Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser Review

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

I’m pretty sure I had one of those moments with the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser recently where I was all like, “OMG it tingles that means for sure it is working…!”

Logically speaking just because the new Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser tingles doesn’t mean it is getting my face any cleaner but I’m delusional from time to time and I’m positive I convinced myself the tingle means I am so clean that I glide!

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser is one of a few new Biore products popping up at drugstores for Spring 2014.

Charcoal is actually something that makes an appearance in many nose strips and skincare products across the board in Japan and Korean. Biore even has a few charcoal nose strips available in Asian countries. I guess the trend is finally finding its feet here in the US of A because I’m noticing more and more products promoting it.

At first glance I thought, “well hey here’s a product that might be an awesome dupe for MAC Volcanic Ash or Freeman’s Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask or even Lush Dark Angels Cleanser!”

Mmm naaa not so much.

It looks grainy in the bottle but actually it’s one of those slippery bead type cleansers that every single brands from Aveeno to Garnier to Clean & Clear puts out. I’ve come to the conclusion that those beads are as EVIL AS PEEPS!

For the record be it in facial cleanser or shower gel I DO NOT LIKE those little scrubby beads or whatever you wanna call them. They are annoying, they are hard to wash off, they do not melt down, stop putting them in facial cleanser and especially stop putting them in shower gel because I’m scared one will slip into my butt or something when I shower. Oh..I typed that out loud didn’t I? But these are my fears….! I also worry one will slip into my ear or up my nose when I clean my face.

Unlike the rather nifty grainy texture of the new Garnier Invigorating Daily Scrub this formula is more of a gel with tiny charcoal-like pieces aka evil beads in the mix. It’s not going to exfoliate skin and it only lathers up very little when applied. Apparently charcoal actually traps oils and dirt and draws them out of your skin.

This tingles when I’m washing my face with it. I like tingling facial cleansers as I mentioned above that means they are working (take that with a complete grain of salt).

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser swatches

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser swatches blended

Actually, I dunno if it is or isn’t purifying my pores because I don’t have larger pores that need cleanser. I will say it removes makeup nicely and gives my face a nice, fresh feel that’s very squeaky clean and matte after I finish using it. Now..I do have dry skin and this is oil free and does contain fun stuff like menthol so if you’re sensitive it might not agree with you. Although it has glycerin I still feel like it strips every single drop of oil out of my skin even the oil that isn’t there. Thankfully I don’t feel too tight after use but this is probably more suitable for warmer weather use JUST in case. It does have a heavy fragrance as well.

I imagine if you have oily skin it’ll be a god sent.

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser seems like a nice little cleanser but I don’t necessarily recommend it for drier skin folks!

Tried it?

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This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 1/9/14 18:36 Sara:

    Blech, I don’t like those beads either. And did you see the stories recently about how they’re polluting the water? More reason to get rid of them!


    • 1/10/14 10:01 Isabella Muse:

      OMG! I knew they were evil! SEE!


  • 1/9/14 18:49 O:

    Muse, OMG. This post is hilarious! Lmao. Dying right now! I read your “fears” to my sister and she was on the ground laughing! You are too funny Muse.


    • 1/10/14 10:01 Isabella Muse:

      lol O :) it’s funny but I’m utterly serious about these fears they keep me up at night sometimes šŸ˜€


  • 1/9/14 20:09 Miranda:

    Oh my god, Muse, I nearly choked on my spit when I read “Iā€™m scared one will slip into my butt or something when I shower”!!!!!


    • 1/10/14 9:52 Isabella Muse:

      lol :) it’s true though right?!


  • 1/9/14 20:58 Lisha:

    O dear God that bead up the butt just turned my horrible day around, thank you thank you thank you! It’s such a real fear too isn’t it!? Hehe… butt beads LOL LOL thank you muse for such a wonderful description!!


    • 1/10/14 9:51 Isabella Muse:

      it really is, this type of stuff keeps me up at night Lisha šŸ˜€ hahaha!


  • 1/10/14 0:53 Christina:

    I’m laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. You are awesome.


    • 1/10/14 9:44 Isabella Muse:

      lol :)


  • 1/10/14 1:03 fancie:

    Lmaooo I love this post!! I was interested up until you said beads. I TOTALLY agree! I don’t like them in face wash because it’s harsh on the skin. I have the same fear about any body wash with them too lol. I don’t need any loose beads floating in my cracks and crevices. No thank you lol


    • 1/10/14 9:55 Isabella Muse:

      LOL! me either! DOWN with the beads!


