October 23, 2012

Bath & Body Works Forever Red Eau de Parfum Review

Bath & Body Works Forever Red is the brand’s first every Eau de Parfume launch. Although not yet available in a full size you can get small size for $5 in store or online.

This is a huge launch for Bath & Body Works with a good deal of marketing behind it. Heck, Bath and Body Works even has a mini site dedicated to the scent that can be found at fr.bathandbodyworks.com

Here’s my thoughts on Forever Red

I might be in the minority here, don’t kill me, don’t murder me, please don’t come at me with pitchforks….but…I don’t like the fragrance.

It’s too strong for me and it just isn’t unique enough for me to rave. It kinda smells like many Bath & Body Works fragrances that are already available or were available at some point. I’ve already read a ton of raves so you might just like it. But it wasn’t for me.

For some reason the scent does evoke the color “red” for me and kinda smells like “red”…maybe I’m crazy but I the name seems suitable. This is a heavier blend of pomegranate and red osmanthus with a twist of vanilla rum. It’s actually that vanilla which takes away from the scent some and makes it TOO much like every single fragrance Bath & Body Works has done.

Notes include Fiery Pomegranate, Rare French Peach, Luminous Apple with Red Peony, Night Marigold, Red Osmanthus and a dry down of Rich Vanilla Rum, Velvety Marshmallow, Oak Wood.

The scent is a sensual, warm, spicy fragrance that’s a very rich floral oriental. The Eau de Parfum formula is excellent. It has a strong long wear with a incredible linger on a mere spritz.

Overall, this reminds me of many of the scents Bath & Body Works puts out towards the Winter. It’s also very Victoria Secret-like in nature perhaps a lighter version of Very Sexy. Unfortunately the scent doesn’t really speak unique to me. The EDP formula deserves a hearty rave as it does have a very potent linger and throw however, the actual scent fails to excite me.

Sorry Bath & Body Works, I just didn’t feel the love for Forever Red.

Anyone try it?

Did you feel it was terribly special?

Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • katie

    I have smelled it and I like it alright. I am not sure it is anything unique though. My mom would love it and I am planning on buying it for her birthday

  • kimkats

    Hm – for $5 I may have to grab one up – I like spcy florientals, so maybe this would work for me. Thanks for your excellent (as ususal) review of the product! I never understood why people get all hateful when someone doesn’t like X product – jeebus, not everything works for everyone or just floats their boat. That’s why there’s variety!

    • the Muse

      haha sometimes people are super passionate about beauty ;-D do pick it up, curious what you think!

  • Kim

    I totally agree with you about this scent. My mom likes it a lot; I just think it is OK. Nothing original IMHO.

  • Anna

    Given that Victoria’s Secret and BBW are owned by the same company, I’m not surprised that many of the scents are all starting to smell similar. I originally thought this was a promotion of Taylor Swift’s new CD or something haha ><

  • Melanie

    Much Agree. For me its an ok fragrance, not one to jump leaps and bounds to get. I find that I am a seasonal buyer at BBW. To many scents come…enjoy one another comes out. Yes this is there business but all the scents run together. This forever red reminds me of dark kiss thou not so strong and midnight pomegranate. I don’t find forever red to be to strong, but smells similar to other body lotions and sprays. Spent way to much money advertising this for something that is not all that.

  • Carissa

    It’s very MEH to me. Now red? Burberry Brit Red…THAT invokes red to me.

  • Karen M

    I like it but don’t love it. It smells like they mixed Midnight Pom & Warm Vanilla Sugar together. So as far as originality, not so much. I do like that it’s a warmer scent though. But on me, it only lasts around 6 hours & then fades away.

  • Well I won’t pull out the pitch fork but… I LOVE it! I will agree though, that the name of it is kinda stupid. It doesn’t smell like “Red” in my opinion at all. But nonetheless, I love the stuff! Can’t wait to buy the full size!

  • Rainbow

    YES! I noticed that same repeated BBW scent too! I get a musky undertone (that really shouldn’t be there in some of the fresher fragrances in my opinion), but honestly, I thought I was just going nuts when I smelled it in the store because it smelled…well, like the store!

    • the Muse

      def musky there Rainbow :-/ that’s kinda true, it does smell like a BBW store lol!

  • JB

    I thought it was just my own impression that many BBW Scents smell similar to one another. I see others have that same impression! It’s as though the people who create the scents take whatever is left over from the last batch of something and use it in the next fragrance to be debuted without much thought to being original or fabulous-they just want to use up the fragrance base before the shelf life runs out. I have come to the point that I am just not buying very much any more because of this.

