Physicians Formula Nude Eyes Collection for Spring 2013

Physicians Formula has launched a new Nude Eyes Collection for Spring 2013. Last year, the brand introduced a single Classic Nude Eyes Palette but this Nude Smoky Collection contains four different Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner Palettes.

Take a look!

This collection includes:

  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner Palettes


  • Natural Nude Eyes
  • Classic Nude Eyes (repromote)
  • Smoky Nude Eyes
  • Warm Nude Eyes


  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio (Two Shade Selections)
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Liquid Metal Eyeliner Trio (Two Shade Selections)
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio Nude Collection (Two Shade Selections)

The shades seem to start running altogether for me with the palettes. Seems like a ton of taupe, beige, and peach…! These tend to run sheer as well so not sure how impressed I’ll be.

Review and swatches upcoming soon!


Feel free to share!

Yay or nay on the original Nude Palette?

  • 12/17/12 18:35 Renee:

    Not only do they run together.. why does it all have to be shimmer?


    • 12/28/12 11:30 Melissa:

      I was thinking the same thing…why can’t there be some matte shades? or an all-matte palette?


      • 12/28/12 12:22 amy:

        PF does do some matte quads, and they’re quite good. I have a quad called Canyon Classics that I used as a companion to both of my UD Naked palettes (until I picked up Naked Basics), and I’d say they’re quite similar in texture to Stila or Smashbox, but with the pigmentation of UD or MAC. I also have one Shimmer Strip, and I use the quad with that, as well.

        Canyon Classics is an awesome combination of shades, as well; you get a deep brown, two mid-tone browns (similar to UD Buck & Naked or NARS Portobello), and a matte ivory. I picked it up at CVS a few months ago, but I realize they’re hard-to-find, and not too many people realize they do such an amazing product. The problem is lack of shelf-space at the DS, so many don’t bother carrying the “older” products. Perhaps try doing a search online?


  • 12/17/12 19:01 Stephanie L.:

    Can’t wait to see this. I bought the twist up liners, but I have not tried them yet.


  • 12/17/12 19:28 Icequeen81:

    This is a big want : this could be on your giveaway list someday 😀
    hehe 😀 they don’t sell that brand here. Actually we don’t have allot bleehh


  • 12/17/12 19:43 Alexis:

    I ended up throwing out my PF Classic Nude palette because I felt they were sheer knock offs of the shadows in the UD Naked palettes. I prefer more pigmented shadows, so I doubt these will work for me. More for everyone else, though! :-)


  • 12/17/12 21:48 BLee:

    Nay, they need to add mattes to the shimmer strips to balance them out.I hope they do soon :)


    • 12/18/12 2:52 amy:

      Then they couldn’t call them “Shimmer Strips”. Besides, they already make all matte quads, which are amazing, BTW, although not quite as pigmented as NARS or UD, but very smooth & buttery with no fallout.


      • 12/18/12 8:59 BLee:

        Thanks for the info. Some how I missed them. Matte Strips??? LOL Does not sound as good as Shimmer Strips. Ill check out the matte quads :)


        • 12/18/12 14:42 charlotte:

          The matte quads are really nice.. I have a couple of them, the usually hide them way at the bottom of the display and only stock one or two colors.. which is a shame because they are some of the nicest mattes in the drugstore. The baked shadows are also really nice, and get the same treatment in the stores.. there are shimmers in those though.


  • 12/17/12 22:22 Emily C:

    Have the kohl kajal liners and really like them. They’re getting a lot of bad reviews though. Wonder what I’m missing. My only worry is how I will apply as the tip wears down, a brush I guess?


  • 12/17/12 22:27 charlotte:

    Bought mine last month.. they’ve been around for a while. The classic palette is NOT the same as the original, I compared them side by side in the store. I bought the classic (cool toned), the warm, and the warm pencil liners. I adore the liners, super gorgeous shades and perform well. The black has a copper shimmer running through it, the other two colors are bronze and copper. I honestly think both the warm and original nude pencil sets are a must have.. I use them constantly and they are very unique in the drugstore market, and for $3 each why not. I also really like the shadows. They do need a base to perform at their best, but they are super pretty when you do.


  • 12/17/12 22:35 charlotte:

    Oh, and if anyone want’s to try something from this collection.. PF eye cosmetics and concealers are B1G1Free at Rite aid right now, and you can get $6 back with a $10 purchase at CVS (limit 1). Through 12/22.


  • 12/18/12 2:57 amy:

    Why do I want *every* nude eye palette I see? As beautiful as they all are, I just can’t justify buying *any* of the eyeshadows. I already have both UD Naked palettes, so I have most of these shades covered, but still… The liners, though, are on my list!


