Bobbi Brown BB Cream

As you know Bobbi Brown BB Cream has recently launched at Nordstrom. It’ll be available exclusively at Nordstrom from July but in August it’ll launch at as well as at your favorite local counters.

If you missed my review do click here to freshen up.

It’s an exciting release and a BB Cream that’s worth hauling in my opinion. Although a little sheer by the definition of a BB Cream formula it still proves a gorgeous formula that evens out and perfect skin beautifully.

Have you tried it yet?

Planning on it?

Do share your thoughts or mini review!

  • 7/17/12 11:51 Cj:

    You know I was really hard on this bb cream, but lately, I’ve been literally using it everyday that isn’t crazy hot, and I’m loving it. I will definitely repurchase when I finish my tube.


  • 7/17/12 13:32 Jamie:

    I haven’t bought it yet, but Nordies gave me a really generous sample that I have been using for two weeks now. I’m using it in fair and I love it! It’s so hot here in Texas, and it’s nice and light for summer. I am going to buy the tube when I go back to Nordstrom this weekend.


    • 7/17/12 13:35 the Muse:

      aw glad to hear it Jamie!


  • 7/17/12 16:48 Becca @ The Beauty Sample:

    I so want to try this, but as it’s not oil-free, I will just have to wait patiently for her to release one :/


  • 7/18/12 10:49 Swims alot:

    I’m just the opposite Becca. Afraid to try I cause the video says “oil control” and I’m dry skin


  • 7/24/12 15:26 Lauren:

    I got a sample too, but I can’t tell if I like it as much (or more) than the NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.


  • 7/26/12 21:49 rebecca:

    I picked up a sample of this during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I think I like it! My skin feels comfortable – not greasy, not oily, just moisturized and soft, and I don’t really look like I’m *wearing* anything but at the same time everything looks a bit brighter and better. I think I have enough in the sample for another go so I’ll try it again tomorrow and see what I think, but I may pick this up in the full size.


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