May 9, 2012

Bobbi Brown BB Cream Review and Swatches


What? Bobbi Brown has a BB Cream?

Word. Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 PA +++ was released a while back ago in Asia (about May 2010 or so?). I suspect this Summer Bobbi might release it stateside.

Crossing my toes, legs, fingers..etc…etc…!

Interestingly enough both Bobbi’s Tinted Moisturizer and MAC’s Beauty Balm have very similiar ingredients with a few changes here and there.

How two products with such similiar ingredients work in completely different ways fascinates me but facts is facts they do.

One thing that deserves mentioning is I believe Bobbi’s BB Cream was originally released in Japan not Korea. I always find Japanese BB Creams very different from Korean ones and that reflects in the Bobbi Brown BB Cream formula. They just prove less creamier and pigmented.

I got this particular version from Malaysia but you can rest assured the formula pretty much remains standard throughout Asia and and probably within the US as well upon release here.

It comes in three shades which are extra light, light, and fair. Hopefully the release in the US includes some sort of medium color however I find the product runs sheerer and adjusts well so you might just be able to find a match here. The light color is a creamy beige with yellow undertone. The color fit my skin perfectly.

The main properties of the product are brightening dull skin, moisturizing, reducing dark spots and discolorations, boosting collagen, preventing fine lines and wrinkles, and reducing redness while protecting skin with an SPF 35.

A quick glance at the box doesn’t display a ton of anti-aging ingredients but there are a good deal of plant extracts that are good for your skin.

The formula is a medium thickness that’s not too creamy and not too thin. The creamy texture has a soft buttery texture that blends into skin easily without looking greasy or oily. It offers a very nice hydrating finish thanks to the water base of the product. I find it wears like a second skin without fading or oxidizing. It’s so incredibly comfortable and luxurious feeling, like a drink of water for my skin.

Coverage is sheerer but manages to ease dullness incredibly well, conceal smaller problems, and create a smooth, flawless, healthy complexion. I love how my skin just glows when I have this on.

Overall, Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream isn’t a traditional Korean BB Cream by any means but it takes things to a very new and exciting level in the BB Cream category. The water base has such a smooth, creamy feel that melds so beautifully well with skin creating a healthy, flawless look that’s very natural and oh so fresh. It surprises me that MAC’s version was such a terrible fail yet Bobbi Brown’s version with many of the same ingredients proves a huge success for me. How odd!

It’s funny as when I originally tried this I disliked it immensely but as I used it daily I loved it more and more…so don’t write it off should you purchase. Continue using it, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how it sneaks into your daily regime!

Love this!

I look forward to its release here in the US.

Very Muse Approved for purchase.

I paid RM150 which is about mmm $48 bucks USD? I imagine it’ll be about the same price once it reaches counters here.

Tried it?

Do share!

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  • Agata

    Which BB cream available in the US do you consider the best?

  • valentinasugar

    Hi Muse!

    I was wondering what do you recommend more Korean BB Creams of Japanese BB Creams. Which do you prefer better?

    • the Muse

      korean, seems like all the Japanese ones I’ve tried aren’t as good.

  • Sonya

    Theoretically, this is the only BB cream that actually has the GOD-GIVEN right to be called “BB cream”, just ’cause of her initials.

  • Mandy

    i loved it! if only i wasnt allergic to the hyaluronic acid in it sigh..

    • Abbey

      ugh…I know the feeling. Not necessarily allergic, but break out with big cystic acne spots that last for months anytime I’m in the same room with the stuff. And my skin is soooo dry!

      • Melissa

        I used this bb cream today and I absolutely hated it. I haven’t found too many bad reviews on it but my skin didn’t like it. It made my face feel so tight and painful. I have very dry skin and this just drew any moisture right out. So sad because the coverage is quite nice.

        • Jenn

          Posting this months later but it’s doing the same to me!! This is the first high-end face product I’ve purchased so I’m really bummed. Any suggestions for nice BB cream/TM that does work for your dry skin??

  • Nina

    Hi Muse! I have asked around at a number of Bobbi Brown counters in my area, and none of the counter managers knew anything about a BB cream and from what I saw of the “look book” there wasn’t anything that indicated these would be available in the U.S. I could be wrong – hope I am! I should have asked Bobbi Brown herself at a recent PA!

    • the Muse

      aw that’s too bad…I imagine they will release it at some point in the US. I was estimating either this May or Fall 2012. It would be odd if she didn’t market it here with the craze of BB Cream at such a strong point in the US market.

  • Christina

    I got a tube on eBay recently for about $30. I think it feels totally different than any of the other BB creams I’ve tried – EL, Missha, Skin79, Smashbox.