    I was particularly disappointed that the same old holiday fragrances are back, ones I did not like that much in the first place with the exception of Twisted Peppermint, that is! The holiday fragrance I loved a few years back was Very Festive Pomegranate which was much more exciting than any other holiday scent they have had. Of course, that means it will never be back again and we will have more of those same tired choices.

    I have been awaiting the debut of Forever Red but wanted to read some reviews. It does not seem to be the fabulous, magical fragrance that has been advertised for so long. There is a special online today and I might have taken a chance on it if reviews had been overwhelmingly positive. However, I think I will wait to smell this in the store to see if I agree. Apparently, many believe all the notes included are not combining to bring out the best qualities of each one.

    I do know that many times I have wished there were BBW body products in some of the luscious scents that are in the candles! Instead of making fancier packaging for the body products and raising the prices, I wish more research would go into the fragrances themselves!

    • the Muse

      no it’s def not you jb a lot of people say that! I feel like the scents ALL wrong together. I noticed they didn’t really have a batch of good fall scents this year either 🙁 gosh, I’d love some of those candle scents in a body mist ;-D I couldn’t agree more on that…! please update me on your thoughts of Forever Red! I really felt it was a repeat of something and not as amazing as they marketed it out to be!

    • JB

      I will be in Branson, MO next week and will go to the BBW store there where I can really spend some time. This is one time of year that I buy more, compare more and try to make more observations! I will certainly report my thoughts! You know, I recall a fragrance by Yves Rocher years ago that for some reason came to mind when I saw the Forever Red packaging. This, too, has some of the same type notes but I think the only “fruit” was bergamot. It was unique and I have really never smelled anything else quite like it. Makes me curious as to whether Forever Red is attempting a similarity! I shall investigate and report here!

      Meanwhile, I am enjoying my room sprays, wallflowers, oils and candles from BBW in the many great varieties that are available! Oh, the Forever Red is available in an oil if anyone is interested. I saw it online.

      • the Muse

        i looking forward to hearing more jb ;-D I love the oils, candles, and room sprays myself but I so wish that the wallflowers were stronger 🙁

        • JB

          Okay, I finally tried the “most luxurious” Forever Red. The advertising campaign promises, like most campaign promises, did not translate into reality.

          The fragrance is pleasant enough. I tried the Shimmer Mist, Fragrance Mist and lotion. It is a fairly light scent that began with a definite apple note. For awhile after that, it smelled a lot like Secret Wonderland. Then, a few hours later, there was only a faint vanilla-like remembrance. It was not a lasting fragrance at all. How many more fruit/vanilla, flower/vanilla and fruit/flower/vanilla combinations will BBW make before they discover how similar they all smell?

          My own opinion is that I would not choose this over the regular Signature Collection items. It just isn’t distinctive enough, nor does it last the way it should with the more costly ingredients.

          I must say, I did smell some outstanding White Barn Candles in the store. One very unusual fragrance was French Baguette! That may sound strange, but it smelled exactly like fresh-baked bread from a Paris boulangerie!

  • GK

    The mini bottle is a great way to try a new fragrance, I get bored quickly. Wasn’t impressed by this one all! I smelled the rum, not so much the vanilla, it turned into something that reminded me of bug repellant. not exactly my first choice in aromas.

    • the Muse

      mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think I get the bug repellant a little big now that you mention it!

  • Nonatut

    You mentioned “amber” and “floriental”…anything like “OPIUM”? I detest those type fragrances. They give me a major headache! If so, I’ll be saving my $5.

  • Iris

    I sniffed this in store. It smells good, but I agree with how it’s nothing special. I may pick up the sampler or may wait for the bath product line to have it in shower gel.

  • Bridget

    I have connections and I got this a few weeks ago. On first smell, it’s nice, but I agree, so similar to everything else BBW has. I wore it a few times hoping I’d fall in love, but no dice.

    • the Muse

      glad I’m not alone there was SO much raving around it I thought I was the only that thought it was rubbish!

  • cat

    I picked it up the last time I was in the store because hey, it’s $5 and I got a very strong scent of pomegranate. For some reason I don’t love it as much at home and I’m very reluctant to try it on my skin. It doesn’t seem like a perfume I would wear.

  • punkrokr

    The red forever vanilla rum which is in sneak preview is AMAZiNG! Does however remind me of a Vic secret scent but nonetheless impressive.