New from Tarte Cosmetics

New from Tarte

I dunno about you but I’m most excited to see what Tarte Summer 2014 will bring! Tarte recently revamped their packaging and released an incredible Vault of their Cheek Stains plus the amazing BeMattenificent Palette made for an incredible Spring 2014 Collection. Now I’m just biting my finger nails and tapping my foot awaiting Summer 2014.

Until that time here’s something new from Tarte Cosmetics.

1. Tarte Colored Clay Concealer and Finishing Powder with Brush $26
I haven’t personally tried it but this some what new 2 in 1 concealer and finishing from Tarte quite reminds me of the old Tarte Dark Circle Defense Concealer. The only different is now it comes with a setting powder housed below it. The tinted powder helps to set your concealer while the creamy colored clay infused concealer erases dark circles and gives eyes a wide awake appearance. This isn’t new as it launched some months ago on QVC but some folks might not realize it’s up and out there if they don’t shop QVC. I’m going to review it shortly for you and compare it to the older formula. Anyone try? Do share!

2. Tarte The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer $24
Tarte packages up their popular Park Ave Princess Bronzer into a chubby pencil with a cream formula that can be used to sculpt cheeks and contour your face. Apply it under your jawline and blend it towards your neck to contour and along your hairline and buffed upwards to sculpt. (Available now at QVC and launching shortly at Sephora)

3. Tarte The Slenderizer Bamboo Contour Brush $28
Use Tarte’s new 2 in 1 brush allong with their Sculptor Face Slenderizer blend out and give cheeks a more sculpted, slipper apperance.

4. Tarte Amazon Butter Double Ended Lipstick Creme & Lip Tint Duo $32
Tarte’s new double ended lipstick and tint creates a full color pout with a long lasting formula that keeps lips look plush and hydrated thanks to cupuacu and murumuru butters.

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Smokey Shadow Stick Duo $34
They aren’t new but Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Smoky Shadow Sticks are repackaged. These creamy shadows act to line, shade, and define eyes with gorgeous taupe and golden brown shades.

You can snag all these new goodies from Tarte at

What are you hoping that Tarte releases for Summer 2014?

A new eyeshadow palette maybe?

Something for cheeks?


Do share!

These are available at

  • 3/24/14 10:54 Denise:

    I am still in shock over Maureen Kelly selling out to the Japanese. I’ll be holding off on new Tarte purchases for awhile, until we see what effect Kose taking over has on the product line.


  • 3/24/14 10:56 Ash Evans:

    I would like to see the CC primer with SPF for summer. Perhaps some new power pigment colors. I love their stuff so I am sure I will be happy with whatever is in store.


  • 3/24/14 11:11 K.B.:

    Ugh. I just placed an order for that Affair to Remember palette, and I would have added The Sculptor to my cart had I known about it then. (That sounds accusatory, and I don’t mean for it to lol) I’ve never bought anything from QVC before, so I didn’t think to browse the site for other new things. Do you know if any of these products will be hitting Sephora?

    I would love another palette like the Aqualillies palette, although I don’t have any eye shadow suggestions. I love seeing all of the summer collection releases, even though I rarely buy anything from them. Too Faced in particular always knocks it out of the park.


    • 3/24/14 11:15 Isabella Muse:

      aww lol sorry KB actually it probably won’t as sometimes tarte has these exclusive products that are available at the Q only. so you might not see it at Sephora anytime soon! But if it pops up will let ya know! 😀 I’d love one like that too! as I really enjoyed it 😀 Agreed the Too Faced always has my heart ;D


      • 3/24/14 11:27 K.B.:

        I’ve got a serious case of “instant gratification” mixed with the “gimmes,” so I’ll probably just go ahead and order it from QVC in the next few hours, er, days. 😉


        • 3/24/14 11:45 Isabella Muse:

          don’t order yet KB read above, deb says it isn’t good :(


    • 3/24/14 11:21 simone:

      just cancel your qvc order and reorder so youll at least get the discounted shipping for the second product- its pretty easy to cancel on qvc


  • 3/24/14 11:40 Deb:

    Happy Monday Muse! I don’t think the Sculptor and the brush that goes with it are new. I’ve had both of them for several months. I know you’re not much into contouring, but if you’re thinking about this one, I would say skip it. I am so fair and this product literally does not show up on me at all. Even with multiple passes. I think the problem is that it’s very creamy and gets blended away. What I mean is it does show up when you swipe, but of course you have to blend. It’s during the blending out that it completely disappears. With the problems you have getting cream blush to stay, I think you will likely hate this product. My dry skin just eats it like a moisturizer. The brush is good for powder contouring.


    • 3/24/14 11:44 Isabella Muse:

      Hi Deb! I know it came out a month or two ago but didn’t realize several months! Oh well :) at least it is new for those who don’t shop QVC! I wasn’t planning on a purchase as I haven’t a clue at contouring well 😀 Too bad it blends away that sucks :( Thanks for letting me know!


    • 3/24/14 13:22 K.B.:

      Yikes! I appreciate the heads up. I guess I’ll go with the NARS matte multiple instead.


    • 3/24/14 15:15 Bcteagirl:

      Thanks so much for the heads up!


  • 3/24/14 14:09 Mary:

    I was close to buying the concealer but didn’t as I am trying to finish up a few others…will look forward to your review! :)


    • 3/24/14 14:17 Isabella Muse:

      think it might just be the eye defendor repackaged Mary so if you have that you didn’t miss much 😀


  • 3/24/14 15:14 Kaitlyn:

    It’s HERE!!! (or at least some of it!!!) I couldn’t find it on the website, but I randomly googled “Tarte Summer 2014” and found it! Here’s a link!


    • 3/25/14 9:05 Isabella Muse:

      YEAH! I saw it last night too and posted ;-D


  • 3/24/14 20:01 diane:

    you know you are a tarte addict when you already own every single thing in this post 0=) (well the double ended lip butter/stain are en route from qvc as we speak) LOL..I love the contour brush and sculptor stick especially!! i am so excited for their summer line! i saw some sneak peeks on instagram about a bronzing serum and a new pretty palette!!!


  • 3/26/14 7:36 Kate Gentry:

    I love Tarte! That The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer looks super interesting. Love the idea of a contouring bronzer in stick form.


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