June 25, 2009

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser Review: Incredible!

The good word on Lush Dark Angels Cleanser is about to unfold oily skin chicas. Lush Dark Angels Cleanser is Lush’s newest “breakaway” cleanser which is a mud scrub for oily skin types made of charcoal and rasshoul. I told you more about it in a prior post which you can see here.

I’m neither young, nor oily, nor dark skinned as recommended for users of Lush Dark Angels Cleanser however I am a Lush lover and that qualified me to purchase some and try it out!

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I’m sorry but I suddenly feel the need to defend the fact that I’m about to review skincare. It’s been said, if you listen to a whisper of news, that if I’m not a scientist or if I can’t provide proper proof of my results with an item that I am not qualified to review it for you (another words my freedom of speech is being threatened). The fact is I must give you a disclaimer that no I’m not a scientist and the below results will vary.

Now that we got passed that boring stuff…on with the good stuff!

If you’re a Lush lover you already know this but for the non Lush users allow me to explain the term “breakaway” cleanser. Lush makes several cleansers that are cut from a “roll” and sold by the pound, quarter slice, etc….these pieces are placed in tiny little containers and sold off to Lush fans far and wide by weight. They are entitled breakaway cleansers because you break off a tiny piece from the larger “roll” and proceed to use it. Thus Lush Dark Angels Cleanser falls into this category. To use it, you’ll break off a small piece, mix it with a few drops of water, work it into a paste, and proceed to cleanse your face with it. Do keep in mind that I consider these cleansers a type of after treatment. Another words do remove all your makeup prior to “cleansing” with this. That’s the way I like to do it and I think it’s the best way.

Now….Dark Angels. Let’s get to that review.

If you’re familiar with Lush Coalface you’ll love Dark Angels. It’s basically the same product as far as I am concerned but it a different format. Coalface is a solid soap format where as Dark Angels is a breakaway cleanser formula. The difference between the two would be Dark Angels is far scrubbier. It has alot of little tiny, fine pieces of charcoal in it which makes a great dead skin scrub. This could prove a bit much for those with sensitive skin though. A little bit goes a long way and one little drops covers my entire face in black mud. It smells like a mix of charcoal and licorice which I find pleasant but some may find revolting.

The results….

One use makes my skin feel smoother, made it glow, and removed traces of oil. I tried it after a long day and my face was oily on the forehead and by the sides of my nose with dry spots on my cheeks. Although meant for younger, oilier, problem skin it successfully worked on the cocktail of combination skin I had going on. I was scared it would dry my skin out badly but it simply made it feel smoother and removed all traces of oil and dryness while leaving behind a nice healthy, glow. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I honestly though I’d end up drier than I already am after use but nope. If anything it made my skin smoother and more refined. This is of course after one use so I’ll proceed to test further and see what happens so far I adore the results.

I imagine Dark Angels has the potential to have incredible results for anyone with oily skin. It seems like the ideal treatment for soaking up oil and mattifying skin. I suggest heading to Lush for a small, free sample and trying it out in the morning prior to a shower. Just wet your hands and work it into a paste and proceed to scrub it onto your face. Afterward step into the shower to rinse. This makes a big mess so it’s best used this way rather than rinsing over a sink. It’s also beneficial as you’ll start your day with a nice matte skin thanks to the cleanser.

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser is so far a winner hands down for me. Pleasantly surprised by this little cleanser by Lush but really I shouldn’t be surprised at all because Lush is ace in the skincare department as far as the Muse is concerned.

Loves it.

Anyone try yet?

Loving it?

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  • Ricci

    Ahh looks soo nice lol .. anything lush is nice, However I use Coalface & Queen of Hearts Complexion Soap for my face .. <3

  • Katy

    muse!! the most reliable blogger ever!! how long does this take to expire from the time it’s made? i’m debating buying it from the uk website but the amount they give is kind of a lot and i haven’t even tried it yet (and can’t b/c it’s not in the us right now) so i don’t want to waste any :\

  • Venus

    I just tried it and it’s super hard to get off. I had to get a towel and almost scrub it off and I found the small nauseating. I have used Angels on Bare Skin and Aqua Marina and so far prefer those. I’ll will probably warm up to in a couple of days though (I better seeing as a I bought a full tub)!

  • Laura Cuddihy

    I’m so glad to see someone else love’s this product
    It is amazing 🙂
    I reviewed it on my own blog

    Laura x

  • Luna

    Hi Muse! Thank you for the review. I also have dark angels and I love it. My only issue is that mine has a three month expiration date and I only exfoliate twice a week, so there’s no way I’ll use it up by then. Do you think it’s ideal to use this product after its expiration date? Thanks!

    • Isabella Muse

      glad to hear it Luna! I’d suggest buying a smaller size next time. Don’t use it past the date as it contains very little preservatives so there aren’t a ton of things that will keep it fresh past the expiration date. it can grow mold on it, etc and you don’t want that on your face. Toss it when it expires!

  • Monica

    I’ve used several of Lush’s products waaaayyy past the expiration date with no problems. I don’t even keep my masks in the fridge! One thing that peeved me off the last time I was in there was that they ran out of certain sizes of their shopping bags & actually resorted to using cheap plastic carry out bags (they even said thank you on them)!! I had to ask for a paper one even though it was way too big. They didn’t even offer me one until I asked. I’m not an environmentalist by any means, but a company that promotes all this natural stuff even thinking about using plastic, generic bags? I was very disheartened.

    • Isabella Muse

      Sorry to hear about the bag situation. The company probably doesn’t even realize that was happening! It might have been an issue with the employees running low on bags?! I doubt Lush would endorse that sort of thing. I’d be careful with masks and other products like it such as Dark Angels. Past the expiration date isn’t a good deal as you’ll notice tiny crystals start to develop on the product as well as mold, etc so I wouldn’t endorse using that sort of stuff on your face past the recommended dates. Face masks def should be refrigerated especially if you’re living in a humid or hot environment. Just a heads up, remember, this stuff is going on your face!

  • Monica

    I have a love/hate relationship with Lush. I like a lot of their products (Dark Angels, masks) but I find some of their products to be over priced. I do like that you know who makes their products & they’re pretty much edible. I actually have been keeping my mask in the fridge since it’s summer & my husband’s been sneaking using Dark Angels. He likes it because it “smells like campfire.” Lol! In the winter I don’t have to worry about keeping any products refrigerated as my bathroom cupboard stays frigid (it was bitter cold here last winter). None of my stuff has grown mold even 6 months past the date, but it was only with one product. I know you have more experience with their stuff. I think sometimes they just want you to buy more & more stuff, hence the expiration date.

    • Isabella Muse

      True, some of their prices are a bit much! Haha it really does smell like a campfire 🙂 Mmmm I don’t think it’s about wanting you to buy more stuff, it’s just ingredients and the lack of some that doesn’t keep stuff fresh which is why they advise tossing after a few months!