Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Gorg’s Garden Perfume Oil Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Gorg's Garden Perfume Oil

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Gorg’s Garden Perfume Oil is one of several Fraggle inspired fragrance oils from the Lab. As a child the Fraggles was one of my favorite show and to this day I still adore rewatching episodes on DVD (Yes, I own them)!

Hopefully some of you enjoy the magic of the Fraggles as well and perhaps even introduced your children to them!

Let’s take a sniff of Gorg’s Garden.

The Fraggles were fond of raiding the Gorgs’ garden for veggies particularly radishes which were apparently ambrosia to a Fraggle.

As a child the Gorgs always reminded me of the Giant from Jack in the Beanstalk. The Gorgs apparently had a bigger ego than the Giant though as they were the self proclaimed king and queen of the universe with their son, Junior, being the prince. Junior enjoyed setting traps in the garden outside the castle with the purpose of capturing Fraggles….mostly he failed at the task. During the first few seasons Junior is a bit of a bully and a villain but he becomes friends with Gobo and at one point he is even shrunken down to Fraggle size.

Since the radishes were so highly protected by the Gorgs it’s no wonder their scent contains the note. As a fan of foody, fruity, and very sweet fragrance something like Gorg’s Garden shouldn’t be appealing to my nose as it contains notes of radishes, freshly-turned soil, and soft herbs.

Gorg’s Garden is a perfect example of Lab oils that smell awful in the bottle but turn magical on skin. At first sniff in the bottle a strong peppery radish scent laced with soil is prominent. Applied on the skin wet a strong root element comes out to play with a sharp dash of radish and some greener elements. About 30 minutes into the fragrance as it dries down it becomes a little sweet with a grassy green element and herbs playing in the background. My nose can detect mint, basil, perhaps some thyme too woven in with radish. The throw is quite good with a single drop and a linger that lasts a good six to seven ours on skin.

For some reason it reminds me of something Lush-like but which Lush product it smells like I can’t quite put my finger on. If you enjoy more herbal-like scents that are fresh, clean, and earthy I think Gorg’s Garden will be fitting for you. And if you’re like me….well, you might just be surprised how much you enjoy the freshness of this fragrance! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do! Green, herbally, fresh, and unique this one is a keeper!

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  • 10/22/13 8:39 kellly:

    I buy quite a bit teh BPALz. This was one I wouldn’t have considered but after reading your review, I’m going “hmmm….”


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