Revlon Gwen’s Crush Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Revlon Gwen's Crush Nail Polish

Revlon Gwen’s Crush Nail Polish is one of six, limited addition Spiderman inspired Nail Enamels that Revlon released with their Electric Chrome Collection for Spring 2014.

Revlon Gwen’s Crush Nail Polish has a certain liquid metal look but it is a duochrome color shifting shade. It looks fuchsia to me in indoor lighting but I find it shifts to a violet in natural daylight. It’s very sparkly and pretty with an opaque finish with two coats.

As with all the products in this collection it features a black top with a golden web surrounding it, think of this as Revlon’s little nod to Spidey.

This is actually the last piece of the collection that I purchased. I’m missing one nail polish shade I believe which I’m busy hunting down! I think the collection was fun for those of us who have a bit of a geeky side. I also think it was a surprising release for a drugstore brand. I only wish they did a few other products as it was limited to the Nail Enamel and Lipglosses. Some lipsticks and maybe a blush or two or even an eye quad with the limited edition packaging would have been wonderful!

Revlon Gwen's Crush Nail Polish swatches

Revlon Gwen’s Crush Nail Polish Swatches

But hey, I’m not complaining at least we got these great pieces to tell our grandkids about one day! Haha!

The collection is available now at drugstores and it recently launched online at as well!

Did you grab anything from the collection?

Do share!

  • 4/21/14 9:07 Gwen O’Brien:

    Back at my old job—don’t ask—long story. :)

    It’s funny, I have been looking for a color like this, I am not a red nails type of gal. but I could totally do this one. And the name “Gwen’s Crush”? Sounds like kismet to me.

    Have a good day lovey….you are da bomb!


    • 4/28/14 16:16 Isabella Muse:

      are you happy? that’s all that matters 😀 but of course you NEED this one Gwen ;-D It’s your color! You as well misses sorry for the delayed reply been swamped. right back atcha and happy Monday!


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