Bath & Body Works Sparkling Blackberry Woods

Bath & Body Works has launched a new scent entitled Sparkling Blackberry Woods.

This is a mix of sparkling blackberries, warm woods, creamy cocoa, and warm musk.

I’m not a fond fan of some of Bath & Body Works other “woodsy” blends so I’ll probably skip this. But it could potentially be cause for great excitement for those that enjoy fragrances like Twilight Woods, Cranberry Woods, etc…

It’s available in:

  • Body Lotion
  • Fragrance Mist
  • Shower Gel
  • Shimmer Mist
  • Triple Moisture Body Cream

It’s launched in store as well as online.

If you sniffed it do share your commentary about it. Would love to hear. I must admit I wasn’t impressed with Forever Red so I’m kinda veering away from fragrances Bath & Body Works does lately. I’ll stick with candles, anti-bacs, and fragrance oils from them!

  • 12/20/12 19:50 Shelby:

    I actually like this one! It didn’t really smell “woodsy” to me at all – and I don’t like any of their “woodsy” scents! Its a light sweet/fruity scent. I would totally buy it if I didn’t have a stockpile of B&BW shower gel already!


  • 12/20/12 20:01 Tigress:

    It smells just like Moonlight Magic/Secret Wonderland to me.


    • 12/21/12 9:22 the Muse:

      ahhh I thought as much!


  • 12/20/12 20:48 Angela:

    I’m actually going to BBW tomorrow. Definitely will be checking out this new scent.


  • 12/20/12 21:47 Nikki:

    Oh this sounds like my kind of scent! I love fruity woodsy smells, yum!!


  • 12/21/12 7:20 Lexi:

    I picked some of this up the other day. It’s kinda similar to twilight woods when it is on, but heavy on the berry scent instead of mimosa. Me likey.


    • 1/6/13 9:15 Lexi:

      scratch what I said earlier – I’ve been using this more lately and the cocoa scent ruins this one for me.


  • 12/21/12 7:53 Icequeen81:

    for the blackberry smell I would have pick it but the woody part is a NO NO for me


  • 12/21/12 19:11 Amy Amethyst:

    I don’t like these types of scents either. I usually prefer floral and/or fruity. I don’t like BBW as much as I used to. It seems like their scents don’t last as long on me as they did when I 1st started using them. Don’t know if they’ve changed or maybe it’s just my body chemistry, or maybe I’m just more picky now. Maybe all 3! haha


  • 7/23/13 10:35 Pearl:

    I love the berry scent. 😉


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