Stila Magnificent Metal Liners for Spring 2014

Stila Metallic Navy Magnificent Metal Liners

All hands on desk for the launch of Stila Magnificent Metal Liners ($25) because darling if they are as mission impossible to apply as the Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow we’re going to need ALL the help we can get.

Stila Magnificent Metal Liners ($25) are a new metallic finish eyeliner available in four shades for Spring 2014 that are formulated with a carbon black base that gives your lash line a glimmering, multidimensional finish.

The blackout base gives the rich shimmer an intense shine and creates a beautiful dimensional metallic finish. The formula is an innovative new product that uses carbon black as a base for the intense shimmer infused into the liners.


  • Metallic Black Gold
  • Metallic Black Tanzanite
  • Metallic Navy
  • Metallic Gunmetal

Stila Magnificent Metal Liners

Stila Metallic Black Gold Magnificent Metal Liners

Stila Metallic Gunmetal Magnificent Metal Liners

Stila Metallic Navy Magnificent Metal Liners

Each liner is $25 and available now at


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  • 12/16/13 11:37 Ruth:

    The colors are pretty but this line seems like it requires a lot of jiggery pokery to make it work. the idea is neat but the execution is complete rubbish.


    • 12/16/13 11:50 the Muse:

      I’m a little worried about them as the foil shadows proved difficult so these not sure…scared of the fall out!


      • 12/16/13 11:57 Ruth:

        it would be one of those days when you leave the house and everything looked great and you’re feeling extra confident and by the time you got to the office that sh!t is up in your hair!


        • 12/16/13 12:30 the Muse:



  • 12/16/13 15:00 Victoria:

    The colours look really pretty, but I own one of the stila e/s trios. I mean, I like the colours and all that and I use it over a base, but two of the three colours are sooo f****** chalky! I gues these liners will just be another product that will end up on your cheeks by the minute you´re done with your makeup.. :/


    • 12/16/13 15:39 the Muse:

      awww sorry to hear it! Stila’s quality def has gone through a variety of reformulations through the years and now all are great!


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