the Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Cream Palette for Spring 2014

the Balm How Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Cream Palette Spring 2014

Lover of the Balm’s Lip and Cheek Creams? Well now you can get six of them in the Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples? Lip and Cheek Cream Palette ($32) for Spring 2014.

Almost every palette the Balm introduces always has a creamy blush that can double up on lips and face. Typically palettes include one maybe two shades if you’re lucky! They almost always have a super long wearing formula too! the Balm took everything we love about those cheek creams and decided to pop them into a brand new palette!

the Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Cream Palette contains six freshly picked shades of these multitasking creams that have a smooth finish and a long wear and placed them into one single compact!

Shades include:

  • Cider
  • Cobbler
  • Pie
  • Crisp
  • Candy
  • Caramel

the Balm How Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Cream Palette

I don’t have an exact date for this palette but it’ll be available soon at!

Hopefully as soon as the 50% off sale on Friday, a girl can hope right?

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  • 2/6/14 12:01 Amara:

    Hey muse, I was wondering how big this palette is in comparison to maybe their powder blushes. Thanks in advance :)


    • 2/6/14 12:11 Isabella Muse:

      amara total size of the palette is 0.7 oz, their powder blushes are each 0.2 oz


  • 2/6/14 13:56 Dani:

    Is there anything keeping them from drying out or just getting gross? Open cream blushes kinda freak me out….


    • 2/6/14 14:04 Isabella Muse:

      no, it seals shut with a magnetic seal but there isn’t any clear plastic film or little clear lids etc to protect them.


    • 2/6/14 14:32 Jane:

      There’s always glad press n seal. ;)


  • 2/6/14 14:01 Valérie Bérubé:

    -Do you like apples?
    -How ’bout them apples?!

    That’s from Good Will Hunting!!


    • 2/7/14 1:54 Maggie:

      I didn’t get that til just now. Thanks!


  • 2/6/14 17:09 Puri:

    Love the theme of apples….. But the men….. Really? Just not necessary D:


  • 2/7/14 1:30 Lemon:

    The dude posing next to Caramel looks like a bad photoshop jaja.


    • 2/7/14 14:25 Danielle:

      That’s what I thought! I was like, something doesn’t look right…


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