  • 1/10/14 7:24 Trang:

    Ur scrubby bead fears crack me up!! U r too cute! I don’t mind them but I do agree, I don’t feel like they do much. And FYI, no beads have entered those zones!! Lol!


    • 1/10/14 9:49 Isabella Muse:

      haha trang šŸ˜€ thank GOD! you’d have to have them surgically removed!


  • 1/10/14 10:14 Cee:

    And DOWN with the menthol! More trickery to make you think the product is “doing something.” It’s one of the only things I agree with Paula Begoun about…menthol is seriously irritating to skin. I won’t touch it.

    I do like the Giovanni charcoal facial products though…I think they’re mild, yet nicely cleansing. Yes, I think charcoal has been proven to be drawing to skin yuck and oils, and I think some people still take it internally as well.


  • 1/10/14 10:33 mindy:

    O Musekin, let me set ur fears to rest, your butt can take care of itself, I’m seriously worried about what’s around the corner from the butt getting contaminated….


    • 1/10/14 10:59 Isabella Muse:

      LOL I’m not going to think about it!


  • 1/10/14 11:37 LipstickHoarder:

    Lol at the post and mostly the comments!

    I have no problems with beads in my cleanser. I usually rely on doctor prescribed cleansers because I told you I’m Ms. Oil Slick City. Oy vey. But When I want to get away from said cleansers, I would try an over the counter products usually containing beads. Not a plan, just picked it up because of the packaging. Darn packaging always gets me! :{

    Long story short, I am interested in the product but at the same time, the menthol is kind of holding me back. :[


    • 2/11/14 11:03 Cals:

      I have sensitive skin and I’m not a fan of the menthol but I just used this product last night. I was really surprised that the menthol wasn’t stronger, it took a couple seconds for me realize there was any in the cleanser. I personally like this product and would say it’s worth a shot! (:


  • 1/10/14 14:55 Karen:

    That is hilarious. I got funny looks from my co-workers when I started laughing out loud about the butt comment. LOL

    About charcoal. Origins has had a charcoal mask out for a long time. When I was young and had super oily skin, I used to use it and it was awesome. I haven’t tried it in a few years but was thinking about going back to it since I am starting to have breakouts again (hormonal, I think).

    FYI, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is coming out with these new Cosmetic Color Pencils in February If you try them, let us know šŸ˜€


    • 1/10/14 15:13 Isabella Muse:

      LOL but really don’t you sometimes think about this when you’re in the shower with one of those scary bead shower washes…! LOL ;-D I actually use Dark Angels when I’m feeling kinda oily, whipped me right into shape šŸ˜€

      OOOooooooo! I will I will!


      • 1/14/14 15:51 Karen:

        Actually, I never use the bead shower washes. My shower washes are butt friendly. lol However, I do have some Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial gel that has the beads in them. They dissolve, though.


        • 1/14/14 15:51 Isabella Muse:

          lol butt friendly eh?! šŸ˜€


  • 1/10/14 16:36 Miss D:

    “…scared I will slip on my butt…” wait, I read that incorrectly. It’s:
    “Iā€™m scared one will slip into my butt or something when I shower.”

    My God, Muse…you’ve totally given me something new to fear!! XD


    • 1/14/14 15:46 Isabella Muse:

      LOL miss d ;-D


  • 1/10/14 19:59 Lori P:

    Dang! I was hoping that this would be a nice alternative to boscia’s Black Line, which I LOVE but it can be pricey. Reading your review nixed that idea because I am allergic to menthol and while I have oily skin…I’m also sensitive. Le sigh…


    • 1/14/14 15:32 Isabella Muse:

      aw I wish but not really lori :-/


  • 1/14/14 15:35 Jennifer:

    Hey Muse, this post cracks me up! I have the SAME fear about those bead thingies! I’m glad you came out and said it, because I think it’s a valid fear. Those beads could totally get into places! :)


    • 1/14/14 15:43 Isabella Muse:

      hehehe šŸ˜€ I’m glad I’m not alone!


  • 1/20/14 22:09 Stephanie C.:

    Lmao I think of you every time I see a cleanser with these little beads! You mentioned that er.. “pet peeve” in a post I read a long, long time ago and now these cleansers will forever give me the creeps!


    • 1/21/14 9:11 Isabella Muse:

      haha :)


  • 1/21/14 0:26 Jules:

    I was already giggling when you were saying how it feels like it’s working & that tricks us, but then when you got into your “evil bead” fears I was laughing loud. Personal thoughts are definitely worth sharing. Too funny. :-)


    • 1/21/14 9:10 Isabella Muse:

      hehe glad I made ya laugh today šŸ˜€


  • 1/21/14 15:34 Jennifer:

    I hate those creepy beads too. I don’t know how, but one got into my ear piercing hole when I was washing my face. Even after I poked it out with an earring back I was paranoid there were more hiding out. I’ve also seen them on q tips after I’ve cleaned out my ears. Creepy!!!


