September 27, 2012

Bath & Body Works Forever Red Coming this Holiday 2012

Coming this Holiday 2012, Bath & Body Works is launching a new fragrance entitled Forever Red.

But…but…what’s the secret? It’s all undercover at the moment and not a lot of info is out there however there is a special site dedicated exclusively to the scent that Bath & Body Works created (whoa! Important!).

They dub it a fragrance icon! ’nuff said.

See more at

Thanks to my beautiful reader Jo-Ella for sharing this info!


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  • Marisa

    I work at a BBW and let me tell you, the hype they’re giving this fragrance is well worth it! It smells like a high end fragrance you’d spend a ton of money on. I believe it’s previewing sometime in October so keep an eye out!

      • Marisa

        I’m going into work soon actually so I’ll try and find the exact notes for you! They’re supposed to be sending us samples to give out to customers to get the buzz out so it wouldn’t hurt bugging your local store for information, maybe they’ll get you one when we get them!

        • the Muse

          thank ya thank ya thank ya ;-D <3! heart you! I'm going to ask in store too! I'm curious about this one. Is it sweet? spicy?

          • Marisa

            It’s more on the sweeter side, but not overly sweet at all. It’s seriously one of the best ones they’ve ever come up with in my opinion. Much more sophisticated than what’s been released as of late.

  • Jess

    Red peach, pomegranate, marshmallow, vanilla rum are a few of the notes. It’s AMAZING. It has three times the fragrance load than other Bath and Body Works fragrances. It’s the most expensive perfume that the company has ever bought. It’s truly worth the hype and a stop in your local store! 😀

  • Jess

    We haven’t gotten word on the price point. The Nashville market did have it out testing it a week ago or so. It will be at a higher price point, but I haven’t heard specifics.

      • Jaz

        Its definitely a bit higher than usual. This was released early in 40 stores. I remember people saying that this line started at 16- which still isnt too bad of a price point. Shower gel is 16.50, Lotion is 18.50, and the mist is 19.50. But I may be wrong.

          • Jaz

            Correction: its 18 for the shower gel , 20 for the lotion , 22 for the body mist. I know I wont be getting the lotion, and I will be buying this as part of a b2g1 or something along that nature. Sorry for the wrong info

  • Jess

    I’d ask your store if you could try it. We kept one of our samples in store to let everyone experience it, instead of keeping it to ourselves. It’s considered a sexy fragrance, it’s not like voluptuous sexy. It’s sophisticated sexy. They really stepped up their game with this fragrance because I think it’s going to give some our “classics” (sweet pea, Japanese cherry blossom, heck even Paris) a run for their money! AHHHH, I’m now even more excited. I’m counting down the days to the floor set! If I hear about price points, Ill be sure to let ya know! 😀

  • Kim

    I got a sample of this back in the summer for being on of my stores best customers. I didn’t like it as I found it too strong so I gave it to my mom and she likes it. The pomegranate note was definitely noticeable when I wore it.

  • OrangeLipstickBlog

    Man, they are really hyping this up! I hope it’s good! It sounds absolutely amazing. I love peonies AND pomegranates AND marshmallow AND vanilla rum! Sounds like I’m the perfect consumer for this one LOL.

  • Jazzqt

    I was one of the lucky ones to get a sample mist bottle at my local BBW’s store. I was a huge fan of the now discontinued Charmed Life and the store manager said the Forever Red scent is along the same scent layers and gave me the sample mist spray. I can’t wait for the whole line to come out to embellish in it!! It is long lasting too— I sprayed on one night, went to the gym the next day and could smell it while I was working out. Almost as if the scent layers were enhanced by the body heat! It is on my Christmas list.

  • gabby g

    the EDP .25 oz is now avilable on the bath and body works website. the original price is 10.00 but is on sale for 5.00.i tried it a a while back and it smells amazing 🙂

  • Jen

    I asked a person at the counter about it and they had a sample spritz for me! They didn’t know much about it. I also found that they have the perfume sample on the website for $5 just type in Forever Red.

  • Celeste

    I’m wearing it right now & it smells great ! The store currently has samples for $5 & the perfume is $30. Thx BBW!

  • Ellen

    The fragrance really is great! I’m super excited about it. I love the marshmallow and oak and vanilla rum. That mixed with the florals and fruits makes it very intoxicating, flirty, and sexy! It is a little more expensive than the traditional products but it will still be included in the buy 3 get 2 free or buy 2 get 1 free they always have so I’m ready to stock up as soon as it hits the shelves!!!

    • the Muse

      ugh I tried Ellen but I’m not loving it…what’s wrong with me? 😀

  • Moonchime

    I just bought a $5 perfume sample of Forever Red at my local Bath & Body Works. This fragrance is one of the best I have ever used. I LOVE it. I’ll be going back for more $5 bottles this weekend.~Moonchime

    • the Muse

      moon I tried it but didn’t like it 🙁 isn’t it a little too strong?

  • Pulchrakia

    I just came across your website when I was looking up this fragrance. I also got a sample and I love it! Anything with vanilla in it is good to me! And I don’t think it’s too strong. To me, BB&W’s strongest scent is Japanese Cherry Blossom. Everything else tends to be pretty hard to over-do.

    • the Muse

      hi pulchrakia! glad to hear you liked it! 😀 I smelled it but for some it didn’t agree with me..little too strong.

  • Alexis

    As a fellow BBW employee, I attended our release party for Forever Red last night. Forever Red is special because this is our FIRST time ever releasing an Eau de Parfum, instead of an Eau de Toilette. That also accounts for the higher pricing. With that being said, I actually really love this scent and I look forward to the next scents that will be released on the Forever line. Yep, I said it. There will be a Forever line of Eau de Parfums. 🙂