!

  • 10/8/13 19:11 sarah:

    I love Shore. Do I need Navajo or Nude Beach too?


    • 10/8/13 19:20 the Muse:

      I’d like to say yes because I ADORE shore as well but Navajo is really a nice whiter shade to intensify powder shades. Unfortunately Nude Beach was LE so you can check that off the list.


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