Gift Ideas: Bath & Body Works Hand-Picked Gifts Tiny Treats Gift Set

Here’s a sweet little $15 gift set from Bath & Body Works ($13 if you order online and use promo code RMNNOVBBW for 20% off) that includes all my personal favorites such as Liplicious Lipgloss and even a Slakin & Co. Candle!

Take a look!

This tiny gift sets feature a Mini Body Lotion, Mini Shower Gel, Full Size Liplicious Gloss, and a Mini Candle in a cute little gift bag ready for gifting!

Choose from:

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom (Sugared Pomegranate Gloss)
  • Sweet Pea (Sugared Cranberry Gloss)
  • Winter Candy Apple
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar (Sugared Spice Gloss)
  • Vanilla Bean Noel

These are a nice little pressies for a mail girl or a Secret Santa at the office or even a little stocking stuffer. I like how the idea of the candle and the gloss plus the Bath & Body treats!


Available in store or online at

  • 11/14/12 10:49 Icequeen81:

    what has the Japanese cherry blossom to do with Christmas scents?


    • 11/15/12 14:00 Danielle:

      Well, these are B&BW’s most popular fragrances. They may not excite you (my favorite is actually Dark Kiss) but these are what’s popular.


  • 11/14/12 11:38 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    *record scratch*

    Sweet Pea? Christmas? Ummm…no.


    • 11/15/12 10:06 Icequeen81:

      exactly whyyy? dont get it either


  • 11/14/12 12:57 BLee:

    Awww, cute sets :) My most fave of all was the Secret Wonderland. Still have some and oh the shimmers..tee-hee 😀 😀


  • 11/14/12 12:57 AnniLau:

    Eh, I think they just made some with the more popular year ’round scents.

    What I don’t understand is the Marshmallow Fireside candle in the Warm Vanilla set. Gross.


  • 11/14/12 13:07 Kiss & Make-up:

    Warm vanilla sugar? Yes please.


  • 11/14/12 16:20 Kathleen:

    I’ve been trying to figure out what to get for gifts for my sons preschool friend’s moms for Christmas without spending too much and these are perfect! Plus the 20% for buying about 8 of them, and it’s such a great deal. Thanks!


    • 11/15/12 12:15 the Muse:

      my pleasure kathleen ;-D I think they make an awesome teacher gift ;D also check out sam’s club, they have these super cute Steve Madden glove/scarf sets! really cheap!


  • 11/15/12 3:35 eva:

    these sets are so cute! thanks for sharing :)


  • 11/15/12 7:38 Joanna:

    I love the idea! They look so adorable. I now know what I will be purchasing for my co worker :)


    • 11/15/12 8:59 the Muse:

      she’ll love it joanna ;-D such a cute little treat!


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