    I’ve worn it a couple of times and found that I still had to blot during the day. I like it, but don’t love it…yet…I’ll give it some more time. 🙂

    • the Muse

      it is very hydrating christina…I didn’t have to blot thankfully, my dry skin loved it ;-D

  • Cj

    Hey Muse, I was lucky enough to get one of these in extra light off eBay for around $35. It’s a really nice product. My only complaint is the price, I would of never bought it if I had to pay $48, that is way too much for only 1.3oz of product. I’d rather buy like either Nars’s or Tarte’s TM. I sincerely hope they lower the price when they bring it to the US.

    • the Muse

      $48 is quite $$$ I agree! I thought it looked much more polished on my skin than a mere TM though don’t you think?

      • Cj

        To me it kinda gave me like a my skin but better kinda look if that makes sense lol. I think this is great for people that either don’t like wearing foundation, or people who have good skin. It feels nice on, very hydrating, sheer to light coverage but enough to tone down any discolor and maybe even cover a couple minor imperfections. But still while it’s good, it isn’t like an OMG AMAZING!!! MUST GET RIGHT NOW! (to me at least) So the high price tag just isnt worth it.

        • the Muse

          i agree…it enhances but doesn’t do a ton of coverage…! ;-D again, agreed, def not run out of the house and BUY it but still a nice finish ;-D

  • Lacey

    It’s coming this summer. I believe it hits nordstroms first. I’m in “the know” so to speak haha.

    • the Muse

      ahhh just as I suspected lacey ;-D I thought perhaps this month!

      • Nina

        That’s great to hear! My Nordies BB counter people didn’t know anything about it at all.

  • Southern Gorgeous

    Oh that’s so exciting, I knew Asia had her market for it, but it will be nice once it’s here!

    • the Muse

      sorry agata I’m approving comments willy nilly today and trying to get 500 things at once…I’ve named my fav a few times, It’s probably Clinique’s version, also Dior but Dior isn’t an actual US release but a re-release here in the US since it originally released in Japan. It’s my fav BB Cream on the US market. if that makes sense.

      • Agata

        Thank you! I appreciate your answer and I totally understand you have tons of comments to answer too, I was just being pouty 🙂 Thank you!

        • the Muse

          no worries! sometimes I approve willy nilly…I used to reply to every single comment no matter what the comment said even if it wasn’t a question but sadly, I don’t have the time anymore 🙁 you are most welcome!

  • Comrade Garlic

    I was looking at some pictures and the ones where I’m wearing a BB cream, no matter which one, I just didn’t look right. My skin just didn’t look like skin. It had this strange waxy appearance and so many of them just didn’t match my skin tone. Ones I thought looked good on me didn’t. I think I’m over BB cream.

  • Cj

    Ah muse! I forgot to ask you lol, how does this compare to Bobbi browns TM?

    • the Muse

      it’s funny ingredients are very similiar but the texture is creamier versus the tm which is a bit thinner.

  • savannah

    What is the best BB cream out there? I have a medium skin tone that tans easily. Most of them just look pasty on me.

  • Mary

    Would you mind sharing some of the ingredients, or the whole list? What is the active sunscreen, and are there any PEG’s? Thanks so much! Excited to try this.

    • the Muse

      hi mary i don’t have that info available at the moment, tossed the box.

      • Mary

        thanks anyway! all the more reason to go check it out in person 😉

        • the Muse

          sorry hun! ;-D and see desert twilight while you are there eh? 😀

  • twinklestars

    i didn’t know it wasn’t available in the u.s. i bought mine in korea 😛 but i’m happy to hear that it will be available soon since i think i have about one more month before i use up my tube. (i know it’s small, but the way i use it, a little bit each day, i’d say it will go a full 7 months). i’m asian and i have fair skin that will easily burn before i can get a proper tan. i use the “Light” color. it’s like you said, it’s very light and sheer and perfect for people who don’t like to use heavier foundation. i finish it off with a very light powder (chanel 30 rosee) and some bobbybrown gel eye liner and that’s it for my color makeup. the only problem i have is that i wear glasses so after a day of wear (maybe when i put on a little too much bb cream or when i put on an extra layer of sun protection) you can see the makeup bunched up wear the nosepads of my eyeglasses were. other than the occasional swipe to clean that up, i’m good for a whole day. i’m just curious to find out what the ingredients were (i too threw out the box to soon!!)

  • Crissy

    Hi there, thanks for the review. I was just wondering how this particular line of BB cream would suit oily/acne prone skin? thanks

  • Lida

    This stuff has just been released in Australia for, wait for it – $60.00.

