Tarte What Has Your Makeup Done for You Lately TSV Next Shipment Shades November & February

My review of the Tarte QVC Today’s Special Value (TSV) What Has Your Makeup Done for You Lately Set is coming up later today but I think most importantly many of you are curious about what shades will be in the next shipments of the set right?

Here’s details as well as photos of the next shipments if you choose auto delivery for this set.


  • LipSurgence Lip Shine in Wander (nude pink)
  • modernEYES Combo Taupe Shadow Stick with Bronze Liner


  • LipSurgence Lip Shine in Vivacious (bright pink)
  • modernEYES Combo Green Shadow Stick with Black Liner

Ok, one thing, there is a bronzer and finishing powder in these images so I’m just going to verify that and get back to you because I don’t believe that comes with the future Today’s Special Values but you never know!

Correction, it appears the brush will be left out from future shipments and replaced with a bronzer and finishing powder for the next shipments.

So far I don’t have any details on upcoming brushes so that might stay the same in future shipments but again, I’ll verify and update with info as it becomes available.

You can order the Tarte What Has Your Makeup Done for You Lately? now at QVC.com as a single shipment or auto shipments so you can take advantage of the color sets above as well which will ship in November and February.


  • 7/11/12 11:00 JenJ:

    Well now. Hmmmm. Need to give this some serious thought between now and Friday.


  • 7/11/12 11:39 Sara:

    Does it seem silly to send us a bronzer in November?


  • 7/11/12 11:41 Sara Elisabeth:

    Not sure I understand! So the current set comes with brush, but no bronzer or finishing powder? November will come with the bronzer and no brush or finishing powder, and February will come with a finishing powder and no brush or bronzer? Is this correct?


    • 7/11/12 11:48 the Muse:

      nov and feb won’t include a brush sara, they will however include a bronzer and/or finishing powder. the first shipment contains a brush (no powder, no bronzer).


  • 7/11/12 11:45 diane:

    thank u thank u thank u! i know i can always rely on you for future shipment pics my friend! can’t wait to get my paws on that vivacious lip shine!! I’m pretty excited the HD finishing powders will be in future ships- I really like them! I combine the too because I love having color but the bronze one is a bit too bronze. thanks again <3


    • 7/11/12 11:49 the Muse:

      my pleasure d ;-D <3! it’s only once though…one hd powder and one bronzing powder…each shipment is different ;D


      • 7/17/12 20:42 diane:

        oh that’s true. i view them the same since i combine the two. haha =D


  • 7/11/12 11:51 kimkats:

    Lol – they’re really counting on you to order it autodelivery, aren’t they? :) Well, they’ve suckered me in (again….) Can’t wait to see your review of the set, Muse!! I won’t order it til I’ve seen what The Muse haz to say ’bout it!

    Thanks for the peek at the rest of the AD stuff! I think the *other* set I ordered AD in March should be sending the summer shipment on July 19, so I’ll be up to my behind in Tarte! W00T!!


  • 7/11/12 12:43 Vanesa:

    I can’t seem to find it on QVC. I must be looking in the wrong place :(


    • 7/17/12 13:50 the Muse:

      there was a link in the post Vanessa.


  • 7/11/12 20:52 Kaitlyn:

    Thank you so much for the info! I’m so thrilled that I got the auto-delivery, because these look right up my alley! I’ve been wanting to try their loose powders, and I already know that I love all the other products! I can hardly wait ’til November!


  • 7/11/12 21:09 Lucy:

    Thanks for posting this! I’m interested in the February set only. Will I not be able to purchase it on it’s own? Do I have to do the 3 months of auto-pay to get it?


    • 7/17/12 13:25 the Muse:

      no lucy you can’t purchase just feb. sorry :( Auto pay is an option, believe you can do one time payment.


  • 7/11/12 22:36 Comrade Garlic:

    I’m glad there isn’t going to be a brush in the future shipments. My brush was terrible. It shed like a mofo and smelled no matter how many times I washed it. I ended up throwing it out. Smooth Operator is a product that I don’t think gets enough love. It makes everything water resistant. Everything. Love Smooth Operator.


  • 7/12/12 8:19 Joan:

    Don’t think I’m thrilled with the future shipments. I think I may have to cancel these. Thanks, Muse, for the heads up!


    • 7/17/12 13:09 the Muse:

      my pleasure joan!


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