Skin Food Facial Water Vita-B Mist Review

Skin Food Facial Water Vita B Mist

I’m kinda obsessed with Skin Food Facial Water Vita Mists at the moment so brace yourselves for reviews. Skin Food Facial Water Vita-B Mist is one of three facial mists that quite reminds me of the old Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Water Mist from back in the day (do they even make it anymore?).

Let’s take a peek!

Skinfood Facial Water Vita-B Mist is a facial water/mist that refreshed tired skin and hydrates it supposedly with a Vita B Complex and Alaska glacier water. All that fancy stuff aside this is basically a nice, refreshing, hydrating facial mist that gently moisturizers skin as it preps for your regular skincare line up.

I like keeping it in my fridge and spritzing it on after my shower. As I do my hair I allow it to dry down all its own and proceed to follow up with my other skincare goodies like serum, moisturizer, etc….

Skin Food Facial Water Vita-B Mist

This has a slightly cloudy/bi phase formula so you have to shake it prior to misting on. Supposedly that’s the oil controlling powder which separates from the water used in the mist. Honestly, I didn’t experience any mattifying benefits from use in all honest and also was surprised alcohol is one of the first two ingredients in this.

It smells kinda fruity and crisp, a little citrus-like. Basically the same scent that Skin Food uses for many of its skincare products. The mist feels like a more hydrating version of the old Lettuce and Cucumber Mist to me.

If you’re seeking a new hydrating mist I’d recommend trying this. I liked it, a lot. Actually I liked all three Vita Mists so any are great purchases if you enjoy facial mists!

They are as little as $8-$9 each on Evil-bay.

Anyone try ’em?

Do share!


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  • 4/17/13 20:54 melissa:

    I have this and the other one, honey. I like how it smells and want to use it as a body spray. I wish they would make body sprays in some of the fragrances they use for other potions. For me it’s a little to moisturizing for zoner. I prefer lush toners, but I agree it feels great after a shower!


    • 4/18/13 9:32 the Muse:

      ME too! Did you ever try some of their EDTs? they are really quite a lovely scent…!


  • 4/27/13 18:49 kiki:

    is this a fine mist?or a regular mist?
    im looking for something that has a fine mist and has moisturizing qualities any recommendations?


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