Covergirl BB Cream Yeah Right!

Covergirl BB Cream? Ahhh I has me a giggle!

A friend of mine recently said she saw Covergirl BB Cream at the drugstore and I was mmmm I dunno ’bout that but here’s proof.

Thanks to the fabulous Josh Collier for tweeting me this one.

The funny part?

It’s simply Covergirl CG Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer repackaged with “BB Cream” added onto the bottle! Covergirl waved its magical BB Cream wand at the packaging and POOF tinted moisturizer became BB Cream.

How sad that brands are just not getting it.

Oh Lawd!

I’m trying hard not to roll my eyes.

  • 6/13/12 15:28 Cat G:

    I don’t get how companies are able to market something as a BB cream if it doesn’t have the added benefits of a BB cream and is only a tinted moisturizer! How does this keep happening!!


  • 6/13/12 15:40 Selina Delaney:

    It’s even annoying me and I’m not even a BB cream user! I think you should put together a huge page seperated into “Actual BB Cream” and “Not even sort of like a BB Cream” and really get it out there.


    • 6/13/12 15:54 the Muse:

      lol selina good idea!


  • 6/13/12 15:43 Cj:


  • 6/13/12 15:51 Rachel:

    This is why I’ve grown to ignore company claims and descriptions for the most part. Sad


  • 6/13/12 16:04 Wonderland:

    this is just sad….


  • 6/13/12 16:12 Fuu:

    At least they call it a tinted moisturizer underneath the BB Cream logo. So you know what you are really getting.


  • 6/13/12 16:18 Rachel:

    Whats really sad is them taking advantage of their customers. I bet a slight price increase goes along with the name change.


  • 6/13/12 16:31 LK:

    This is getting way too ridiculous.


  • 6/13/12 16:50 Grace:

    LOL what in the world?! It says covergirl BB cream…and then right under that, it says tinted moisturizer. Um…they’re so not the same thing. How embarrassing…


  • 6/13/12 17:44 M:

    Bandwagoning at its finest.


  • 6/13/12 17:59 Jessica Desjardins:



  • 6/13/12 18:06 meep:

    Gotta love when at Sephora they call it Beauty Balm too…………………………………………………..


  • 6/13/12 18:26 Tiffany Martin:

    So wait, is this really the exact same formula? If so, shameless!


    • 6/14/12 10:04 the Muse:

      i haven’t seen it in my drugstore yet but you know I’m comparing when I do ;D


  • 6/13/12 19:44 Hillarie:

    I haven’t tried a Korean BB cream (I’ve tried the one by Too Faced and the one by Smashbox) and even I’m insulted by this. Someone should email them 😛


  • 6/14/12 0:29 Charlotte:

    Oh, that is just too funny.


  • 6/14/12 8:36 Sarah S.:



  • 6/14/12 12:30 Laura:

    I used this for many years and would always add more of my own spf lotion and primer….

    it’s nice – but it’s not a bb cream all by itself


  • 6/14/12 15:16 Gina:

    OMG! Dumb! I love the CG smoothers tinted moisturizer actually but this is a joke! Put out the real thing or don’t call it that just to make sales. If they put out something legit it’d try it.


  • 6/14/12 15:47 Michelle:

    I am beginning to wonder if US brands are even really aware of what makes a BB cream, a BB cream. I have used Skin 79’s BB cream for a while now and definitely gives better effect than just giving the skin some color coverage. I love trends as much as the next person but, I want to try something from a US company that really is a BB cream.


  • 6/15/12 19:00 Suzie:

    This is bugging me so much! I’m just glad I read your blog so that long before I saw these things coming out I knew they weren’t really bb cream. Then when I finally tried one it was an Asian bb cream (Skin 79 Oriental Gold, I love it). It just bothers me that alot of people probably don’t know and think all this stuff is what bb cream is. It just denies them the awesomeness of the real thing, it bothers me.


    • 6/18/12 11:46 the Muse:

      hey suzie :( that’s what really is sad, that people, not knowing about bb creams at all, assume these are great formulas! it’s sad :(


  • 6/15/12 22:41 April D.:

    This is truly pathetic, and I totally agree with the jumping on the bandwagon comment.


  • 6/18/12 20:47 Avalith:

    I roll my eyes at this


  • 6/18/12 23:44 Phyrra:

    It seriously makes me want to throw things every time I see an American ‘bb cream’ that’s really just a tinted moisturizer. They’re totally not getting the concept.


  • 6/20/12 12:15 Nellie:

    I saw the first picture and thought, “Well, that looks just like their tinted moisturizer they’ve had for years.” I think I’m probably right. I love that they left “Tinted Moisturizer” on it. I’ve never used real BB Cream, but even I’m insulted by this.


  • 6/29/12 17:08 Michelle:

    It is a shame when a cosmetic company has a real chance to make a product that truly captures and meets the needs of its users; instead they are too f’n lazy to do some homework, some REAL research. Do they really think their customers are that stupid? I feel like writing a letter to their CEO and give them a dose of reality check.


  • 7/5/12 14:06 Nikki:

    I just posted pictures on my blog of the ingredients lists for both products, proving that they are indeed the same product. Here’s the link if anyone wants to see for themselves.


  • 4/20/13 2:02 Sarah:

    They are in fact the exact same product. I had been using the tinted moisturizer for years when all of the sudden one day the name changed. I still use it and think its a great drug store product. I have acne prone greasy skin and feel that it gives me enough coverage, with a bit of bare minerals over it. I like that it isn’t greasy and doesn’t feel as thick or cakey as foundation.


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