March 26, 2014

Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man Collection Launches at Drugstores

Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man Collection

Yup, you read that right! Inspired by the Amazing Spider-Man 2 the Revlon Electric Chrome Collection has launched at drugstores (my best friend discovered it at Walgreens). The Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man Collection includes six limited edition Revlon Nail Colors as well as three limited edition Revlon Lustrous Lipgloss shades with a web design on the packaging.

I’m a massive Flash fan but I also have a soft spot for Spider-man and have rare copies of The Amazing Spider-Man #121 and #122 hanging in my home office. The death of Gwen Stacy is testimony to Marvel’s joy with torturing their heroes. If you’ve ever been unsure that Gwen’s death was actually Spidey’s fault they addressed the issue in #125 stating in fact it was the whiplash from his web that caused Gwen’s death. Oh the tortured hero how we love him! Gwen’s death was the gateway into the Bronze Age so we did have something positive come out of the experience for book readers.

It’s both expected and unexpected that Revlon decided to create a Spider-man themed makeup collection. Expected because Emma Stone is their promo model but unexpected for them to team up with something as massive as Spider-man. I didn’t think I’d ever see the day that comics and makeup collided and lord knows I have hopes this opens the door to more collections from brands…MAC needs to get on board with creating some sort of comic themed collection because lord knows I’m sure they’d ace it.

Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man

The Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man Collection is small but none the less I had my best friend pick up back ups of every single product he was able to find because I couldn’t not have a set to use and a set just to display as well!

Take a look!

The Revlon Electric Chrome Collection is a filled display which contains an eyeshadow quad as well as other products like Revlon Highlighter Palettes, Revlon Lash Potion, and Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick. It’s a pretty big display but don’t be fooled about 75% of it are repromoted products and shades.

Revlon Electric Chrome Collection

Revlon Electric Chrome Amazing Spider-man

Revlon Electric Chrome SpiderMan Collection

Revlon Electric Chrome

Revlon Electric Chrome Spiderman

The real joy is the Revlon Nail Enamel shades which are available in six limited edition shades and the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in three limited edition shades. Both products feature a black top with a gold spiderweb design. It’s understated packaging but I adore it…it’s just enough to keep both Spider-Man and makeup fans happy.

Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man Nail Polishes:

  • Gwen’s Crush
  • Electrified Web
  • Spidey Sense
  • I’m Electro
  • 1000 Volts
  • Super-Powered

Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man Nail Polish

Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man Super Lustrous Lipgloss:

  • Electro-Shock
  • Sparks Fly
  • Killer-Watt

Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man Lipgloss

What do you think of the Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man Collection?

Love the idea of the comic and makeup word colliding?

Do share!

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  • kimkats

    oooo… sparkly! 😀 Love the nail polishes – even tho I only do my tootsies, those would look awesome on my hoofies!
    And MAC has done one comic book collex- the Archies one a year or so ago… (or was it longer than that.. they have so flippin’ many I can’t keep track any more..)

    Dayum, those are pretty! Thanks for sharing Muse! Hope your snow’s melted away by now and you have signs of spring!

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah I reviewed the Archie’s one…but…I dunno Archie’s such a lame-o comic something epic like an X-Men Collection would be incredible 🙂 cold cold more cold! snow is melting but they said more this week!? what?!

  • Emi Pierce

    Holy moly, that Killer-Watt gloss is calling to me. Can you say insta-brightening?
    (Of course, now I’m hoping for an Avengers-inspired collection one day when the sequel comes out…really, nerd makeup could be a HUGE moneymaking field! They’d certainly get even more of my money…)

    • Isabella Muse

      omg would nerd makeup make $$$! I’d love an Avengers Collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • corey

    i LOVE killer-watt!!! its so pretty on.

    if they did a women of gotham city collection, id be there in a heartbeat!!

  • janelle

    I see some lip glosses and nail polishes in my future! I am going to go to Walgreens today!

  • Ruth

    I’m a polish wh0re and am going to have to start stalking the drug stores for these!

  • Molly

    I’m wearing OPI Just Spotted the Lizard from the last spidey nail collection. It’s got amazing wear time. I’m on day four with no chips! This never happens for me!

  • Kimmwc03

    I got two nail polishes at CVS the other day (Gwen’s Crush and I’m Electro). They did not have the glosses; just some older lip butters in their display.

  • JoElla

    I saw this collection online, and hunted them down. I think these are going to be beautiful for spring and summer.

    I also saw swatches of the nail polishes over black, and they are to die for!

    And for lip butter lovers, these are not new and part of the core collection.

  • Katmary

    Love the gold web packaging! I’ll have to go to a store with a bigger beauty section as the one closest to me is fairly small, though they normally have most the newer items. I definitely didn’t see this last weekend! It’ll stand out from the rows of pastels, which is cool with me!

  • Michelle

    Mac already has done a comics themed collection for Wonder Women, and OPI has already done Spiderman. This isn’t the first comics x cosmetics collection!

    • Isabella Muse

      I actually completely forgot about wonder woman! ha! opi is nail varnish was referencing makeup collections 🙂

  • Kristina Vieweg

    I don’t necessarily care that it’s “spiderman” but those nail polishes look AMAZING!!

  • tanialeigh

    I am on the hunt for the blue lipgloss. None of the drugstores near me even have a spot for it. I guess it isn’t included in all the displays. I find blue lipgloss so hard to find and if I finally do find one the company discontinues it.

    • Axis

      We have it here. I was toying with getting it. If they’re still there next week, I could possibly pick you up one for cost + shipping (I also get a slight discount at the store where I get them)

  • Axis

    MAC actually has done a comic book related collection. They did a Wonder Woman collection back in 2011. I own the version of Russian Red that was released with it. 🙂

  • tanialeigh

    Thanks Axis but I found it at another drugstore. It took me 6 stores to find it!

  • Cassandra

    I love the amazing spiderman I would like to buy this kit it looks awesome thank you for sharing love spiderman and I am a teenanger