Lorac Black Friday 2013 Deals

Lorac Fan Favorite Duo

On November 29th Lorac Black Friday 2013 Deals will be available on sale beauty junkies!

Take a look!

Lorac Fan Favorite Duo Black Friday

The Lorac Fan Favorite Duo includes one of fan’s most beloved eyeshadows! The beauty mavens have spoken! PRO Palette shade Pewter was voted by fans as their most loved eyeshadow. To celebrate, Lorac has created an exclusive Sephora.com and Sephora JC Penny set. The chic, cult-favorite hue retails for $10 (a $39 value) and includes a complimentary 3-in-1 Waterproof EyeLiner in Ultra Black. This is a great way to replenish your PRO Pewter shadow without splurging on Lorac’s Pro Palette – so don’t miss out! The offer is ONLY available on Black Friday (while supplies lasts).

Ulta and Ulta.com will offer The Stylist Palette on Black Friday (in Platinum and Gold). These will retail for $12.

Lorac The Stylist Palette

I have my eye on the duo!

How about you?


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  • 11/25/13 15:34 Sara:

    Pewter is a fabulous color! I pair it with my Urban Decay Mushroom liner and it’s a perfect smoky eye look. Although with all the eyeshadow that I own, I won’t hit pan on ANYTHING. I’m happy I snagged the Red Hot deal from Ulta with the Pro palette and liner/primer addition when I had my 20% off coupon.


  • 11/25/13 15:37 Lisa:

    Aren’t The Stylist Palettes just the exact same as the Solid Gold and Platinum Status palettes that are already at Ulta? They look exactly the same and they already have those at Ulta (limited edition) for only $12. I’ve picked up both of them and really like them…it seems weird they would just rename them and up the price.


    • 11/25/13 15:45 the Muse:

      this is from the brand directly so unsure if they are the same palettes or not although they do look similar (haven’t seen them in person though)!


    • 11/25/13 18:02 Bee:

      I’m pretty sure they are exactly the same!


    • 11/25/13 21:48 Shari:

      I have the Platinum Status from ULTA & it looks exactly like the one shown above. Odd.


    • 11/26/13 3:15 kairi:

      I have both palettes and is the same thing. I Paid 12 dollars for them :) I’m assuming lorac just made a mistake by advising it was 15 because it’s already already available on ultas website!:)


  • 11/25/13 16:13 Cindy Ramirez:

    Hihi Muse! I’ve missed your blog <3

    I'm still a little bummed about pewter winning that contest a while back, I would have loved Garnet… but that's a great value only 10 bucks, I can dig it. Also, I swear those little palettes are only 12 bucks, I've seen them at Ulta!


    • 11/26/13 12:18 the Muse:

      hey cin-ful happy t-day :) Hope you have some great plans and plenty of good is involved ;-D I love Garnett too! Great shade 😀 SO wearable!!!!!!!!!


      • 11/26/13 22:17 Cindy Ramirez:

        Agreed, I just love Garnet! Also comes with the territory of being a FSU fan ;]

        And same to you, hope there is lots of good noms, family, and maybe some good shopping deals! <3


        • 11/27/13 9:15 the Muse:

          ha! 😀 aw thanks! and you and yours enjoy it and grab all the good sales 😀


  • 11/25/13 16:17 Amanda:

    YES. Pewter is amazing! If anyone misses out on this one, the shade is on sale for $6 in the VIP sale with free shipping on the LORAC website! I’ve already squirreled away two jars combined as well as the pan I have in my Pro palette!


  • 11/26/13 0:46 Bishakha sen:

    Muse , palettes are a matter of personal opinion and so I truly understand that while I did not like my 12$ palette , there are many that did . If you read the packaging , it says it is made in china ( which is not the case with their regular line ) , hence the cheap price .the regular line is made in America . It may be just me , but I felt the quality was not the same as the regular line , like say the pro palette or unzipped palette or even say their holiday palette – these are a few of my favourite things .


    • 11/26/13 7:25 the Muse:

      sorry to hear it hun! I haven’t tried these so don’t really have an opinion but thanks for sharing your thoughts on them!


  • 11/27/13 0:46 Angel:

    Ya they are the same palettes! I picked them both up recently. I’ve only used the gold one so far but liked it so much I went back and bought the platinum one. For $12 bucks I thought the quality was going to be bad but it wasn’t! I rarely buy Lorac eyeshadows so I can’t say what the other ones are like but these were a hit for me!


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