NYX Love in Paris Eye Shadow Palettes for Spring 2013

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Spring 2013

More great goodies from the NYX Spring 2013 Collection today with their new Love in Paris Eye Shadow Palettes ($10). We have Love in Florence and the new Natural Palette to deal and now THESE?

Phew! Spring is getting good!

The NYX Love in Paris Eye Shadow Palettes are a nine pan eyeshadow palette available in 12 color selections. As I mentioned before take note of the new bow style compact. How cute right!

With shades varying from shimmer to matte finishes these sets have a dual tip applicator and promise a pigmented formula.


  • Pardon My French (Shimmery beiges, golds, browns & green)
  • Let Them Eat Cake (Shimmery & matte pinks,browns & beiges)
  • Merci Beaucoup (Shimmery & matte neutrals, gold & rust)
  • Je Ne Sais (Shimmer & matte browns, cream, silver & plum)
  • You Are Seine (Shimmery & matte neutrals, greys & indigo)
  • Mon Cherie (Shimmery & matte plum, green, gold, cream, indigo & browns)
  • A La Mode (Browns, shimmering silvers, black & white)
  • Madelines and Macaroons (Shimmery & matte nudes, beiges & pink)
  • Be Our Guest Maurice (Shimmery purples, beiges, black & white)
  • Love Affair with Louis (Shimmery blues, silvers, black)
  • Parisian Chic (Shimmery & matte neutrals)
  • C’est La Vie (Shimmery browns, beiges & deep greens)

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 13

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 12

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 11

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 10

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 9

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 8

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 7

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 6

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 5

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 4

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 3

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette 2

These launch Mid-January from www.nyxcosmetics.com

What do you think?

Love them all! Especially the nudes!

  • 1/4/13 15:51 Joyce:

    The second pictured palette reminds me of Stila’s Backstage Palette! Just the first two rows :)

    I’m really into the first palette though! Just when I thought NYX was off my radar…!


    • 1/4/13 16:17 Debster:

      I’m eyeballing that palette too! I never really paid attention to that brand, and now it’s a different story.


  • 1/4/13 15:55 Aditi:

    Aw snap! I need Mon cherie and C’est ma vie! Those greens are ah-mazing!


  • 1/4/13 16:20 Tennyoceres:

    I had to go outside and squee like a little kid. NYX is fighting for all of my money. Let Them Eat Cake! Hahaha, great name and all of the colors work so well together.


  • 1/4/13 16:33 Ophélie:

    They should know that “Mon Chéri” doesn’t have any “E” at the end !

    A french fan :)


  • 1/4/13 16:53 Icequeen81:

    Madelines and Macaroons (Shimmery & matte nudes, beiges & pink)


  • 1/4/13 16:53 Jen_M_sunshine:

    Ok seriously? I see only maybe 2 that I don’t think I will NEED in my life…..ugh!


  • 1/4/13 17:01 Shamim de Varax:

    oh dear i can see so many of the combinations working for me but i reaaaaallly dont need any more eyeshadows. eek


  • 1/4/13 17:03 Cindy Ramirez:

    Oh these sexy little palettes! I want! Gimmie gimmie!


  • 1/4/13 17:49 Seyma:

    This spring is definitly hot. I like all the Palettes. I think spring 2013 is much better then the Last years. I Love the colors.


    • 1/4/13 19:53 the Muse:

      seyma I can’t even recall last year but it wasn’t nearly as good as all this ;D!


  • 1/4/13 18:01 Michou:

    I want at LEAST three of these. CRAZY.


  • 1/4/13 18:35 amy:

    The purples, and the last one… I seriously need to stop reading blogs; now I’m going to have to hunt these down, LOL. Seriously; I have to really go out of my way to find NYX products, which is why I don’t have very much, and in the past it never really seemed worth it. These, however, have struck a chord.


    • 1/4/13 19:53 the Muse:

      amy shop it on cherry culture girl! it’s always cheap and they have great discounts ;-D


      • 1/4/13 21:06 Seyma:

        I agree you Muse. I am from Germany and i buy all my nyx products from cherryculture. It is much cheaper then here. I waiting for new Discounts.


  • 1/4/13 19:05 Tammie:

    #@^(P@&#Y)N@&#@!) NEED


  • 1/4/13 21:29 Amy Amethyst:

    These are so cute! I like the purple one of course. I love the little bow on the side. Too many good products coming out. Sensory overload! Haha


  • 1/4/13 22:25 Peg:

    Oh snap, I want them all!! I’m really in love with •Love Affair with Louis (Shimmery blues, silvers, black)


  • 1/4/13 22:50 SJ:

    I actually squee’d. I have not been excited about palettes in ages. Not even guerlain excited me lately!


  • 1/4/13 23:28 Sophia:

    AHHHH muse, are you trying to kill me? This sends a makeup obsessed girl to heaven!!!
    I. Need. Them. All.


  • 1/4/13 23:55 reen:

    they look great!


  • 1/5/13 0:00 Sofia:

    Are these going to be sold at Ulta?


  • 1/5/13 0:45 Phyrra:

    Oooh the purple palette!


  • 1/5/13 1:21 Rani:

    Why so many!! I want all of them…


  • 1/5/13 2:21 Mithu:

    Love your blog….and I love that green on the top right so much


    • 1/11/13 12:01 the Muse:

      aw thanks mithu!


  • 1/5/13 2:31 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    The bow is totally reminiscent of MAC’s holiday glamour packaging!

    At $10 a piece, and with all of the color options, these look pretty enticing. NYX has come out with a really awesome spring collection!


  • 1/5/13 3:26 cat:

    I really hope the quality on these is good because I love the colors.


  • 1/5/13 11:06 Heather:

    I have a weird question. Does NYX have a smell to it? I am extremely sensitive to smells and generally prefer not to use cosmetics that have a scent to them. I don’t care for Elf because of the smell.


  • 1/5/13 20:09 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    7, 8, & 4 will be MIIIIINE!


  • 1/6/13 9:39 Michelle from MI:

    Hi Muse-Slightly belated Happy New Year to you! Are you going to do reviews on these?


    • 1/7/13 14:04 the Muse:

      thanks michelle and to you! will be soon Michelle ;D


  • 1/6/13 20:49 Beau:

    Oh la la! That second pallet looks strikingly similar to the urban decay ammo palette! Could be a nice dupe. :)))


    • 1/6/13 20:51 Beau:

      Aside from the lack of an icy blue and oil slick. :P


  • 1/6/13 23:28 monica:

    so cuuuteee!!!!!!


  • 1/7/13 10:38 Barbette:

    Ugh so cute but too much shimmer. When are these cosmetic companies going to get that we would like a few more matte shades.


  • 1/8/13 20:58 xlovelyday:

    Pretty! So many palettes I want! Does anyone have any idea where we’ll be able to buy these once they come out? >:D


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