You Know Nothing Jon Snow

So for some reason, “You Know Nothing Jon Snow” has become a constant in my daily conversations. It’s almost as addicting as saying Winter is Coming.

Where its worked itself into conversations:

Friend: The Greek salad here is brilliant! We should get that.
Me: You know nothing Jon Snow! The Caesar is WAY better!

Sister: I know you have that first report file I was looking for.
Me: (she had it on her desk at the time she asked) You know nothing Jon Snow!

Friend: It feels like this rainy weather will continue on all Summer long! It sucks!
Me: You know nothing Jon Snow!

Mum: I’m pretty sure cat food is on sale until Monday (she does this with all sales, she doesn’t realize for some reason that supermarket sales begin Sunday and end Sunday so she’ll sit around call my sister or I and proceed to tell us something is on sale until some odd ass day of the week, neither of us caring about the sale but she feels the need to alert us anyway!).
Me: You know nothing Jon Snow!
Mum: Don’t quote that stupid Game of Thrones crap with me.

US Brands: We have a new and exciting BB Cream for you to try!
Me: You know NOTHING Jon Snow!

grumpy cat jon snow

I was tempted to tell a claims rep last week, when she told me they’d be out to inspect my client’s vehicle on Monday (hello? It’s Memorial Day), “You know nothing Jon Snow!” but I was good and just muttered it to myself instead.

Don’t forget when using the phrase curl your lip up in disgust and spit the words out, “You know nothinggggggggggg Jon Snow”

This post was brought to you by the insanity of my life.

  • 5/28/13 19:08 Cindy Ramirez:

    Um, so this happens to me very often. Just yesterday I said this very quote to my loving boyfriend in the parking lot at Target.

    Boyfriend: They probably don’t have anymore Abyss Rising boxes.
    Me: You know nothing Jon snow. They might have gotten stock today.

    Happens all the time! I’m glad I’m not the only one <333


    • 5/29/13 9:50 the Muse:

      LOL cin! πŸ˜€


  • 5/28/13 19:38 Cas:

    Ahh yiss, you are just as obsessed with Game of Thrones as I am! This made me laugh so hard.. While my family looked at me like I was psychotic, reading it off my phone… πŸ˜‰


    • 5/29/13 9:49 the Muse:

      LOL cas ;-D glad I made ya laugh.


  • 5/29/13 3:39 casey23:

    Don’t quote that stupid Game of Thrones crap with me.

    AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!!! Hilarious!!!! game of thrones… stupid? You know nothing Jon Snow! :)


    • 5/29/13 9:40 the Muse:

      LMAO Casey! what’s fascinating is she knows I’m talking about game of thrones because she doesn’t watch it but she just knows what a dork I am. ah mothers!


  • 5/29/13 7:05 Barb:

    love everything about this and stole some to share hahahah…. i’d want to use it daily on my honey but he doesnt watch the show so it’s lost on him… and he seriously knows nothing hahahahaha


    • 5/29/13 9:26 the Muse:

      LOL Barb isn’t that the case with most men? “You know nothing Jon Snow”


  • 5/29/13 9:55 Sarah S.:

    bwahahaha this made my morning XD


    • 5/29/13 10:22 the Muse:



  • 5/29/13 10:50 Mandy K:

    LOL! Tooo funny! Love Game of Thrones and considering ordering HBO for a month just to get caught up!


  • 5/29/13 20:11 Sayre:

    Big :)


  • 6/8/13 13:26 Dayse Anny:

    For reason like that funny quote and Jason Momoa, I got tempted and curious to check out Games of Thrones, heard a friend talkig about it someday but didn’t really caught my attention, now I’m seriously thinking about looking for a torrent file and get’em all!

    The episode with your mom was hilarious!LOL ^^


    • 6/10/13 12:24 the Muse:

      hehe my mom is a dork ;-D def watch/read it, great series!


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