December 21, 2012

L’Oreal Color Caresse Shine Stain Review & Swatches

L’Oreal Color Caresse Shine Stain, quite an exciting Spring 2013 launch for L’Oreal don’t you think? These have everyone in an absolute uproar at the moment and I can easily understand why considering word on the street is they are a cheaper dupe of YSL Glossy Stains.

I have tried both the L’Oreal Color Caresse Shine Stains now and the YSL Glossy Stains so I feel confident comparing the two products. I even went ahead and hauled out my YSL Glossy Stains and revisited them to make accurate comparisons between the two.

Shall we have a look?

These are available in 12 shades for $7.49 at Harmons. I’m hearing a variety of different prices from reader’s depending where you buy but from what I have heard it seems CVS and Walgreens the price stands at around $10.49-$11. YSL Glossy Stains are 0.20 oz in size and $32 each and L’Oreal Color Caresse Shine Stains are 0.21 oz in size and run anywhere from $7.49 to $12 depending where you buy.

The formula is indeed exactly the same as YSL Glossy Stains. L’Oreal is YSL’s parent company so it isn’t any great surprise the formulas are identical. They even share the same perfume-y fruity taste.

The only major difference between the two formulas is I noticed some of L’Oreal’s shades are a bit sheerer and less opaque than ones from YSL. I think it’ll really depend on the pigment of your lips to determine whether or not a shade will be completely opaque. Out of the eight shades I purchased only four produced opaque coverage where as the others had a very sheer barely there look. My lips are a rosy reddish pink. They aren’t completely pale nor are they super pigmented so some of the sheerer shades were barely visible on my lips. If you have pale lips the lighter shades might work for you. If you have medium or deeply pigmented lips avoid purchasing lighter shades, it’s a waste of money, they won’t show up on you.

The formula can potentially dry lips out when worn over the course of the day. They start out as a watery, hydrating texture but begin to dry out very quickly and get drier as the day progresses. It’s the type of lip product that will make you want to rub your lips together in order to get more moisture to the area. Gloss on top might solve the problem but I wouldn’t recommend balm prior to use as it’ll hinder application and make the stain slip and slide around your mouth unevenly.

Scroll over the image to see the name of the color!

Pink Resistance, Infinite Fuchsia, Eternally Nude, Endless Red 

Coral Tattoo, Everlasting Caramel, Rose On and On, Lilac Ever After

They apply very smoothly and evenly. Darker shades only need a single application for opaque coverage however, lighter ones may require up to five layers to see even the tiniest bit of tint. You’ll notice below I didn’t do lip swatches of a few shades as they really didn’t show up on my lips. They have a brief dry down period to set but once they set they wear quite strong. I can drink through the darker shades and not have an issue with the color fading. I can’t eat through the wear through as they seem to lose a bit of there intensity however, they do leave a stain behind. Color intensity lasts for about three to four hours before it begins to fade. As it fades it leaves behind a nice staining effect.

“Shine Stain” is a confusing title and implies they’ll either have a shiny or glossy finish or act as a stain and a gloss and that simply isn’t the case. The texture is a water-y gel same as YSL’s version. It isn’t glossy or shiny but does have a certain sheen at first application. On dry down the texture begins to go semi-matte. Dry down takes about 20-30 seconds, after that the product is set to go for the next few hours of wear.

As I mentioned above they have the same taste and scent as YSL’s version however, it seems a bit stronger all around here. I don’t personally like it but it’s something you can get used to. Peppermint, some sort of fruit would be pleasant but this strangely perfume-y fruitiness isn’t very pleasant to my mouth. If you’re sensitive take this into consideration prior to purchasing.

Overall, L’Oreal Color Caresse Shine Stains are a great product all around. If you liked YSL’s version it’s a given you’ll like L’Oreal version because the products are identical formulations. The lighter shades will prove disappointing as they lack pigment and won’t work on pigmented lips. The drier texture and wear won’t be loved by all especially those prone to chapped or dry lips however, clear gloss on top might make things a little more bearable.

