Nordstrom 10% Beauty Sale!

Lancome Lip Lover

Another thanks to reader Amber today for telling me about the Nordstrom 10% Beauty Sale! What a massive sale. I see the Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Palette at a mark down, NARS Blushes, Lancome Lip Lover Lipgloss, and much, much more…seems like the entire catalog of beauty is on sale!

Do go haul!

Happy Shopping!


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  • 4/14/14 11:03 A.:

    Oh man, my bank account is already crying. Is this sale just online or is it in-store too?


    • 4/14/14 11:04 Isabella Muse:

      online :)


      • 4/14/14 11:06 A.:

        Ok, thanks! :)


        • 4/14/14 11:36 Isabella Muse:



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