Bath & Body Works Halloween 2013 PocketBac Collection

Bath Body Works Halloween 2013 PocketBac Collection

Halloween is my favorite time of the year and Bath & Body Works Halloween 2013 Collection is one I await anxiously each and every year! And they don’t disappoint with an early release of Halloween 2013 Pocketbacs that are available in store and online.

Take a peek!

This is just a sneak peek of the Bath & Body Works Halloween 2013 PocketBac Collection as I’m positive we’ll be privy to a dozen more scents as the holiday grows closer but here’s the run down so far:

  • Ghoul Friend Berry Scary (scented with a tart & sweet blend of wild berries)
  • Vampire Blood Plum Potion (scented with plum)
  • Owl Hoot Berry (scented with black berries and cherries)
  • Jack O’ Pumpkin (scented with pumpkin)
  • Eeek Spider Yummy Mummy Marshmallow (fluffed marshmallows and sweet vanilla cream)

I hope we get some of the darling body lotions we got last year as well as some new Liplicious glosses!

What do you hope for from bath & Body Works Halloween 2013 this year?

  • 8/27/13 11:25 Icequeen81:

    I want eek spider and owl, still have the vampire blood and apple one from last year :)


  • 8/27/13 12:10 Michelle:

    Ooh, I have to get the Owl hoot berry one for my hubby … he loves owls and hates germs – lol!


  • 8/27/13 12:52 Daniela:

    Aww man where are the zombies!? It’s ok..the spider and the owl look adorable


  • 8/27/13 18:10 Daisy:

    A few years back they had a hand sanitizer that smelled liked black licorice. I wished they had brought it back as a hand soap, lip gloss fragrance.


  • 8/27/13 21:31 Brittany:

    I hope they bring out some interesting holders for them like they did last year. I’m still sad that I couldn’t find the bat holder.


    • 8/28/13 6:47 the Muse:

      they def will brittany and there are some in store already! right by registers!


  • 8/28/13 14:20 Kerry:

    These are cute and I will snatch a few of these while stocking up on some new hand soap. But what I’m REALLY, really craving are the Holiday scents! I am praying they will bring back Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel body lotion and spray…and dare I hope…both of these in an option with some fun sparkle! I want these and need these! What is the word on the street? Is Bath and Body going to have these? And when?


    • 8/28/13 14:29 the Muse:

      oh girl I doubt they’d do away with twisted peppermint :-D not sure when no word on Holiday yet unfortunately :-/ but hopefully soonish!


  • 9/11/13 20:54 Kathyb:

    Are they coming back with the crackling hand sanitizer? My granddaughter is begging for it!


  • 9/24/13 12:56 Sarah:

    Bath&Body Works! They have such a great products and these hand sanitizers? They are cute and really nice :) I want that Owl Hoot Berry one so bad! :)


  • 10/28/13 18:01 Lea d:

    Wish they would have more Halloween goodies like they used to several years ago. I still have some of the ghost and pumpkin metal containers and bring them out every year. I have a large collection of BMW items that I have collected for about 15 years! Love Halloween! More items please


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