June 4, 2012

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab The Fraggles Fragrance Oil Collection

I grew up watching the Fraggles. I’d like to say it was just around the time that my parents had gotten cable, whoa, TV without commercials, it was a big deal. Why does saying that make me feel so damn old?

Needless to say puppets, clowns, etc…we’re always so terribly scary to me but Jim Henson had a way of making puppets so less terrifying and utterly enjoyable for me!

As you know from a prior post I did, indie brand Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab recently teamed up with Henson Studios to collaborate on a Labyrinth fragrance collection. With great joy, today I bring you the second collection in the launch, the Fraggles fragrance collection!

Each scent is inspired by the gang including Red, Boober, and even Uncle Traveling Matt himself!

Take a look!

Gobo Bpal Fragrance Oil $26
Gobo is the natural leader of the Fraggle Five. He is an explorer, spending his days charting the unexplored (and explored-but-forgotten) regions of Fraggle Rock. Gobo is following, often quite literally, in the footsteps of his Uncle Traveling Matt Fraggle, the greatest living Fraggle explorer.

Tangerine, lemon peel, sugared pink grapefruit, and vanilla cream.

Boober Bpal Fragrance Oil $26
According to Boober Fraggle, there are only two things certain in this world: death and laundry. Boober is terrified by the former and fascinated by the latter. He is also paranoid and superstitious. According to Boober, anything that can go wrong surely will, and when it does, it will inevitably happen to him.

A fretfully clean scent: freshly-washed laundry, linden blossom, soap suds, and a sprinkle of vanilla.

Red Bpal Fragrance Oil
Red Fraggle is a nonstop whirligig of activity. To her fellow Fraggles, Red is often seen as a flash of crimson racing to her next athletic pursuit. She is Fraggle Rock champion in Tug-of-War, Diving while Singing Backwards, the Blindfolded One-Legged Radish Relay, and a number of other traditional Fraggle sports. She is outgoing, enthusiastic, and athletic, but take note – her impetuosity can get her into real trouble.

Sporty and energetic: sweet red currant, tangy cranberry, pink musk, and spicy pink pepper.

Mokey Bpal Fragrance Oil $26
Mokey is an artist, poet and philosopher. She seems to be in touch with some sort of higher Fraggle consciousness. Mokey is fascinated by the beauty and intricacy of the world around her, and is always seeking new ways to share this feeling with others.

A gentle, contemplative fragrance: lilac blossoms, violet sugar, orris root, stephanotis, and osmanthus.

Wembley Bpal Fragrance Oil $26
To Wemble is a Fragglish word that means (roughly) “to be so unable to make up one’s mind that it’s ridiculous.” Wembley is indecision personified. Wembley has an uncanny ability to find merit on both sides of any issue. This talent occasionally casts him in the role of peacemaker.

Innocently indecisive: white musk, banana, orange blossom honey, pineapple, and mint.

Uncle Traveling Matt Bpal Fragrance Oil $26
The magic is always there, as long as we keep looking for it.

Gobo’s Uncle Travelling Matt is the greatest living Fraggle explorer – the Fraggle equivalent of an astronaut. After completing his exploration of Fraggle Rock, he ventured forth into our world, a place the Fraggles call “Outer Space.”

Dark chocolate, figgy vanilla, pear, and quince.

Doozers Bpal Fragrance Oil $26
Totally unlike the Fraggles, Doozers spend their lives working. The greatest joy in a Doozer’s life is to get up, put on a hard hat and take a place on the Doozer work crew.

The scent of industrious cooperation: glittering crystals, soft soil, and radish dust.

Gorg’s Garden Bpal Fragrance Oil $26
The Fraggles raid the Gorgs’ garden for the vegetables (particularly the radishes) that they eat.

Radishes, freshly-turned soil, and soft herbs.

I feel like I need ALL of these but particularly Doozers as they were my very favorite “Fraggles” characters…!

Did you watch the Fraggles growing up?

What do you think of a fragrance collection dedicated to them?

Do share!

The Fraggles Collection is available now from the Lab at www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com

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  • Michelle

    Do you remember Marjorie the trash heap? She lived in the Fraggle Rock landfill and was kind of like this old-auntie-advice-giver character. I don’t think she was featured during the entire series, though.

    • the Muse

      YES!!!!!!!!! lol! I remember that! and yeah, she didn’t appear all that much ;-D! haha she needs her own scent lmao!

  • Littlecreek

    Way too cute! I wish they would come out with a set of smaller bottles. My wallet can’t handle getting all of them otherwise. Side note: the theme song is stuck in my head.

    • the Muse

      lol ear worm ;-D I hear ya…always wish she would do imps for the le collections too :-/

  • Lulubelle

    I was just thinking I needed some more BPAL. Dangit. Somehow I missed Fraggle Rock (the show)!

    You must do a review on Doozers if you get it – I cannot imagine what glittering crystals, soft soil, and radish dust would smell like.

    • the Muse

      lol one wonders lulu! particularly the glittering crystals part!

      • Majick

        You guys could come to my house but you’ll have to bring the radish dust – we didnt’ plant them this year. LOL

  • Miss D

    Yay! Dance your cares away…(clap, clap)…worries for another day! XD
    I love Mokey, so I’ll probably like hers- this is so cool!

  • Comrade Garlic

    I’m torn. I love the Fraggles so much, I don’t want to be disappointed by the scents.

  • MandyB

    I completely squeed when BPAL’s email popped in my inbox yesterday. I love the Fraggles, and the Doozers were my favourite too!

  • Amy Amethyst

    I have some of the Fraggles episodes on VHS floating around somewhere. haha

  • Katie

    I always thought of myself as Red, but I’m Boober if I’m being real – as a child and an adult. Yes, the Boober scent is calling to me, ah, fresh laundry.

  • Margo

    I really really really need Gobo in my life…I have always loved Fraggle rock, I even have a stuffed Wembley!