Skin Food Facial Water Vita-A Mist Review

Skin Food Facial Water Vita-A Mist

Skin Food Facial Water Vita-A is a dry skin formulated facial mist that smells like Lush Fun Bars. I’m just sayin’ that’s quite ok with me because I wanted Fun Bars to be made into a perfume anyway so rather than mist my face with this stuff, I’m just going to start using it as a body mist.

It smells do DAMN good. It’s kind of a sweet almost fruity scent, very light and very much like Lush Fun Bar in Pink. OMG so good!

Take a look!

It’s odd Skin Food went with a scent like this as they have this typical citrus scent they use over a range of their products and rarely use any other fragrance so it surprised me when I misted this my first time.

Supposed this is enriched with Vitamin A and acts as an intensely hydrating mist for drier skin although they recommend it for most any skin type. Personally I’ve used all of the Skin Food Vita Mists and most have the same exact finish so I don’t think you really need to get them all. They all provide some hydration and are excellent for prepping for skincare although not for setting makeup in my humblest.

Skin Food Facial Water Vita A Mist

I definitely recommend them if you’re a fan of facial mists as they really are a nice product on a whole! carries all the formula.

On that note I’ll leave you with the very funny story of me ba-da-dum duming out to Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens’ rendition of the Game of Throne theme in my car played a little too loudly with the windows cracked…don’t do that kids, you’ll embarrass yourselves. The dude that was stopped at the red light with me on my right hand side gave me the sign of the horns \m/ and proceeded to do a little head banger movement. Needless to say I laughed but was incredibly embarrassed. Thank god it wasn’t the Skyrim theme, I get a little crazy with that one.


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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 4/23/13 19:33 Icequeen81:

    Did you see last episode? It was good, I knew she was planning something I knew somehow she knew what they man was saying about her.


    • 4/24/13 9:32 the Muse:

      I didn’t! behind two episodes at the moment grrr!


      • 4/24/13 20:13 Icequeen81:

        sowwwiee Spoiler alert , let me know when you re so far


  • 4/25/13 14:38 christmas:

    I got the royal honey one but I think it leaves a weird film on my face that makes it look unnatural…. I’ll go back to misting with the Thayer witch hazel (they sell it with misting bottles here in Korea, idk if it comes with them in the states).


  • 5/27/13 1:55 Anri Lin:

    I’ve tried this! Love the smell of it. I don’t use a lot of face mists, but this purchase was a good one.


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