Laura Mercier Tulip Lip Glace Review & Swatches

Laura Mercier Tulip Lip Glace2

Laura Mercier Tulip Lip Glace ($25) is one of thirteen new shades released for Spring 2014. I love Lip Glace so the fact they introduced new colors for Spring had me all arms flaying, running around in circles excited.

Tulip is a lovely shade of purple-y pink that fits right in with the Pantone Color of the Year Radiant Orchid me thinks.

Take a look!

Laura Mercier Tulip Lip Glace is a bit of lighter, dusky pink mauve shade. It comes across more pink on me due to the natural pigmentation of my lips but the shade is a nice shoe in for the Radiant Orchid craze we are currently seeing in the makeup world.

Laura Mercier Tulip Lip Glace

Laura Mercier Tulip Lip Glace swatches

I mentioned in a prior review some of the new Lip Glace shades have a thinner consistency and Tulip does as well. I typically find these a thicker gloss without a ton of tack. This lacks stickiness or tackiness and has a thinner but glossier finish compared to some of the shades I have in my collection. It has the same vanilla/creme brulee flavor and fragrance as well but the wear is a little shorter for me at around three hours as it seems to have a slippery texture on my lips than the older formulas so the wear is a bit shorter. Pigmentation is good on first swipe but two layers is needed for full opacity.

I said it in my other review but I do like some of my older formulated shades versus these new ones…something seems to have changed (or I’m imaging things?!). It feels like they got a bit lighter and watery versus the thickness of the old version but don’t quote me maybe I’m completely crazy!

Laura Mercier Tulip Lip Glace fotd

The newest shades are on counters now and available at as well.

Tried any of the new shades?

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