Etude House Baby Choux Base (Tube) Review & Swatches

Etude House Baby Choux Base Tube

What?  Etude House Baby Choux comes in a tube now? Correct! A new tube packaging graces my very favorite base of choice, Etude House Baby Choux! Available in three shades that address different skin tones and issues Baby Choux Base now comes in a tube for easy application.

Originally the Etude House Baby Choux Base was introduced with the Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection in glass jars with spatulas used to scoop product out. This new squeeze tube packaging ensures your Baby Choux remains fresh, hygienic, and is easier to apply now.

Take a look!

Etude House Baby Choux Base in a Tube

Strangely enough this is the same price as the original formula in a larger size (35 g) with the same price tag! The jars might look bigger but actually they only hold 25 g of product so the tubes are actually a better value. Being paranoid I actually hauled backups of the jars because I thought they’d disappear as quickly as the Peach Base that Etude House did a few Spring seasons ago.

I’m thankful this new tube packaging means Baby Choux is here to stay!

I won’t get into a ton of details about this formula as I’ve reviewed it in a past post and urge you to peek at that full review for the best details and swatches. I will say that the formula hasn’t changed and is as great as the original!

This is the perfect base for brightening up my skin, providing basic SPF 25 protection, and creating a smooth, flawless base for my makeup. LOVES this stuff.

I’m so happy that it is now in a tube.

I convinced myself I would not indulge since I already have four jars (two I use, two back ups) but I couldn’t resist purchasing a tube and was happy I did. I might just gift away my back up jars and hope to run through my current jars really quickly so I can replace them with this tube.

I got mine from E-bayer F2Plus1 (not affiliated).

Any Baby Choux fans out there?

Love the new tube packaging?

Do share!


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 7/23/13 16:26 kiwikiwidragon:

    Lol, I will totes takes those jars off your hands! I have been lemming these and have been on a no – buy since April!


  • 7/23/13 19:39 ys:

    Just as an FYI, the reason Etude House changed the Baby choux into a tube was that supposedly, some batches in the glass jars would develop “grains”, like the formula would become crystallized (maybe from exposure to oxygen?) and a lot of people complained about how grainy they would get in a few weeks. Not all batches became grainy like that of course, but apparently enough of them did for the company to change the containers.So Etude House responded by changing it to a tube form, and with more formula (as an apology of sorts I assume). The more you know!


    • 7/24/13 19:03 Alanna:

      you know what, I was noticing grains in mine and wondering if I was going crazy! Annoying, but glad to know I can repurchase it in an improved form. This stuff is such HG material!


  • 7/23/13 21:52 Therese:

    *sigh*, you are such a bad influence Muse (or I’m easily led…but I’m blaming you!!) because I just ordered this. Anything that even hints at brightening and I’m all over it. I bought the tube, even though the jars are SO cute!


    • 7/24/13 10:12 the Muse:

      sorry girl hehe :)


  • 7/24/13 3:36 Phyu Mon:

    Thank you for the review. Been wanting to get a hold of those babies. Haven’t seen them in Singapore yet <3


    • 7/24/13 9:59 the Muse:

      my pleasure :) hope they arrive soon!


  • 7/24/13 3:48 bebe:

    I love my baby choux’s in the original glass jar packaging, but it is so pretty that I don’t mind the new tube release. Actually, I wanted to try the berry shade as well, but kept procrastinating as I already had the peach. Glad I did ’cause now I have the perfect excuse to splurge, plus I like that the tube has more product.


  • 7/24/13 12:02 Cj:

    These are AMAZING! I got 3 tubes and 1 jar lol! If I could think of anything to make it better would be a higher spf so I wouldn’t have to use a separate one :)


  • 7/25/13 10:17 Linda:

    The mint/green shade doesn’t get a lot of love, so let me be the one to say it’s AWESOME for those of us with redness problems. It neutralizes the red around my nose and under my eyes so well that I’ve been known to go without foundation on weekends and just use BB cream and Mint Baby Choux. It’s my new HG product — so glad the tube is here. It’s not Limited Edition like the jars, is it Muse? I don’t want to have to hoard it like I did with the jars.


  • 8/6/13 12:35 Brandy:

    Just got mine in peach and I loves it! So glad the tube packaging came out before I had the opportunity to buy the product; was trying to get rid of some of my other primers first. I guess good things come to those who wait!


  • 8/8/13 10:22 Patty:

    I’m a Baby Choux fan, I like the jar packaging but I will still get one in a tube.


  • 8/12/13 5:24 Nessie Marie Honculada:

    Hi! Great review. I really like the scent. Also check my review for the base. Thanks!


  • 9/2/13 0:58 mamia:

    Great review!


  • 9/14/13 17:29 Andreea:

    you made me very curious to try this :)


  • 9/24/13 6:13 fi:

    I Used etude baby base choux – Mint Choux.. its good on my oily skin type…
    like it yeayy ^^
    maybe i will purchase it :)


  • 6/10/14 22:13 Melanie:

    I totally just snagged this, because I was running low on my jar and was hoping beyond hope that someone would be selling a jar! XD


  • 8/6/15 19:05 mumay:

    I bought one yesterday for only 335 php, I have not yet tried a korean product eversince, so when when I went into a mall I saw some korean products and decided to buy this one.Then when I seached for this product thru the internet I found out that the box looks different from the ones posted in there, the one I bought has a primer written on the outside of the box.. could this be fake?


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