Make Up For Ever Black Tango Palette for Fall 2012

Care to tango with me? The new Make Up For Ever Black Tango Palette for Fall 2012 has captured my eye with it’s promise of an elegant, dramatic eye.

Take a peek you might just need it.

The Make Up For Ever Black Tango Palette ($45) is inspired by the brand’s founder and creative director, Dany Sanz’s, love of Argentine Tango dancing.

Did I tell you I trip over my toes while trying to tango? It’s not pretty.

This limited edition palette features sultry shades of Aqua Cream ultra creamy, smudge proof eyeshadow in highly pigmented, rich shades of black with luminous jewel tone highlights as well as ivory. The lace-embellished compact features a mirror and double-ended nylon brush for easy application.


  • Black with Red Highlights
  • Black with Green Highlights
  • Black with Blue Highlights
  • Ivory
  • Double Ended Brush

Available now at Sephora and

  • 8/7/12 16:05 ladymoonlight:

    wooooow! so pretty, I’m drooling


  • 8/7/12 16:50 Michelle:

    This looks so nice! I need some jewel toned eyeshadows in my collection :[ Fall is my favorite makeup/clothing season too! I need to get my stuff together!


  • 8/7/12 16:51 Kate:

    The packaging is very sleek and sexy. I’ve never tried this product, but I’m already wanting this palette.

    Fall/Winter makeup releases. Sigh. So much to drool over.


    • 8/7/12 16:52 the Muse:

      girl, tell me ’bout it!


  • 8/7/12 16:57 GREG’S girl!!!!!:

    Hey Muse!!!! Luv this makeup and thanx for the Halloween stuff, too!!!


    • 8/8/12 10:50 the Muse:

      thanks greg’s girl :) you’re most welcome, glad to hear someone else is loving halloween posts :D!


  • 8/7/12 17:06 Stephanie:

    I NEED this. I saw the promo pics the other day and I’m still drooling.


  • 8/7/12 19:37 meghan:

    I wonder if these will deliver color-wise? The problem with anything black based is it tend to looks, well, black, whether it’s eye shadow/liner or nail polish. I guess we’ll just have to see!


  • 8/7/12 19:37 Phyrra:

    Wow, love!


  • 8/8/12 4:50 Kiss & Make-up:

    Looks soooo sexy! I saw swatches of this palette and they all looked very promising.


  • 8/8/12 8:41 Lau:

    The packaging sure looks posh! But it’s too pricey for me, although I’d love to try the MUFE aqua cream eyeshadows some day, I heard they can also be used as eyeliners, really? wow! ^^ xx


  • 8/8/12 10:07 Majick:

    looks beautiful but since I already have the UD Black palette and similar powder shadows and rarely wear them anymore I think I can pass.

    This truly looks like a winner though. Especially for all the holiday parties, and clubbing (do they still call it that? LOL)


    • 8/8/12 11:09 Alanna:

      Same! I just ordered the UD black palette and I really think it satisfied my urge for black-toned shadows.


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