I didn’t like these at first as they had a strange silicone-like feel I wasn’t in love with. After using them for a few days I’ve finally come around to enjoying them. They have a few quirks which prevents them from getting a full Muse Approval but if you find them in stores I do recommend checking them out. Particularly the darker shades which look wonderful!

Rose On and On

Lilac Ever After

Infinite Fuchsia

Everlasting Caramel

Endless Red

Coral Tattoo

Available now at drugstores.

Tried ’em?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I purchased this item.

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  • Aditi

    Ooh, I already see a couple I want to have! Everlasting Caramel looks fantastic on you. I’ll probably keep an eye out for Lilac Ever After, Infinite Fuschia and everlasting Caramel. I love how Coral Tattoo looks but I doubt it will suit my Indian skintone *sigh*

    • the Muse

      aw thanks aditi! really loving everlasting caramel! be careful with lilac ever after if you have pigmented lips it might not work out…it’s one of the sheer shades!

      • Aditi

        Oh well, I might have to rethink the Lilac. Might go for the Eternally Nude instead (who says you can’t have too much of nude lipsticks?)

  • amy

    I’m loving Pink Resistance & Eternally Nude, and if I catch a BOGO, the red & caramel may jump onto the list, too!

    • Ruth

      if you have a bed, bath & beyond with a makeup section hold onto your mailed coupons. just found out that they’ll take them, even if they’re expired.

  • Ruth

    That’s awesome! Been wanting to try the YSL but can’t pay that amount for a lippie color considering the amount of lippies in my collection.

    ID- throws money at new stuff with abandon, doesn’t think of consequences
    EGO- maybe wait until there’s a sale or coupon
    SUPEREGO- “hey, asshat ID, there’s a drugstore dupe. will that satisfy you for the time being??”

  • Sai

    rose on & on looks nice….so sad that I have a pretty pigmented lip:(((

    But I guess I will still buy one to try :p

      • sai

        i just brought 3 of them from the drugstore here:p they are having promotion of 25% off pulse another 25%off if u buy 2 products from loreal….super good deal here…it’s HKD 55.5 per one…which is ard USD7….where the original price is HKD98(ard USD 14)

        the name of the lip gloss is different

        i got 604 bella, 606 lolita and 900 pretty woman

        not sure if they are the same color as those in US as i still dun have time to tried them out …maybe it is the same case as the infailable eyeshadow….different number and different name but the same color

  • Deb

    Muse, thank you for the in-depth review. Once again, you come to the rescue! I have four of the YSL versions and had decided to not buy anymore. I like them ok and they are good for some occasions when you don’t want to constantly be refreshing lip color. But they aren’t as perfect as some of the raves I’ve seen. These look like a good replacement. Your detailed review is perfect; now I can go for these knowing exactly what to expect.
    BTW, the Coral Tattoo looks GREAT on you. I think it lights up your face in ways some of the other colors don’t.

    • the Muse

      thanks deb! I really liked the Coral Tattoo! ;-D You really don’t need to splurge on the YSL ones these are identical ;-D I’m glad the review helped <3!

    • Adrienne

      I purchased the nude color and so far I like the color and the shine as many stains don’t have a lot of shine. I wish the wear was a little longer but overall I’m satisfied with it and may purchase another color.

  • ellie

    Thank you so much for the swatches. You look beautiful with all those colors. I do not see them in CA yet. I think they will come out after X-mas and I can’t wait. I am so glad I’ve been saying, “No” to my YSL urge. And whenever I try YSL in Sephora, I’ve always wanted YSL to be “sheerer and less opaque” and I get my wishes come true at much better price. 3-4 differents colors for 1 YSL? That’s a steal!

  • AB

    Oh my god, I absolutely MUST ask you for a product list for the look you’re donning in this post. Your skin is glowing hun! 😀

    • the Muse

      wow thanks ab ;-D lol I don’t technically remember, blush is nars orgasm, bb cream from shills, but can’t recall the eyeshadow ;D

  • Jenny

    I think I need to get pink resistance! I wonder how long it will take for them to show up in Canada!

