October 16, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick Review & Swatches

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick ($7.99) is a newly launched lipstick from Revlon available in sixteen (possibly twenty) shades. The fact they released these in such a huge array of shades definitely means they will be added to the general catalog and probably won’t be a limited run.

They are formulated with Shea Butter, Aloe, and Vitamin E with the promise of lips being conditioned and hydrated through the wear.

Take a look!

I think “suede” can be a little misleading as it instantly makes me think “matte” but these are in fact semi-matte in finish in my opinion.

I dunno how old you are but you might remember some brand, could have been Revlon, that created these small lip palettes which contained a powder lipstick, a brush, and a Vaseline-like overcoat. You would apply the powder lipstick and slick on some of the balm to set it and give it a bit of shine. Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipsticks kinda sorta have the same texture as that old lip palette. These have a slick application across lips. They swipe on with a hydrating feel but as they dry down they become a bit powdery in finish and have a silicone-y feel that wraps around lips.

Pigmentation is excellent and a single swipe will yield excellent color coverage on lips. They feel hydrating enough going on and don’t necessarily apply patchy or skip during application but you do need a smooth surface to work with. Exfoliate lips well prior to application as these will look very dry and uneven if your lips are flaky, dry, or older. You’ll likely experience migration and feathering on older lips with deep or finer lines.

Cruise, Iconic, Backstage, Supermodel

Runway, Fashionista, Socialite

My lips were chapped during some of my testing and were normal through the other part of my testing. In the case of application on chapped lips I’d say it was a big no as the lipstick lays unnaturally, unevenly, and terribly unflattering on dry lips. Balm helps a little bit but there you’ll still see an unflattering finish. On my normal lips, I felt they looked smooth and quite nice. At first application they feel hydrating enough but the longer I wear them the more I feel they are sucking moisture from my lips. The dry down of the lipstick produces the feeling of applying a long wearing lipstick without applying the follow up gloss or lip balm to set the wear.

Speaking of wear….these have an interesting wear of at least six to eight hours if you can stomach wearing them that long. The longer they wear the more unflattering they begin to look as they start looking dry and flaky as the day progresses. If you drink or eat they don’t fade away easily and will stay in place. Wiping with a napkin will simply remove a little color but a fair bit remains behind as well as a staining effect.








I wouldn’t compare them to any lipstick products currently introduced such as Revlon’s new Lip Butters or L’Oreal’s new Carresse Lipsticks. The formulas are not comparable in the least as Ultimate Suede Lipsticks have a texture, finish, and formula all there own. They might be comparable to long wear lipsticks such as Covergirl Outlast or some other such dual sided long wear lip product.

I know this review sounds like a rant but I actually did like these to some extent. They have really great pigmentation and look very classy once applied. A little clear gloss helps with the overall dryness.

But in the end….

Facts is facts, they do have a rather dry unflattering look as the day progresses. What begins as a hydrating lipstick dries down to a semi-matte finish that tends to suck moisture from lips. I wouldn’t suggest them if you have a chronic case of dry or chapped lips.

Tried ’em?

Do share your thoughts!

I purchased this item.

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  • Kiss & Make-up

    Too bad that they dry out a bit πŸ™ Because I was going to say they look fabulous on you. The color is clearly there but it’s not too much. It’s subtle yet very noticeable. I like it.

    • the Muse

      not to sound vain but I thought they looked nice too but they are really a strange lipstick…! they end up sucking moisture in a crazy way the longer I wear! clear gloss is def key to making them wearable.

  • Christina

    Hey Muse…not to nitpick, but I count twenty shades (numbered 001 through 095 counting by 5, i.e. 001, 005, 010, 015…). I don’t recall all the silly names since in no way do they reference the color, but FYI.

    • the Muse

      thanks I’ll correct the post christina, I counted sixteen but I was rushing could have miscounted.

  • Jen_m_sunshine

    Ugh! I should have waited for your review. I just posted a note on the intial blog about these that I just purchased 4 of them at Ulta. The good news is that I did get a decent deal and maybe if I top with my new fave Maybelline glosses they will wear okay. I have dry lips though – have yet to find a HG lip balm……

    • Jen_m_sunshine

      One more note….so everytime I find a drugstore product I fall in love with ….it seems like in the end I should have just saved what I spent on the 8 shades of the drugstore and purchased a great Dior or Chanel instead! You would think that I would learn by now…..i am way too obsessive about new products! HA!

      • the Muse

        i totally know what you mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, sometimes I spent 12 bucks on drugstore mascara, hate it, and think god I could have went high end and actually saved $$ because I know it’ll work!

    • the Muse

      jen with clear gloss they are very wearable πŸ˜€ don’t worry! I think you’ll like them! they def are drier sadly but with a little gloss I thought they rocked. update me when you get them/try them curious what you think! bit behind on comments sorry πŸ™‚ will get to your other one shortly!!! this one popped up first for me!

  • reen

    ur looking great muse!!! all the shades looking so pretty on u!! want them all!

  • reen

    which blush r u wearing muse? its looking amazing! did u contour also? πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      i actually don’t know how to contour reen πŸ™‚ it’s one of the ELF baked blushes, the new ones! Can’t recall the shade at the moment but it’s kinda mac stereo rose like! and thanks for commenting on it ;-D a review is coming up!

  • Angela

    Aw, too bad they didn’t work out πŸ™ I have perpetually dry, chapped lips (even right after exfoliating!!) so these would be a no-go! Your eyes look absolutely FAB in these pics!

    • the Muse

      aw thanks angela. yeah they proved brutal on my chapped lips πŸ™ you might want to try one or two out during a bogo, who knows they might work out!? but sadly I felt they were SUPER dry!

