Benefit Launches Rockateur Lipgloss for Summer 2014

Benefit Rockateur Lipgloss

I LOVED when Benefit launched their Ultra Plush Lipgloss Collection and I’m equally happy that they are now bring Rockateur to the collection!

Benefit Rockateur Lipgloss ($16) joins the Ultra Plush Lipgloss Collection this Summer and brings a beautiful rose gold bronze to lips to match up with the Benefit Rockateur Box o’ Powder!

To say I can’t wait to grab this is an understatement.

It’s available now at

What’s your fav Ultra Plush shade?

Do share!

  • 4/2/14 23:57 Nicole:

    Woo! Benefit’s lip glosses are my favorite, I just hope this one has better pigmentation than the latest cream colors.


  • 4/3/14 15:41 Gwen O’Brien:

    Will THIS be the ONE that changes my LIFE??? :) <3


    • 4/3/14 15:46 Isabella Muse:

      :-D! we say that about everything!


  • 4/3/14 15:59 Gwen O’Brien:

    True, but one of these times, I am going to come out of the house with glossy lips and money and love and happy every after is going to fall at my feet. And I’ll automatically have great hair. 😉

    Actually, I have the love part covered, it’s just the rest I need. Have a great day, lovely Muse.


    • 4/3/14 16:30 Isabella Muse:

      you already have great hair so that’s check 😀 the money and love I’ll try to get that on you! i love you does that count? hehe 😀 You too my dear! xoxoxo!


  • 4/3/14 21:50 Quinctia:

    I haven’t tried all the shades, because I split up a mini set the Christmas before last for gifting, but I did keep Bella Bamba and Dallas for myself, and I really like Dallas. I prefer shimmery glosses. I’d probably like this color, but I really wouldn’t need a full size, those minis were perfect for someone like me who only wears gloss occasionally!


  • 4/7/14 8:13 Gwen O’Brien:

    Your love counts triple! THis post made me dig out my Sugarbomb ultra plush…still love it!


    • 4/7/14 15:29 Isabella Muse:

      <3! Love ya back girl! I LOVE those ultra plush glosses they are divine!


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