March 18, 2013

The Best NARS Blushes

NARS Blush

As far as I’m concerned the Best NARS Blushes are typically their golden peach pink shades. Yeah, I mean Orgasm. NARS perfected the golden peach pink in Orgasm. As far as formula goes on NARS Blushes also has an excellent formula with incredible pigmentation, an easy to apply and blend formula, and a long wear.

Outside of Tarte’s range of blushes I’d say NARS tops in as a favorite of mine.

So which are the best shades?

These are my picks for Best NARS Blushes that you should own!

NARS Blush Swatches 1

Outlaw, Torrid, Deep Throat

NARS Blush Swatches

Super Orgasm, Angelika, Taos, Crazed

A soft rose with golden shimmer as described by NARS with a raspberry pink finish on cheeks. It’s a warmer pink that will reflect a variety of shades on cheeks depending on your skin tone.

Satiny, no shimmer and a beautiful glowing coral on cheeks this is a gorgeous Summer-y shade that adds warmth and glow to your face!

Deep Throat
Considered Orgasm without the shimmer, Deep Throat is a similiar but not an exact dupe. Pink peachy shade that can be worn sheer or built up beautifully for a deeper, richer finish!

Cotton candy pink with loads of shimmer and a silky formula makes for the perfect pink for both warm and cool tones.

A brick red that glows peachy on my cheeks! The perfect shade for those darker in tone but easily enough to use even on lighter complexions.

Outlaw’s brother from another mother this lighter raspberry pink gives skin a gorgeous glow and provides foolproof application as you can never over do it.

Orgasm and Super Orgasm
Would you shimmer with your blush today? Super Orgasm is Orgasm on crack. Tons of golden sparkle gets injected into Orgasm’s beautiful golden pinky peach formula for an outstandingly pretty glowing finish. Don’t worry the shimmer isn’t a discoball finish but more of a refined sparkle! No shimmer for you? Orgasm offers the same great golden pinky peach color but with a beautiful glow sans glitter!

What are your favorite NARS Blush shades?

Any must haves?

Or do you not like NARS Blush at all?

Do share!

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  • K.B.

    I recently discovered Dolce Vita and I love it! It’s my new favorite NARS blush. My old favorite was Gaeity, but it’s not as pigmented as it was right after I bought it. I think it just got too old, and it got that hard…I don’t know how to describe it. You know how the testers at Sephora get all gross from people swatching it? I don’t know why that happened, though, because I never reapply my makeup, and I always wash my face first thing in the morning.

    Anyway, I need to dig Deep Throat out of my stash, because I’m eh on it, but it’s so pretty in your swatch! I also loved Sex Appeal when it was first released (I think it’s the first product I ever hit pan on). Oh, and I also own Amour, but I’m also eh on it.

    NARS is one of my favorite makeup brands, but I’ve recently moved on to Illamasqua blushes, and with the exception of Dolce Vita, I haven’t looked back.

  • Bree

    I love oasis! In fact I’m wearing it now. It just so wearable on my skin tone. Luster is pretty too. Sin should be my next purchase.

  • Shelby

    I own Sin and Deep Throat and love them both, though I find I don’t get as much use out of Sin as I had hoped. I also have a mini orgasm but I like Deep Throat much better on my skintone.

  • reena

    I dont like some of their name choices for the blushes. “zen” is really pretty…but some sephora stores dont seem to carry the full blush line….

  • reena

    are these blushes long lasting muse? a few hours or a full day? i think i prefer tarte blushes….since they last a bit longer. also loveeee “NYX” blushes!

    • the Muse

      I get a full day reena. NYX does indeed make a nice blush formula ;-D

  • Blee

    Hummm, out of the six that I have to say that if I had to, Dolce Vita but, Im not a big fan of Nars blushes. Says the one with six blushes. LOL 😀

  • Veronica

    Angelika was my first NARS blush, and I love it. I have to use a stippling blush because of how pigmented it is, but it’s still one of my most used items.

    Sex Appeal is also very pretty and very no-fuss for us pale ladies.

  • Angela

    Bought Nars Orgasm because of the hype and suggestions. I hate it. Doesn’t show up on me without some kind of cream blush underneath. Doesn’t last on me either. Packaging broke. And it’s starting to crack in the corner. I’ll never buy a Nars product again.

  • Diana

    Most defiantly “exhibit A” super intimidating in the pan but an everyday color for me, also my favorite blush thus far!

  • Caroline

    Fun post! I’ve never owned any of the Nars blushes, but I’ve been reading/hearing about Orgasm for years. Maybe I’ll finally try it out sometime soon!

  • Valerie

    I like the regular Orgasm but my daughter likes the Super Orgasm because it’s got more sparkles. Kind of awkward when she texts me from college and says, “Please order me some more Super Orgasm.” hahahahaha!

  • Julia

    Sin is my favorite!! Super Orgasm is a little too sparkle-y for me.

  • Donna

    My favourite blush used to be Dolce Vita until a few years back when I discovered Sleek Cosmetics blushes.

    Sleek Cosmetics aren’t sold here in Australia but I still manage to get the little beauties for around $10 each including postage. (A Nars blush is around $60 in Australia)

    I find the Sleek blushes to be much softer and more consistent in performance than Nars.

    Needless to say, I haven’t wasted any more of my hard earned cash on Nars since discovering Sleek.

  • Sadie Whitecoat

    Silvana was the best surprise … looks way browner in the pan, comes off a peachy bronze, so sad Sephora doesn’t sell it. It’s probably my HG blush

  • Nia Chibi

    I am actually really glad that I can enjoy ur swatches. Currently waiting for my NARS blushes and more to put up a haul + review on em.. to be honest.. it’s hard not to buy more from this company after seeing ur swatches. It’s my first NARS items tho.. but I am excited to see if they are truly as good as everyone says.

    Id like to say that i am loving your site tho but question.. how can u afford to review this many products? Quit a lot of money and u r quit fast to put em up.

  • denise

    I think I like Deep Throat better than Orgasm. Something about the sparkles make it just not show up on me very well (and I’m pretty fair). But I recently discovered Luster and love it! It’s not a shade I’d ever have chosen for myself but I went to a NARS event at Sephora and their artist chose it for me. It has such a warm, natural look.

  • Christina

    I LOVE Mata Hari-it is the most vivid pink color ever! Orgasm is okay..I think it was hyped up more for the name than the actual product. It is more shimmer than anything else. Nars makes very pigmented blushes other than that.

  • Luiza

    The only Nars blush I own is Orgasm and for me it def lives up to the hype. It just looks gorgeous and I’d dare say natural (even with some sparkle) on my NC20-25 skin. It lasts a good amount of time on my skin and I’ve never had any problems with over applying it.

  • Pou

    I’m thinking to buy Tarte Natural Beauty and I own Nars Crazed. Do you think if these two colors are similar?