Victoria’s Secret Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Victoria's Secret Spring 2013 Makeup

Ah Spring is in the air at Victoria’s Secret with their Spring 2013 Makeup Collection. I’ve always been a found fan of Victoria’s Secret’s Limited Edition Makeup Collections…I dunno I’m just a sucker for anything new I guess.

They’ve come out with some very pretty offerings during the Holidays and Summer so I always love exploring what they launch. It can be a hit or miss adventure but it’s always a fun one.

Their Spring line looks quite tasty especially the new Sheer Blush Tint, how VERY YSL!

Victoria’s Secret Spring 2013 Eyeshadow Trio Palette $16
Lights, camera, sexy! Steal your moment in the spotlight with the limited-edition eye shadow trio from our VS Makeup collection. Includes three luminous shadows designed to be worn separately or blended together for a perfectly coordinated look every time.

Victoria's Secret Spring 2013 Eyeshadow Trio Palette

Victoria’s Secret Spring 2013 Powder Blush $18

Victoria's Secret Spring 2013 Powder Blush

Victoria’s Secret Sheer Blush Tint $14
Lights, camera, sexy! Steal your moment in the spotlight. The Limited-Edition Sheer Blush Cheek Tint from our VS Makeup collection is a buildable gel-cream blush that blends effortlessly to kiss cheeks with a sheer wash of color. Skin looks fresh, naturally flushed and radiant.

Victoria's Secret Sheer Blush Tint


  • Idolize (pictured)
  • Spotlight

Victoria’s Secret Color Lust Glossy Lip Stain $14 (Available in 7 Shades)
Shine on…and on and on with the Color Lust Glossy Lip Stain from our VS Makeup collection. It’s a revolutionary hybrid formula that lets lips have it all: the sheer texture and shine of a lip gloss, with the staying power of a stain. Wraps lips in decadent color for a close-up-worthy pout.

Victoria's Secret Color Lust Glossy Lip Stain

The collection is available now at and should be in stores shortly.

I def want to check out those gel blushes and the Glossy Lipstain sounds similar to L’Oreal’s new glossy stains eh?

Anything you like?

  • 2/20/13 19:36 Icequeen81:

    I was thinking the same as you want to check out the cheek stains


    • 2/20/13 19:41 the Muse:

      they look like the YSL ones!


      • 2/20/13 19:48 Icequeen81:

        yes, and those are more affordable and cruelty free :)


  • 2/20/13 19:38 Amy:

    and the packaging looks surprisingly classy! I can’t tell you much it warms my heart to see your spring make up previews!


    • 2/20/13 19:40 the Muse:

      aw thanks amy that warms my heart!!!!!!! always nice to know someone is out there and reading and viewing what I post and enjoying it along with me!


  • 2/20/13 20:06 charlotte:

    I saw these at my local store last week. I swatched the eyeshadows and they were just OK. Kinda dry, not terrifically pigmented. For the price I expect better. The packaging was pretty, looks very high end.


    • 2/21/13 10:27 the Muse:

      mmm doesn’t sound promising!


  • 2/20/13 20:42 Tammie:

    Is it just me or does their packaging and logo look VERY similar to YSL? Especially that blush tint.


    • 2/21/13 13:01 Tammie:

      Guess it’s not just me then rofl


  • 2/20/13 23:47 crotchfairy:

    Wow. I didn’t read carefully at all. The whole entire time I thought it was a YSL collection until I got to the lipgloss.


  • 2/21/13 8:39 Kimmwc03:

    I saw these in my local store last week. Everything looked really nice. I swatched the powder blush and shadow on my hand and found the eye shadow to be way too glittery and was concerned about fall out. I may buy one of the lip stains on my next trip though.


    • 2/21/13 9:17 the Muse:

      did you sample the cheek stain by chance?


  • 3/5/13 4:24 Avalith:

    When I saw the packaging I thought it was YSL >_>;;; but nope… just VS haha but seriously the logo and especially the eyeshadow trio! Reminds me of YSL!


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