Fangirl Fragrance Moment: Agent Provocateur Petale Noir Eau de Parfum

Wil Wheaton wrote a rather long post about his role as Wesley a few days ago. I swear I spent so much time on Usenet groups, IRC Channels, and Trek forums defending his character to my fellow trekkies it could have been borderline absurd. You know how you think people that fight on Facebook, forums, etc are absolute fools? At some point in my younger Internet life I was that fool, defending Wil Wheaton to the death.

Needless to say his perspective of the character never quite matched up with my own.

I must still be disillusion because no matter how many times I re-watch a Generations episode I still love Wesley. He was a freaking cool character, sorry, but I disagree with the haters (that includes you Wil).

I digress…another one of my fangirl moment stems from the fact Agent Provocateur has introduced a new fragrance. Wil Wheaton, Generations, Star Trek, Agent Provocateur, it’s all fangurlisms to me.

Agent Provocateur Petale Noir Eau de Parfum

Read ahead.

Agent Provocateur Petale Noir Eau de Parfum is a deeper oriental flower with accents of woods, musk crystals, and sweet and spicy accords. Top notes of mandarin, violet leaves, and magnolia mingle with rose absolute, cassis blossom, ginger, leather, and patchouli to create a sultry yet innocent allure.

I promise I’m not smoking anything…..patchouli you must be thinking, but you hate patchouli! I do indeed but AP has always had a knack for creating perfumes with the note and making it sexy versus stinkie hippie.

I look forward to sniffing Petale Noir, I have a feeling I’ll love it as much as Wesley.

Available soon.

  • 1/30/13 19:35 Cj:

    Oh god IRC… Never again never!


    • 1/30/13 19:43 the Muse:

      LOL! I LIVED on irc 20 years ago! hahahah! ;-D I still visit from time to time! client is still on my desktop, click away, just a fountain of GREAT warez, fandoms, rps, etc. ;-D


      • 1/30/13 19:51 Cj:

        I used to be on irc literally 24/7 when I used to play runescape(years and years ago). Worst thing ever lol it brought out the worst in me, I was a total access whore and banned people left n right and started soo much drama lol


        • 1/30/13 19:55 the Muse:

          ha! loves it ;-D I used to be a mod on two channels myself but I wasn’t too bad ;-D swear!


  • 1/30/13 19:41 Robin:

    Love it for the bottle alone! Next Gen and Voyager were my favortite trek series! Love Welsey too!! I had a crush on Wil Wheaton going back to Stand By Me days!


    • 1/30/13 19:42 the Muse:

      me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and still do! I really don’t think it was my crush speaking when I said that Wesley was an awful character though ;-D I loved Voyager too, but I admit generations was my favs!


  • 1/30/13 19:48 Powell:

    OMG! I just want the bottle.


  • 1/30/13 20:33 Icequeen81:

    sounds promising but have to read it and wear it and that is the tricky thing with parfume, It can smell divine on someone and linger long while by you it doesn’t smell the same and fade away on a wink of the eye


    • 1/30/13 20:55 Icequeen81:

      I mean smell not read ( blushing now oops)


  • 1/30/13 22:05 sylvia:

    I loved Star Trek Next Generation when I was a kid–but my fave character was Data–although I never could figure out why someone who could make a completely humanoid android would make him such a nasty sickly greenish white color lol


    • 1/31/13 10:03 the Muse:

      lol sylvia I know what you mean did you see Sheldon dressed up as Data? SO FUNNY!


      • 1/31/13 16:21 sylvia:

        No I hadn’t so I just googled it—he makes the perfect Data =D


        • 1/31/13 16:25 the Muse:

          lol ;-D see if you can find the video on youtube, the episode is so so great!


    • 1/31/13 12:12 AnniLau:

      He and his brothers were basically prototypes and those are almost always funny looking. When Data built his ‘daughter,’ he gave her a human skin tone. Stupid hair, but human skin tone.


      • 1/31/13 12:17 AnniLau:

        Oh! And the gynoid Soong built of his wife after she died looked human too.


  • 1/31/13 7:29 Joanna:

    The bottle alone is calling my name :)


  • 1/31/13 12:05 SusanT:

    I, too, am in love with the bottle, and the name.


  • 2/2/13 13:20 Katie:

    The bottle is super sexy!


  • 2/8/13 17:05 Alysia:

    Thanks for the great blog! I get severe, throwing up, full-on migraines from any scents with an amber base… So I have to research new perfumes thoroughly before trying. Thanks for the candid reviews and info. This one sounds promising… I also feel the same way about patchouli and feel most perfumes with it don’t blend well (Chanel). Will have to find this one.


    • 2/14/13 15:43 the Muse:

      wow alysia! I typically get bad migraines with scents that don’t work for me but not throwing up! Aw my pleasure! <3! Sometimes, only sometimes, patchouli works out ok in some scents ;D


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