These Lipsticks Keep Getting Better and Better!

I swear these Milani Statement Lipsticks just keeping getting better and better and better….!

Milani Statement Lipsticks

  • 2/11/13 22:03 Al:

    I love that really light, shimmery pink one!


  • 2/12/13 8:59 JenJ:

    I picked up Uptown Mauve and I luuuuuhhhhhhhvvvss it!! Like I need more lipstick but at least two more are on my radar!


    • 2/12/13 9:13 the Muse:

      jen such a great deal at this price we can afford to pick up a few shades!


      • 2/12/13 9:23 JenJ:

        True true. At Kmart they’re $4.99. I was like bwaaaahh!?!


        • 2/12/13 9:37 the Muse:

          and they have such a HUGE color array! Seriously five buck lipstick is the $h1t! ;D


  • 2/12/13 10:41 Cj:

    Wifeyyy! Have you tried the loreal caress stains?? They are fab! They were on sale at cvs, I bought one, tried it, went back and bought every other color I could find lol! Oh and DHC has a new cleansing oil out, it’s called pore cleansing oil it’s freaking amazing you seriously need to get a bottle ASAP!


  • 2/12/13 10:51 Cj:

    Call it payback for all the times you made me lemm something xD It really is amazing, compared to the deep cleansing oil it’s a little thicker, and smells absolutely divine like grapefruit. Total HG!


    • 2/12/13 10:54 the Muse:

      w00t! will order ;-D


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