    • 1/22/14 14:11 Isabella Muse:

      LOL jennifer totally can relate šŸ˜€


  • 2/12/14 2:00 Amy:

    Isabella, the beads do melt, have you try this with a bubble make? The texture isn’t gritty after I use it with a bubble maker . I started using this few days ago. I lather this cleaner with either a lather maker or a fine facial brush and so far so good .


    • 2/14/14 15:42 Isabella Muse:

      I haven’t just with my hands Amy unfortunately doesn’t melt down with hands only. Happy to hear it! :)


  • 2/18/14 16:46 Emily:

    My skin is like combonation, I guess. It’s like oily in the T-Zone… I wonder if it will work for me. Also, it’s so ironic how they have a cleanser that cleans the dirt while using charcoal… then they say “Don’t be dirty” LOL.


  • 2/19/14 12:00 Joy Ainsworth:

    My Face had absoutley no pimples or bumps. I used this product for 2 days and woke up with bumps everywhere like a rash. It is horrible. I feel like a monster, this product ruined my face. Make up doesnt even cover these bumps. NEVER USE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 2/23/14 19:42 esmom:

      Hi. I was looking to see if anyone else had the same reaction to this cleanser as my son – exactly as you described. Feel terrible since I purchased this for him based on a review I saw in Redbook touting it’s greatness. He’s gone from almost perfect skin to a mine field. At first we thought it was just pulling out anything hiding in the pores, but now it appears to be a rash & it is everywhere. I hope your face has improved…any suggestions as to what you used to clear up the rash?


      • 3/3/14 0:17 Brock:

        EXACT thing happened to me. Almost looks like poison.


    • 3/27/14 0:29 sarah Davis:

      I am so glad to find your comments! Did anything help with your rash? I recieved a free sample of this in an allure mag. It came with a coupon and like everyone else I liked the tingle and decided to buy a full size. The next morning my face that didnt have a mark is covered in a weird dermatitis excema looking rash with tiny bumps and a few pimples. Ive used everything from aquaphore and vaseline to milk moisturizers and carmex because it’s scaley and flaking. I can’t wear makeup now without it enhancing the scales. Did anything help??


  • 2/21/14 22:54 Suz:

    My review for this cleanser: 1. It was really smooth and I did not feel any “beads” 2. I have acne prone skin and it cleared my skin over night 3. My skin looked a lot brighter 4. You are supposed to lather it in your hands before putting it on your face (just saying)5. It also made half of my pores disappear 6. I would 100% recommend to anyone with acne


  • 2/28/14 19:35 Liz:

    Unbelievable! My Face had absolutely no pimples or bumps. Practically flawless. I only used this product for 2 days and woke up with bumps everywhere like a rash. It is terrible. I’ve NEVER experienced anything like this before. I immediately stopped using it. I put some raw shea butter on my face to hopefully help with the restoration process. Make up does not cover the bumps. I will see if the shea butter helped my face tomorrow morning.


    • 3/11/14 1:44 Nina:

      omg same with me i used it on Saturday its now Monday and i broke out on my lower chin and irritated rash lookn around nose area :( never experience anything like this either , same boat with you not using it anymore


      • 3/18/14 14:09 Kay:

        I have the same problem! & I only used it ONCE! can someone tell me how to get rid of this rash/irritation? :(


        • 3/18/14 15:33 Brock:

          I used witch hazel instead of cleaning.its mild and helps hydrate your face


      • 5/28/14 9:26 Melissa:

        I broke out on my chin also. Painful little pimples!!!


  • 3/2/14 20:07 Kaylee:

    Do you happen to know how much it costs?


  • 3/11/14 1:41 Nina:

    I broke out terrible with this :( irritates my skin around my nose and the tingle does feel refreshing but i dnt think i would be using anymore


  • 3/13/14 20:52 Nicole:

    Started this product about two days ago, and it was a reinvigorating feeling after I used it. It made my skin feel tingly and I thought — hey, this product may actually work for me. (I’ve been searching for various new cleansers trying to diminish my blackheads.) Next morning, I noticed my face was a little red and decided to ignore it. Because, hey, it literally diminished my blackheads overnight, but as well keep using it, right? Wrong. The next day my face was extremely sploshy with redness, and it was extremely tender to the touch. Small bumps occurred all over my forehead and chin. I’ve never had an issue with mild acne, never this bad, at least. I don’t know what chemical is in this to make sensitive skin users so annoyingly prone to rashes. Needless to say, I will try to continue to use this product seeing how it’s the /only/ product that works for my major facial concern. Only, I won’t use it daily as directed, and use a very small amount. For those suffering with the rash, don’t try to cover it with make-up, don’t add any harsh chemicals on it, either. Your skin needs to replenish itself. I would recommend putting a light coating of aloe vera on it to sooth the redness and irritation. And if that doesn’t work, try some hydrocortisone. :)


