Wet n Wild Tough Girl/Army Beauty Collection for Fall 2013

Wet n Wild Tough GirlArmy Beauty Collection Fall 2013

If you haven’t been privy to the fashion camo/army trend you will be come Fall! And that extends to beauty with brands like Wet n Wild introducing collections like the Tough Girl/Army Beauty Collection for Fall 2013.

The camouflage trend is hot at the moment and I’m not just taking olive green! Anything army related is having major fashion and beauty moment so of course, you’ll need some sultry eyes and lips to go along with the look.

Take a peek at Wet n Wild’s newest LE Collection that embraces the trend.

The Wet n Wild Tough Girl/Army Beauty Collection is bigger than what you’re seeing here as it also includes nail and glosses from my understanding but I ran across the Army Beauty Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trios at Walgreens (nada else).

New Wet n Wild Tough Girl Limited Edition Eyeshadow Trio Palettes:

  • Enlisting For Beauty
  • Zero Dark Thirty
  • I Don’t Do Camouflage
  • Soldiers in Charms
  • Support Our Troops
  • Spoiled Army Brat

New Wet n Wild Tough Girl Limited Edition Eyeshadow Trio Palette

I found the display on an end cap at my Walgreens so check local drugstores to see if you can snag these and other pieces in the collection!

  • 8/26/13 20:00 Icequeen81:

    I like sweet as candy


  • 8/26/13 21:29 Amanda R:

    Sweet As Candy looks a heck of a lot like Walking on Eggshells.


  • 8/26/13 21:49 Nicole:

    LOVE the middle one!


  • 8/26/13 23:17 Kadie Lee:

    I need most if not all of these! OMG.


  • 8/27/13 0:08 Aditi:

    I missed the Pop Art collection (I wouldn’t have used the colors – I had some major lemmings but decided against it) but these are gorgeous colors. I’m going to have to hunt them down!!


  • 8/27/13 0:56 dia:

    Does “Support Our Troops” really want you to put the white on your lid and the grey on your browbone???

    (P.S. I think the purple actually says “Zero Dark Flirty”. Sigh.)


  • 8/27/13 10:34 K.B.:

    OMG I want Soldiers in Charms and Spoiled Army Brat (the latter just because of the name lol)!


  • 8/27/13 11:41 M.P:

    At some places (specifically Kmart) Soldiers in Charms is showing up as the Black/White/Grey trio and the order is reversed so the white is for the browbone.


  • 8/27/13 12:06 Majick:

    A recruiter called me many moons ago to try and get me to enlist. I actually said, “I don’t do camo” to him. LOL (When in truth I look pretty good in olive. LOL)


  • 8/27/13 14:46 Sonya:

    Lol, someone stuck Sweet as Candy where I Don’t Do Camouflage is. I don’t think Sweet is limited edition or part of this collection! :)


    • 8/27/13 14:50 the Muse:

      display was pretty much stripped down, just took a quickie photo of it but didn’t re-arrange the palettes into the correct slots :)


    • 8/27/13 17:55 Debbie:

      You’re correct Sonya! Sweet as Candy is not part of this collection. There are sellers on eBay whom have the whole collection for sell. Unfortunately, as usual, they want an arm & a leg (or two) for them.


  • 8/27/13 20:52 Susan K:

    Nabbed one of each from a fresh display at Walgreens today. Can’t resist hauling when WnW does these le e/s collections. They’re so inexpensive & the quality is usually pretty good to great. Plus its fun to hunt them down!


  • 8/28/13 19:43 Diana:

    I ended up getting Enlisting for Beauty (browns) and Soldiers in Charms (greens) today at Walgreens. I have to admit, that while as a military gal I like the support for members of the armed forces, some of the trendiness is a little eyeroll-inducing.


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