Sleek Makeup Californ IA & Pink Lemonade Blush by 3

Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 New Shades

Fan of Sleek Makeup’s Blush by 3? Good news ahead for you!

To complement the new Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden i-Divine, Sleek Makeup will also be extending their popular range of Blush By 3 Palettes with two new shades!

The brand new shades of Blush by 3 are entitled Californ.I.A and Pink Lemonade. Californ.I.A is inspired by the sun, sand and surf of Californian beach life while the inspiration behind Pink Lemonade is the traditional, old fashioned English tea party with three decadent pinks.

Sleek Makeup CalifornIA Blush

Sleek Makeup Pink Lemonade Blush

This will launch at drugstores in the UK starting January 15 and available for US fans at the same time!

  • 12/18/13 12:43 Phyrra:

    Those look great!


  • 12/18/13 13:08 Caroline:

    Pink Lemonade looks right up my alley.


  • 12/18/13 16:00 Pixie:

    Do you know if any of them are cream, or if they’re all powder ? :)


    • 12/18/13 16:11 Isabella Muse:

      these are powders


      • 12/18/13 16:35 Pixie:

        Awesome! I skipped out on the last one they put out because one shade was cream inbetween two powders and it looked like a mess waiting to happen. I’ll be picking both of these up :)


        • 12/18/13 16:38 Isabella Muse:

          according to pr it is all powder :)


          • 1/23/14 10:22 Jeee:

            Actually the middle one in pink lemonade is a cream, and all of the blushes in California are cream. (source: I just bought them today)

    • 1/23/14 15:06 Taslima:

      The middle colour in pink lemonade is cream and the other palette has all cream blushers! :)


  • 12/18/13 17:44 amy:

    Pink Lemonade looks like it was made for me! Will these be permanent?


    • 12/19/13 12:38 Isabella Muse:

      from my understanding both are perm it appears.


  • 12/18/13 21:00 Jamie:

    Eeeeeeee! This is so exciting!


  • 12/19/13 12:34 melissa:

    Can’t wait – love sleek eye shadows! So I think Ill like their blushes


  • 12/25/13 5:44 Elise:

    They look so gorgeous! I’m definitely going to buy them when they come out!


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