The Body Shop Festive Body Butter Trio Gift Review

The Body Shop Festive Body Butter Trio contains three holiday scented body butters in Cranberry Joy, Vanilla Bliss, and Ginger Sparkle for $15.

I generally like the Body Shop Body Butter but this was an unexpected purchase for me. I dunno why but I typically spend a majority of my Holiday digging through Bath & Body Works offerings. However, the Body Shop had SO many great deals this year I opted to purchase many presents from them. In doing so I fell in love with their Holiday Lip Balms which in turn led to the purchase of this trio as I adored the fragrance/flavor of those balms. And knew I’d feel just as good about the body butters!

Take a look!

Since I got the set during one of the Body Shop’s brilliant Holiday Sales I only paid around $7 bucks for it. It includes three of the limited edition scents released from the Body Shop for Holiday 2012 in 1.6 oz sizes. Considering how thick, creamy, and super hydrating Body Shop Body Butters are, the 1.6 oz size is plenty for me! It takes me literally ages to get through a pot.

As I mentioned above I LOVE these scents. Ginger Sparkle and Vanilla Bliss are particularly beautiful. Vanilla Bliss has a custard-y/pudding fragrance that’s soft, comforting, and terribly delicious! Having it in a body butter format makes me want to scoop some out and eat it. Ginger Sparkle quite reminds me of Philosophy’s Gingerbread Man but with more effervescence and sweetness to it. It’s not a true ginger ale scent but more of a sweet ginger-y scent! It’s quite lovely. Cranberry Joy is just as nice with a fruity, sweet scent sans the bitterness that sometimes comes across in cranberry fragrances.

With the Winter coming my legs, arms, elbows, and knees will be every so grateful for the highly moisturizering formula of these Body Butters plus I benefit from the lovely fragrances.

Likes this very much!

Muse Approved.

Don’t miss out on Vanilla Bliss and Ginger Sparkle! They are amazing!

Did you haul anything from the Body Shop for the Holidays?

Do share!

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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 12/5/12 12:30 Monica:

    Yaaay!! I just got this set this past weekend! I was looking for a hand cream and I was about to get the ginger sparkle in a tube, but I figured this set was a better deal and I love body butters. I just wish TBS would have a set with the lip balms, I just can’t decide wich one I want!


    • 12/5/12 12:31 the Muse:

      oh I agree that would be lovely! they do have a lip butter set just not a balm one booooooo! psstt maybe wait for boxing day ;-D maybe they’ll have them clearanced out at some crazy cool deal like a buck a balm ;D


      • 12/5/12 15:34 Monica:

        Oh! they released lip butters with this scents?? OMG I want those!


        • 12/5/12 15:42 the Muse:

          lip balms :) not butters!


  • 12/5/12 13:21 Kim:

    I have this and love it. I missed it last year so I snatched it up right away at Ulta when I saw it. I agree with Monica about the balms.


    • 12/5/12 13:22 the Muse:

      were the scents the same last year?!


  • 12/5/12 20:41 Icequeen81:

    oooh cramberry joy I love it


  • 12/6/12 2:27 Marta:

    Agh I’m so bummed, I skipped buying this last week and now they’re nowhere to be seen… after your review I though a combo of each coordinating body butter and lipbalm would be a nice stocking filler. In Spain we don’t do presents until January the 6th in most houses, so I thought I still had time. Agh, back to browsing for nice budget friendly presents >.<


    • 12/7/12 13:35 the Muse:

      marta sorry :(


      • 12/11/12 3:45 Marta:

        It’s ok, I got the lip balms, hand creams for stocking fillers (where I live shoes fillers xD) and I loved Ginger so mush I got the lip balm, hand cream and exfoliant :) The trio is nowhere to be seen yet, but I asked for an email alert as the offer was really good. If it doesn’t come back, I’ll just get the Ginger body butter for me, but I’d really like to get the small sizes to give away!


        • 12/11/12 9:09 the Muse:

          i think I want the hand soap in ginger sparkle…! ;D


  • 12/7/12 3:18 Iris:

    I purchased the heart soap in Vanilla Bliss. It smells amazing!


    • 12/7/12 9:04 the Muse:

      isn’t it yummy? 😀


  • 1/12/13 4:31 Elly:

    Where i live its about 20-25 for just one small body butter , tempting but very pricy ! well for me anyway


  • 2/1/14 15:36 LipstickMakeupLove:

    Love it! Body butter is so indulgent for your skin. I have the Cranberry Joy, and it is pure seductive sweetness.


  • 2/1/14 15:37 EyeshadowLady:



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