MAC Debuts Lorde Collection for Summer 2014

MAC Lorde Collection

Lorde fans rejoice as MAC teams up and debuts a new Lorde Collection for Summer 2014. Singer, Lorde’s, individual style is captured in this MAC collaborated collection that features MAC Pure Heroine Lipstick and MAC Penultimate Eye Liner.

Take a look!

MAC will debut the Lorde Collection on June 5th online at and also at selection stores on June 5th through July 3rd, 2014 (MAC Times Square and MAC Fifth Avenue).

MAC Lorde Lipstick $16

  • Pure Heroine (deep plum) (amplified)


MAC Lorde Lipstick Pure Heroine

MAC Penultimate Eye Liner $19.50

  • Rapidblack (true black)

MAC Lorde Penultimate Eye Liner

Lorde’s a unique singer and has an empowering personality so MAC couldn’t have gone with a better, younger celeb to collaborate with. According to interviews Lorde she claims she is a MAC fan girl and saved up for her first MAC Lipstick in the shade Snob at the age of 14.

Her collection is very vampy as you can see above, Lorde embraces bold lips with a heavily lined eye lined look in promo images much like her own signature look.

It’s too bad it’s such a mini collection as you recall Miss Piggy got a very small collaborated launch as well! Some special limited edition packaging like Riri got would have been nice especially if you’re a fan of Lorde’s!

I’m a little scared of Pure Heronine but I’m also intrigued by the shade! I imagine we can rock this with a smoky eye look! Plus the amplified finish means it is going to rock hard in the pigment department! It’ll probably make for a beautiful vampy lip look I’m sure!

What do you think of the MAC Lorde Collection?

Is Pure Heroine your shade?

  • 4/24/14 10:25 Amandale:

    Oh dear Lorde. I’m a sucker for any kind of purple lipstick… *opens wallet* TAKE IT ALL!


    • 4/24/14 10:32 Isabella Muse:

      LOL Amandale!


  • 4/24/14 10:26 realitygreene:

    Wait, there’s only two things?? I might get the lipstick.


    • 4/24/14 10:32 Isabella Muse:

      sadly only two :(


  • 4/24/14 10:30 Kate:

    That’s it? I was hoping for some much more. This was the only MAC collection I’d been looking forward to so far this year. I bet the Osbournes get a giant collection. Boo hiss!


    • 4/24/14 10:35 Isabella Muse:

      yeah the osbournes is going to be considerably bigger with LE packaging! Kinda sad no le packaging and just two items, but I guess it makes sense as Lorde doesn’t really wear a slew of makeup!


      • 4/24/14 10:41 Kate:

        I knew that the lipstick would be vampy but I expected at least 3 and knew that the liner would be a staple. I had at least hoped for some smokey shadow colors and some contouring shades, just based upon her looks alone. Bummer.


  • 4/24/14 10:32 Gillie:

    I once dyed my hair that plum color. Love it!

    I think Lorde is fabu, too. I love her ivory skin with the dark hair and bold makeup.


    • 4/24/14 10:35 Isabella Muse:

      that must have looked amazings! 😀 I agree! She’s gorgeous! She seems quite down to earth as well!


  • 4/24/14 10:43 Cindy Ramirez:

    I NEED that lipstick! I’ve been dying over this at the mention of a collaboration with her, I knew I’d fall in love with the color. This is going to be like Riri all over again, waiting to order on the website for 2 hours. :'[ It will totes be worth it though!


    • 4/24/14 10:45 Isabella Muse:

      I KNEW you’d want to Cin 😀 you rock the amplified finish so I know this is going to look awesome on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • 4/24/14 10:55 Cindy Ramirez:

        It’ll match my hair, in which I still haven’t shown you! Lol!


        • 4/24/14 11:05 Isabella Muse:

          YOUR HAIR IS PURPLE!? show me! \m/


          • 4/24/14 11:22 Cindy Ramirez:

            It has been tweeted for j00.

          • 4/24/14 11:35 Isabella Muse:

            LOVE IT! some of your natural brunette still in the mix with purpley goodness thrown in. YOU NEED this lipstick now 😀

    • 5/17/14 16:06 Jules:

      Hi! I know this is late, but – that’s not the actual colour of the lipstick, it’s closer to Heroine. The colour Lorde has on is a mixture of Nightmoth lip liner and Pure Heroine. You’d probably be better off buying Nightmoth (if you haven’t got it already) and using that to create a similar look.


  • 4/24/14 11:46 Marina:

    Hell yes! So excited. I love purple lipsticks!


  • 4/24/14 12:57 JoElla:

    When I first heard about this colab, I knew Little Miss Cranky Pants would want it. Even though she doesn’t even know about this. She is 14 and clued me in about Lorde.

    Since she is the baby of the fam, I have already laid the ground work with dear Daddy. Telling hubby, “Well she is 14 almost 15 honey, its time” and “she is a girl hon” talks.

    So I will join many of my fellow makeup loving friends, waiting on the MAC site for this launch. Because if anyone is going to introduce Cranky Pants to her ‘gateway drug’ for makeup, it should me Me.

    And maybe,just maybe, she might let Mommy borrow it 😉


    • 4/24/14 13:06 Isabella Muse:

      awwww you’re the best mom ever JoElla 😀


  • 4/24/14 13:15 Somayea Arefin:

    I’m kinda disappointed :( I was hoping for a bit more interesting packing, or at least more than two products! I hoped they would’ve came out with a black lipstick, not that I would have worn it but it could’ve been an interesting buy. They could have least done something with the packing, she won a Grammy! :/

    On another note, I wonder how this compares with regular Heroine? I’ve been wanting to buy Heroine and maybe I’ll wait it out to see how this goes!


  • 4/24/14 13:21 Veronica:

    WOW at that terrible airbrushing. Her lip and chin area is a mess – look how wonky the mouth is! And anybody who has seen pictures of her is well aware that her face is nowhere near that contoured and angular. I don’t get this obsession with erasing any “imperfection” on the skin at the expense at everything else.


    • 4/24/14 22:14 Ling:

      It’s also ironic since she called out the media for airbrushing her.


  • 4/24/14 18:46 Nicole:

    Aww, I’m bummed that there’s only two products! I was thinking maybe 3 or so lipsticks with coordinating lip liners, eyeliner, and maybe at least a highlighting powder. Oh well, I guess that’s just more money saved, right?

    Now the only question is one lipstick or two?


    • 4/25/14 9:16 Isabella Muse:

      yeah :( I wish it was a bit bigger and with special packaging! too bad!


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