    • 9/10/14 12:57 Jillian:

      I am so glad that everyone posted about this because I’ve been using this cleanser for a couple of days as well and have a gross rash. I have oily skin but this is not worth it! I guess I’ll just buy another cleanser. I’m really fond of the more natural cleansers but this one looked interesting.


  • 4/24/14 14:32 Meliss:

    This stuff makes my skin so dry that it’s been flaking off! I had to stop using it ): now I need a great exfoliant because my skin in horrible! Any suggestions?


  • 5/5/14 20:20 Rene:

    Found this article in a google search, and so glad to hear I am not the only one having issues with this product. Just wanted to clear a few minor breakouts on my forehead.First day no problems, face felt a bit fresher, 2nd day no issues, 3rd I woke up with bumps all over my cheeks and chin, and like little whiteheads appearing out of now where, never ever had any breakout as bad as this. So I started doing a little research, mostly product reviews, nothing really bad was said. So I assumed it was just drawing out the bad before it could get better, 4th day my face is just as bad, if not worst. I’m assuming it only effects certain skins and not everyone but needless to say, I will not use it again, haven’t found any remedies to heal, just started using witch hazel last night, will try going back to regular face wash with it , hopefully that will help.


  • 5/7/14 5:07 gilbert:

    OMG. I’m having the same problem with the rash/redness. I used this product twice and my face broke out with all these little red bumps and white spots everywhere. My face looks exactly like when I had an allergic reaction to food minus the puffiness. My face was clear until I used this product and I don’t know What to do. I tried my old c&c stuff and it seemed to reduce the redness a little bit but It’s still there all. I thought this was just me but It’s a relief to find out that I’m not the only one.


  • 5/28/14 9:25 Melissa:

    I thought this stuff would be cool but it makes my eyes burn and my chin has broke out in pimples since using this face wash. I think I’ll go back to something different. I’m not really liking it.


  • 6/16/14 3:33 Maritza Barajas:

    It is my third day using this product and I have also started breaking out I’m hives! I have sensitive skin and thought this would be okay but no… And I never ever break out so having so many bumps on my face is weird. Please don’t buy this products


  • 7/9/14 19:18 Jana:

    This stuff is horrible. I have only been using it for 2 days and I have the same issues as a lot of other people apparently…it made my skin a lot more red and caused tiny bumps everywhere. my skin is usually not sensitive and I can usually use any product out there. I also don’t have any problems with acne normally…really disappointed with this. I would stay away from it.


  • 8/5/14 21:46 Jessica:

    I’ve now read all the comments here and am reporting the same issue. After 2 days of use, my tzone started getting red and white and red bumps formed. Now my entire face is covered in white and red bumps, burns and also stings horribly. I just took benadryl hoping it will help, and put hydrocortisone cream on my face. Please help spread the word, do not buy this product! I’ve never had a problem with any other face wash before. Just this one!


  • 4/12/15 17:39 Sophia:

    I never leave reviews but my experience of this product compels me to. I used this product for a few weeks and it was fine- in fact my skin felt great. All of a sudden my skin developed the same bumps others have described. They spread across my face and I felt a burning sensation. I couldn’t narrow down the cause so carried on using the face wash. I concluded that I had peri- oral dermatitis which was confirmed by the doctor. I am now on antibiotics. I was advised to stop using all products. The dermatitis was responding well to the antibiotics and I started to slowly re- introduce products that I had been using. I decided to use the face wash again- what a stupid thing to do! An hour later I broke out in the same bumps. So I’ve narrowed the source of the problem to the face wash, which is the only positive thing to have come out of my little experiment. At least I have the antibiotics to help. Never using this again.

    By the way- do not use hydrocortisone. I did and though it initially worked, the bumps came back with a vengeance! I hadn’t realised that the advise for peri-oral dermatitis is NEVER use hydrocortisone.



  • 6/16/15 9:10 Luisa:

    Hey so I just started using this and my face has come out in a red rash!!! The skin is raw and tender. Please tell me that the people who had complain about this to, got better??!! And if it did what did you do????!! I desperately need help I have formal in a week??????!!!


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