  • claris

    Hey Muse, just bought mine recently in HongKong, wear it yesterday for the whole day in the humid weather in HK. What i like is it does lock your skin from being super oily..but i was wondering if i can wear the bb Cream itself. Since it is the main purpose of BB cream, but then the shop keeper said it is not good to wear the BB cream itself that you have to wear a base or moisturizer before the BB cream. Thanks

  • christi

    Hey muse! Are u the user name Winglessly on MakeupAlley? I was just reading reviews on there for this Bobbi Brown BB cream, and found this one there word for word! I am hoping it is u!

    • the Muse

      no christi I guess she copied my review 🙁 I never reviewed anything on MUA before.

  • the Muse

    hi again christi just had a chance to look over the review…sad but she seems to have just copied exactly what I said. Not sure who I can report to it…but nope that’s not me however it is my review she used or at least parts of it.

    • christi

      I had a feeling it wasn’t u..And she didn’t just copy part of it, it is word for word! What a freaking loser man. I sent her a message asking her if she was u or if she just copied ur review word for word. This was b4 u answered me saying it is not u…I wonder if she will say she IS you. That wud be kinda creepy. I actually had somebody do something weird to me on MUA b4 too….they created a profile using ALL my profile pics from my profile, including ones of me! I had to write to the website mods or whatever they’re called and they took it down. They used a very similar user name to mine too. I guess MUA is full of creepers. I couldn’t believe that when I read that Bobbi Brown review tho….I was like, “I swear I just read a review like this!” On a less creepy note, I am waiting on some BB creams from thanks to ur reviews!

      • the Muse

        christi that would be creepy lol! I’ve actually had people that contacted public relations and different brands saying they owned and tried to get samples sent to them. Very very very scary and odd. Thankfully the reps all knew me and contacted me telling me what was going on. I read the review, she left out a few things towards the end but you’re right it’s pretty much my review word for word. I read some of her other reviews and it looks like it’s only the one she took…not sure if those other reviews are her own or if she got them from other blogs. I’ve also had folks steal my images and use them to sell things on E-bay this results in reader’s contacting me asking if I was selling on Ebay! *rolls eyes* crazeeeeeeeeee! you’re most welcome! I hope you like the bbs from sasa…they are a great site ;-D a little slow to ship sometimes but awesome none the less. PS thanks for contacting her! I hope she comes clean! xoxoxoxo! my review was written in May and hers was Sept so at least no one can accuse me of copying her lol!

  • christi

    Well my first order has shipped already, just waiting for the second one to ship. Of course I placed 2orders like a dumb ass cuz I was trying 2 talk myself out of ordering 4 lol. I’m waiting on skin79 orange, holika holika peach girl, skin food black tea and honey (I think that’s the name), and holika essential. I actually ordered the skin79 orange from amazon from seoulglamour as well, and I am going to compare it to the sasa one and see if it is fake.

    • the Muse

      hey christi! nice orders!!!!!!! ;-D I haven’t ordered from amazon, don’t trust the bb creams on there at all, hopefully they it is real!!!!!!!!!! enjoy your goodies ;D!

      • christi

        I will never order from amazon again, but this was before I found ur blog and I read a ton of blogs saying this seller sells authentic ones. But I will compare it like I said to the real one from sasa and let u know if it is real! (If u care lol) Also, what other bb creams would u rec for very pale skin? I do plan on trying the brtc jasmine one. I am nc15 (leaning neutral tho.) I have missha #13 perfect cover, and while pale enough, I am not crazy about it. I just think there must be better.

  • yme87

    Hey Muse!! I saw this at my local Nordstrom and I got it for $42. Also, my local Sephora is setting up a shelf for it. I’m still trying to figure out how to wear it. Do you use it with or without a primer? I’ve been trying it without so as to let my skin absorb the good stuff by my skin feels so tacky. However, at the end of the day, when I was everything off, my skin is so smooth like I had a facial or something. Let me know. Thanks!!

    • the Muse

      I typically use primer before foundations/bb creams so they last longer yme.

  • Diana

    Well this comment is really, really late in the game haha BUT I got a good sized ‘sample’ more like travel size at Sephora a couple weeks back and I really, really like this stuff. They have more shades now and I use medium but I think I may go to medium dark because medium is getting a bit light. Anyway, this was the first BB cream that didn’t break my skin out…Clinique and Dior really did a # on my skin 🙁 Plus there is enough coverage that I don’t fell completely naked and my skin has a lot of acne scarring.