Clarins Introduces Their First Lip Balm Crayon

clarins lip balm crayon

Get over here for a second why I tell you all about Clarins Lip Balm Crayons that are only available for a limited time for Summer 2014.  This is where I throw myself dramatically on the floor and cry to the heavens saying, “WHY?!  Why!?”

I have this horrible feeling that Clarins first ever Lip balm Crayon is going to be brilliant and I’ll love them and they are limited edition…it’s so unfair, unjust, un…real! Sorry I ran out of words there for a brief flash of a second while images of succulent, juicy tinted chubby lip pencils danced through my mind!

Available in six shades the new Clarins Lip Balm Crayon will be mine don’t you doubt it.

These lovely little lip crayons are formulated with mango, apricot, and shea butters to make them super moisturizing! According to Clarins they have the color of a lipstick and the shine of a glossy! I see you shivering with anticipation!


  • Creamy Pink
  • Cherry
  • Delicious Plum
  • Pink
  • Soft Coffee
  • Tender Coral

Soft Coffee looks dramatic in promo images! Hope it’s that gorgeous in real life.

It’s a funny thing about the chubby lip pencil trend….they are everywhere at this point aren’t they? From low end to high end every brand has some variation of a chubby lip pencil BUT…I haven’t yet grown tired of them. Typically when some new trend hits I’m all hyped about it but it gets done and redone to death so I quickly become not only tired but annoyed with the trend. But I have yet to grow tired or annoyed with the chubby lip pencil trend and I say bring more on! I’m right here waiting to grab them all up for myself.

I’m quite excited that Clarins is taking on the trend! Clarins is such an under hyped brand so I love that they are doing something a little fun for Summer that may garner the interest of newer fans that never tried the brand.

You can count a review is in the works for these new Lip Balm Crayons!

What do you think?



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  • 4/22/14 11:37 kimkats:

    Ooooo… these are really pretty!! Eagerly awaiting your review Muse!! There’s 3 or 4 of these that are calling to me!!


    • 4/22/14 11:59 Isabella Muse:

      😀 on the horizon my dear!


  • 4/22/14 11:55 Deb:

    Bad Muse, bad! I would have remained blissfully ignorant of these but noooo. You had to go ahead and post this and make me drool :). I just hopped over to Nordstrom and ordered 4 of them. I had to do it before I had time to think about it for days and then miss out because it’s limited edition. What’s up with us and chubby lip crayons? I feel like I must own every single one of them. It’s a disease!


    • 4/22/14 11:58 Isabella Muse:

      LOL bad bad bad girl 😀 enjoy them and tell me what you think 😀 ME TOO! I typically start getting annoyed with a trend at some point but these pencils I just HAVE TO HAVE THEM ALL! 😀


  • 4/22/14 12:53 Tammie:

    :T I hate LE lip balm so much haha. It’s something you’d use a lot and rebuy often! Why not make it permanent!

    As for why the chubby sticks aren’t boring yet, I’ll tell you why 😉 It’s because just like lip gloss and lipstick there is so much you can do with it and so many different formulas. It’s not just 80 different teeny tiny variations on a trend!


    • 4/22/14 12:57 Isabella Muse:

      lol too true! 😀 damn LE products! Agree! It seems like you can go oh so many ways with these pencils ;D


  • 4/22/14 21:12 Anna Fantasia:

    I have Tender Coral and Soft Coffee. I love them both. I’m a little paranoid about using them too often knowing that once they’re used up, they’re GONE! :( so they sit longingly in my beauty bar.


    • 4/23/14 9:17 Isabella Muse:

      oh my dear you only leave once! use them! 😀


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