  • L e n a

    thank you for your review and swatches!
    i happened to love the YSL glossy stain and i am very excited to try this L’Oreal version. just placed an order.
    like yourself, i love the caresse lipsticks as well. i think l’Oreal is really stepping up their game. 🙂

  • Rosie in NYC(makeup freak

    I would love to try em what do u guys recommend for this bottled redhead with brown eyes and light olive happy holidays girls and ms.muse

  • BLee

    I picked one up today…these are heavenly… thanks for the review and swathces, Muse. I got Infinite Fuchsia and just love the color 🙂

  • Libby

    They look lovely on you!

    I’m a huge fan of the YSL ones, they’re some of my favorite lippies at the moment so I’m definitely going to need to check these out! I love the way Everlasting Caramel looks on you 🙂 It’s more like a brick red than the brown the swatch shows!

    Thanks again for the review 😀

    • the Muse

      aw thanks libby!!!!!!!!!! <3! I think you'll love them! they are right on target for YSL's version although some of the paler shades are a bit sheerer.

  • Teresa

    I appreciate you showing the shots of the more opaque shades as a guideline!

    I’m excited to hear that this is a more affordable option to the YSL. Coral Tattoo will be mine!

  • Majick

    didn’t have time to read all posts (sorry) but wanted to tell you that endless red and infinite fuschia are def YOUR COLORS! 🙂

  • Kim

    Seriously, I have been on the hunt for these! I have been two states and several stores but so far, nada. I don’t know what Harmon’s is but it always seem to get everything before anywhere else! I need a Harmon’s. 🙂 Thanks for the review.

  • Yvan

    I haven’t seen any of these here in Canada, but I sure will be looking out for these… The Rose one looks great. 🙂

  • Rosie in NYC(makeup freak

    How are ya guys MS. Muse How are ya I would like to try this new color from L’oreal what color do u recommend for my holidays were great thanks for asking hugs to all Rosie in nyc.

  • Nikki

    Just saw these at my local Walmart, along with a bunch of other new goodies 🙂 picked up coral tattoo and its such a pretty shade. The staying power is crazy good, but not crazy about the sticky texture all day. But it is a gloss so that’s expected, also I have to make sure I but on a good lip balm underneath to prevent drying.

  • Suzette

    Thanks for the great review, Muse!

    Could you let us know exactly which colors you feel are opaque and which are transparent? I just purchases Rose on Rose at Target ($7.99) and it seemed to be fairly transparent on my lips are first. I’m not sure it’s because my lips are too tinted themselves, or what.

    In your opinion, with your coloring, which were the transparent ones? Those are the ones I want to avoid!


  • Annabells117

    I love YSL stains & these too. But the L’Oreal colors are so bright on me they’re not too wearable for daytime. I’m blonde hair/ blue eyes with light skin & lips. The L’Oreal stains all look Barbie doll bright on my lips. Even the nude appears bright peach!

    Also: The dark colors are NOT all opaque- they just seem that way on u bc u have darker/ more pigmented lips. On fair lips, Berry Persistent can be a streaky mess UNLESS I work with it. I can wear it if I first apply a layer of Rose and then a layer of Berry. Layering these can be fun & might let u use the lighter colors that didn’t show up. Perhaps you can layer a midtone first? Or try concealer too. I had no issues with L’Oreal stains adhering to lightly dabbed concealer

  • rsechristi

    Dammit I’m on a tablet & I can’t scroll over the pic to see the name of the shade lol :-). That keeps happening to me on this haha. I picked up several of these with high hopes, but unfortunately the one I tried, pink perseverance dried my lips out so badly & didn’t show up at all. Too scared of my lips shriveling up to try a darker shade =(. I lost my receipt, so onto eBay they go I guess! ( the new unused ones of course)

  • Kayla

    I just saw the commercial for these..Does anyone know what shade the model is wearing? Is that the Coral i wonder?

  • nishi

    How can I get this lip gloss of loreal
    I need any good site who ship to India???

  • Linda

    i’m so super backward, but i just found the shade Bella layers on PERFECTLY with Revlon’s Just Bitten Honey Douce!!! I don’t have a problem with the scent, but i did find the texture a bit annoying initially. But at the price point, who can argue?!?? 😉 PS, LOVE Coral Tattoe on you!!