    • 12/18/12 9:10 HapaGirl:

      Lol Amy, I’m the same way! I totally bought one of these palettes on a whim. I actually quite like it – I try to justify by saying, “Oh, these are much cooler-toned than UD Naked” but in reality I’m just a sucker for neutral/nude palettes. We can go to neutral eyeshadow rehab together, but I think it would be packed because I know so many other neutral fiends out there too! :)


      • 12/18/12 9:50 Icequeen81:

        I want this also cause it is neutral


  • 12/18/12 4:51 Shamim de Varax:

    kajal eyeliners any good? =D


  • 12/18/12 8:45 Kim:

    I saw them at my local Ulta this weekend but did not indulge. I’m getting a little tired of the whole “Naked” palette trend. I also hated their kajal eyeliners when I tried them before. They were so dry and tugged at my eyelid. But, if the Muse recommends any of the palettes I may pick it up.


    • 12/18/12 9:13 the Muse:

      kim I had the same experience with their eyeliners, people RAVE them so hard but they are incredibly dry and awful imho!


  • 12/18/12 9:51 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    I have to laugh at the “for ANY eye color” description. Oh, PF, don’t you know we’ve been breaking all your rules all along?!


  • 12/18/12 10:03 Christina:

    Love this collection! BTW I think PF’s mechanical eyeliners are by far the best. The kohl/kajals are also good — if used correctly. As I’m sure you know, kohl/kajal is meant for the waterline and/or smudging and using them as such, I’ve had good results. Also, not sure what you mean by “repromote” as far as the Classic Nude palette goes, but it is NOT the same as the original Nude palette that came out about a year ago. In fact, when I used the Classic Nude palette, I found that much of the shimmer was overspray, for which I was very glad.


  • 12/18/12 10:28 JoElla:

    I love PH eyeliners! However I am a bit iffy on the shadow palettes. I have the nude one that came out last year (?!) and they are so hard to work with. Very little color payoff, and it tends to become an over shimmer mess.

    Anyone know if they revamped the shadows for this release? If so, I might try one.


    • 12/18/12 15:06 charlotte:

      I find them really smooth, just not terribly pigmented. A base changes everything. I usually use a light layer of color tattoo, but any base would work. Personally I use a base almost every day though, just makes my life easier and keeps everything looking nice regardless of the shadow I choose that day. I think the color selection is a lot better in the new palettes.. but mostly they just focused on more shades that coordinate in tone rather than trying to shove as much variety as they could into a single palette. The smushed together shadows are a pet peeve of mine, but at the same time you do get a lot of variety in a small package.


  • 12/18/12 11:21 C:

    Don’t bother with the liquid liners, they’re awful. I have the natural and warm palettes and even with primer I don’t love them. I’ll more than likely return them. The pencil eyeliner trio in warm is quite lovely though! I find the natural/nude shades found in the new Revlon Photoready palettes to be of much better quality.


  • 12/18/12 13:51 Danielle:

    GAH THAT PACKAGING! Love it… I love lace so much. ;-; I see lace on stuff and immeditalety want it. I’m so pathetic heehee. I love lace so much I have fancy lace-printed wedges. They have Deathshead moths as part of the lace decoration ~


  • 2/3/13 16:33 kalyn:

    where can i buy this at? walgreens? cvs? riteaid?


    • 2/5/13 12:33 the Muse:



  • 2/21/13 19:14 Dina:

    I have the liquid liners in nude and I absolutely adore them. I use the rose gold one to line my upper lash line, then the black close to the lashes and flicked out for a super, brightening cat eye.


  • 4/21/13 22:58 Haley:

    I’m surprised to see comments about the shimmer strips being sheer and fall-outy. I really haven’t encountered this problem (except for perhaps the 2 palest shades in any given SS palette, but I think that’s because they are designed for highlighters. I have light olive skin so they don’t flatter me as all-over eyeshadow anyway). I just bought the warm nudes palette yesterday and I am LOVING it; beautiful selection of browns! If you don’t like the payoff you get, try applying them wet. For me they go on beautifully and stay pretty much all day, except for some wear by the lashline when my allergies start acting up. All eyeshadows do this to me though — even the MAC paint pots will wear at the lashline if my eyes water enough. Usually wearing mascara alone disguises this pretty well; if not, long-lasting eyeliner will do the trick. (I like Maybelline’s gel pots for color and staying power, but I am SO BAD at applying eyeliner I usually just skip it. Takes me forever).

    Summary, I guess: I think the Warm Nudes is worth checking out if you like wearing brown, bronze, khaki, and amber shades, and obviously if you like shimmer. I wear glasses and have small eyes so I really do feel like I need shimmer to help bring them out — all you people demanding matte shades in the shimmer strips are stressing me out! LOL! I don’t care for the really pale shades in the compact, but 7/9 are complete winners for me, especially when applied wet. If you’re interested and see this palette at a decent price, I think you ought to go for it.


    • 10/21/13 22:55 diana:

      do you think the warm nude is meant for asian skin tones? would natural nude look nice too?


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