L’Oreal EverCurl Hydracharge Conditioner Review

L'Oreal EverCurl Hydracharge Conditioner

L’Oreal EverCurl Hydracharge Conditioner ($6.99) is a sulfate-free, paraben-free, vegan free conditioner according to L’Oreal. Since I recently tried out and adored L’Oreal Evercurl Hydracharge Cleansing Conditioner I thought I’d try the Hydracharge Shampoo and Conditioner.

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to actually locate the shampoo!

Go figure!

But I have been using the conditioner the last several days and here are some thoughts.

L’Oreal EverCurl Hydracharge Conditioner is a fairly inexpensive conditioner that can be purchased at any drugstore. The fact that it’s sulfate-free and affordable would make it a rarity but nowadays budget friendly brands like L’Oreal are starting to introduce more and more hair products that are sulfate-free.

The thing I like about this conditioner is the fact it provides moisture but like the Evercurl Hydracharge Cleansing Conditioner it does not weight my hair down or create a ton of excess build up. It has a creamy almost coconut scent that has a bit of vanilla? The scent is similar to the Cleansing Conditioner with minor differences or at least my nose things so.

It’s meant for curly hair with frizz. I have longer, thicker, drier, wavy hair with plenty of curl to it so this is an ideal pick for me. It doesn’t really make my frizz more manageable it does however, create more managed de-tangled locks with plenty of shine and a good deal of moisture as well so my hair feels softer.

I can’t say I like it as much as the Cleansing Conditioner which I found way nicer a formula that did great things for my hair. However, it is a fairly decent formula that provides moisture without unnecessary build up and a lightweight formula that rinses clean away!

Anyone try it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 7/19/13 22:49 Gloria:

    I actually did not like this conditioner. I have curly hair, and I felt that both shampoo and conditioner made my hair drier. It didn’t moisturizer my hair at all. I haven’t tried the cleansing conditioner though. I might give it a try.


    • 7/23/13 16:40 Elena:

      Hello, Muse. I’ve been lurking on your blog for some time now. I love visiting every day.

      If you’re interested in weightless moisture I will strongly recommend GVP’s version of Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm.


      I’m a sulphate free, ‘cone free, fine haired, curly girl so weightless moisture is a must for me and I feel like I’ve tried 100 kinds of conditioners. This conditioner is extremely thick and moisturizing but I never have any problems with it weighing down my hair. In fact, it’s so thick that I can usually make 3 bottles from 1! I keep two empty bottles on hand and transfer a 3rd into each bottle and fill with water and shake up. It’s still incredibly rich after! This comes out to about $2.20 a bottle! Can’t beat that!


      • 7/23/13 16:42 the Muse:

        thanks elena! I’ll have to give it a try 😀 I appreciate the recommendation :) and thanks so glad you enjoy Musings <3!


  • 8/16/13 17:09 Jennifer:

    I have naturally curly (thick, frizzy, and unruly) hair. I’ve tried this cleansing conditioner. The only real change that I noticed is when I first switched from regular shampoo and conditioner to this. My hair was somewhat softer and not as dried out, but that’s about it. It really hasn’t helped my frizz problems or hydrated my hair. I found it at Walmart and Walgreens and the price of it keeps going up. I was hoping that it would be the miracle product but I’ll just have to keep trying things.


    • 8/16/13 17:10 Jennifer:

      Forgot to mention that I could never find a matching shampoo either. I know they make different versions but I think this one is supposed to just be a cleansing conditioner with no shampooing.


  • 1/5/14 13:47 marie:

    I started to use the loreal hydracharge cleansing conditioner, but for some reason I don’t like the smell I was wondering can it go bad? Also my hair feels drier. When I bought the bottle it was the last one and it was marked clearance. My daughter introduced me to these products and I loved it but this bottle just might be a bad one. What do anyone think?


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