Pixi Fairy Light Solo Review & Swatches

Pixi Fairy Light Solo Eyeshadows released a while back ago but I’m just now getting around to reviewing these. Originally Pixi launched Fairy Light Solo Eyeshadows in only a few shades but as of recently they are available in twelve shades including a new Gilded Green shade just like the popular eyeliner color!

Pixi Fairy Light Solo Eyeshadow Swatch

Let’s take a look!

Pixi Fairy Light Solo Eyeshadow are meant to brighten the appearance of eyes and give them a lifted effect. They have a radiant glow with a smooth matte finish that appears a bit on the frost side. The shades I tried have a light reflecting finish that draws light to the eyes and gives the appearance of brighter more wide awake eyes.

They actually contain shea butter so they have this soft silky feel that’s a cross of a powder and a cream. Each comes housed in a tiny green compact with the powder shadow having the Pixi imprint. The imprint sadly disappears after a few uses but still is cute while it lasts.

The only shade I can say is truly matte that I’ve tried would be French Lace where as the others have more of a frosty finish. I dislike frosts with a passion but these are a very silky and easy to wear formula. I thought I’d experience a good deal of fall out due to their powdery texture (as photographed below) but they actually apply fairly mess-free and even though they are frost it’s a very refined frost that gives a smooth appearance on my lids. They really do have a heavenly texture!

Pixi Fairy Light Solo 9

Not only are they lovely in terms of formula but they really do brighten up eyes. If you have sleepy eyes, puffy ones, or just dark circles these are soft, delicate shades that brighten up the appearance of those issues! You aren’t going to love these if you’re looking for bold, dramatic eye looks. You will however, love them if you want a sheer wash of color on lids that’s very natural and lovely!

Pixi Fairy Light Solo 6

French Lace, Champagne Glow, Nude Nouveaux, and Fairy Pink

Pixi Fairy Light Solo Champagne Glow

Champagne Glow

Pixi Fairy Light Solo Fairy Pink

Fairy Pink

Pixi Fairy Light Solo French Lace

French Lace

Pixi Fairy Light Solo Nude Nouveaux

Nude Nouveaux

I really like working with these and they make a rather easy way to get a simple, natural yet fresh eye look without a ton of effort.



Muse Approved.

They are available now at Target and online at www.pixibeauty.com

Disclaimer: One of the shades in this post was provided by PR for review and the others were purchased by me at Target.

  • 7/22/13 18:37 Cat G:

    Is Pixi still sold in Targets? I heard they weren’t but I guess that person was mistaken?


  • 7/22/13 19:54 Joy:

    I’ve become curious about the Pixi line very recently because of their “brighten & look awake” approach. I would love to be able to sleep at my work desk without anyone noticing. Just kidding LOL! OK, kinda kidding. Like you Musey, I loathe “frost” but the French Lace appears worth a try. Thanks for the review! <3


    • 7/23/13 9:34 the Muse:

      my pleasure joy 😀 and girl if I could I’d nap under my desk all damn day ;-D haha!


  • 7/22/13 22:24 Emma:

    My Target has the line too! I’ve always wanted to try something from it, but haven’t yet…have you tried anything else, or just these? If so, what did you think?


  • 7/22/13 22:59 Ashley C.:

    Wow, these are really pretty! I may have to make a trip over to Target!


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