Remember When Revlon Abstract Orange Wasn’t Permanent?! Gasp!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Abstract Orange 008

Remember when Revlon Abstract Orange wasn’t permanent?! Gasp!

Released in Fall 2011 with the Revlon Expressionists Gucci Westman, Abstract Orange Super Lustrous Lipstick happens to be one of my HG (holy grail) shades of lipstick.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Abstract Orange 007

I know…you might feel it’s a little Fall looking! It has that burnt just Fall leaf orange to it but really the shade works great for Spring and Summer as well. It’s a dramatic burnt almost metallic coppery orange. The shade just pops! It’s also testimony to the fact that Revlon has a fairly great line of pigmented lipsticks. In fact, till this very day, I recall the first time I purchased a Revlon Lipstick at CVS. I was probably around 14-15 and the shade was a dark, dark wine. Lord knows if I looked deep enough I bet it’s hanging out in my stash somewhere.

Yeah I have a problem ridding myself of product. I become emotionally attached to my makeup. No worries, I haven’t used the shade but I likely still own it.

Revlon Abstract Orange swatches

Needless to say Abstract Orange MAY have passed through your fingers. How sad! If it somehow hasn’t passed over your beauty radar I’m here to say you must grab it up. Perhaps not for your lighter Spring looks but if you’re heading some place warm with a beach for Spring break well yes, do get it. And of course don’t forget to think about the Summer ahead as this sizzling shade is ideal for warm, Summer-y looks.

And honestly, if I could I’d rush Spring and Summer away and just tell you it’s thee most perfect Fall shade.

We should live in a world where Fall is a perpetual season!

Revlon Abstract Orange fotd

Whatever your season of choice might I recommend you celebrate it with Revlon Abstract Orange.

Own it already?

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  • 3/12/14 19:58 don pon:

    I can see why it’s one of your HG lipsticks. It suits you so well! :)


  • 3/13/14 9:44 kellly:

    omg, yes, i do! and I hoarded it and then would forget where I had my backups so I’d sleuth down more and hoard them, too! I probably have about 6 floating around if I can ever get my act together and find them all at the same time!! XP


    • 3/13/14 16:09 Isabella Muse:

      LOL! I have two of them so not as bad as you! ;-D


  • 3/13/14 10:43 telle:

    i second that motion, let us all have a world where fall is a perpetual season! *lol* :)


    • 3/13/14 10:57 Isabella Muse:



  • 3/13/14 16:03 Majick:

    Fall Rules but without the other seasons it would not be as appreciated.
    WINTER SU–S! And I’m glad we’re saying happy Spring in 6 days.
    That said… I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!

    Nice orange lippie but your smokey eyes are really fetching in this shot.


    • 3/13/14 16:06 Isabella Muse:

      that’s true that’s true 😀 aw thanks <3!


  • 6/21/15 14:29 Hannah:

    I remember when this first came out in the UK. I snapped it up as soon as I saw it (along with Sky Line Pink, which made me think of New York for some reason.) I had to trawl the internet to find Violet Frenzy as that wasn’t released over here. Anyway, I love Abstract Orange, it is a perfect colour all year round. Question, would anyone say it’s a dupe for the Kat Von D lipstick Gothica?


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