  • Candice

    Well shucks – i am so tempted by that backstage color since it’s perfect for fall but probably won’t do it because my lips say no way to dry lipstick!! You look great though – keep up the good work!

    • the Muse

      aw thanks candice, I’d still try them if I were you…I like them but I dislike them lol it’s odd…but I think they are worth checking out!

  • Jessica

    I remember those powder lipsticks! I think they were made by Cover Girl πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      YES maybe you’re right! It might have been cover girl! exactly ;D what were they called?!

      • Sasha

        Definitely made by Cover Girl….. wish I remember the product name! I had one and really liked it.

    • the Muse

      YES YES YES that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao! I had two but the color names I can’t recall! ha how funky!

    • Jessica

      Yes, that’s it!!! Cover Girl Lip Advance! I must have been in 6th or 7th grade when those came out, and I remember them to this day. Proof that I was a makeup junkie from the beginning πŸ™‚

    • Mel

      Yes! I totally had one of these. It was a bright red called “maraschino” I think

  • Jean

    Ahhh!!! I remember those Covergirl lip things! When I caught a glimpse of these Revlon Suede lipsticks at the drugstore, though, I was reminded of an older line of Revlon lipsticks (again from the ’90s) – their Velvet Touch lipsticks. They were the ones in the red tubes. One of my fave lippies during that time was one in a sort of dark bronze shade. Oh, the ’90s – such memories!!!

  • Karrie

    Great review. I think I will pass since they seem to suck the moisture out of the lips.

  • Casey moore

    I was totally thinking about those lip powder things the other day. i was in high school when they came out!

  • Lulle

    I basically love all the shades! It’s gonna be VERY hard to resist them, but I need to try one before buying all the range: I tend to have dry lips, so I’m not sure I’ll love the formula.

  • blueraccoon

    These look really really good on you. I’m still tempted to pick one or two up but my lips tend to be dry to begin with so I’m not sure I could really stand them. But I have a couple clear glosses I could put on top, so…if I see them, i’ll probably try them.

  • Fanny

    Those are pretty colors and looks very flattering on your lips! (I assume they are the “normal lips” you mentioned haha)

    Would it help to add a lipbalm OVER the lipstick? Because they just look so pretty, it’s a waste that they are so moisture-sucking πŸ™

  • elizabeth

    I bought one of these at Ulta on Sat. but have only tried it once b/c my lips have been super dry this week. I kind of felt the same way you did, it felt nice going on but then I felt like it dried out my lips a bit, but it still felt smooth. Lol I really don’t know how to describe it, but it was a weird feeling! Is there any special lip balm you use when your lips get chapped?

  • Joan

    These look so pretty on you. Definitely have to check these out when I get over my bout with sciatica. Not a happy camper these days!

  • Jen_m_sunshine

    Muse, wearing Fashionista today. Agree with you completely. DEF need a gloss over them otherwise – they just feel….weird? Drying yes, but I do think these will be GREAT in summer when lips tend to be less dry as they do have a nice stain like effect for some of the darker shades. I really like this color with the Maybelline Iced Chocolate gloss on top. I am happy I purchased – but would only do so at a discount.
    BTW Muse, since you are a concealer-oholic have you tried the Napolean Perdis Mighty concealor pen? I LOVE this thing! It’s great to keep in handbag and have been using it a lot lately as have nasty cold so apply to nose area to combat redness throughout the day. I guess looking like Rudolphy with my shiny red nose isn’t in for a few more months. HA!

    • the Muse

      very weird ;-D they start sucking the moisture from my lips! but clear gloss def helps! i think a bogo is worthy of a haul but at full price I feel a little meh on ’em! I have, reviewed it a few months ago πŸ˜€ glad to hear you likey!!!!!!!! awww don’t feel bad I have a bit of allergies going on at the moment and my nose is all flaky and dry :*(

  • Jen_m_sunshine

    Ugh, sorry – I searched your blog yesterday for concealor reviews so must have missed the one on NP! I try to check your site first – I should have known you tried it :-).

    • the Muse

      lol no worries I love hearing that you enjoyed some product or another and it’s always good to check b/c who knows you might be introducing me to some new awesome product I need to try *wink*

  • Butterdaisy

    Aww man! They advertise these as moisturizing/conditioning so I thought they would be great for my chronicly dry lips. But I see not. I’m a lip gloss girl but sometimes i want a more opaque lip. Covergirl lip perfection and Avon luscious pout lipsticks are the only lipsticks I’ve found so far that do not dry my lips out even more and actually really help soften them. So glad i have your reviews to help me stop wasting money on drying lipsticks.

  • Wednesday

    Wow, Revlon really stepped up their lip product game for being a drugstore brand. All my friends have their lip butters or balm stains and will probably go ape for this.

  • Lara

    Id like to get the shades socialite and supermodel and try them out myself. <3

  • Christina

    As a follow-up to my comment on October 16th, there are indeed 20 shades:

    1 Silhouette
    5 Muse
    10 Womenswear
    15 Runway
    20 Front Row
    25 Socialite
    30 High Heels
    35 Backstage
    40 Flashing Lights
    45 Supermodel
    50 Couture
    55 Iconic
    60 It Girl
    65 Catwalk
    70 Preview
    75 Cruisewear
    80 Fashionista
    85 Trendsetter
    90 Private Viewing
    95 Finale

    Hope this helps.

  • iSee Makeup

    I agree with the whole feeling like “long wearing lipstick without the gloss” I’ve had Socialite on for 3 hours and it still feels tacky! But I really like the color, I’ll have to try it with gloss on top

  • Jodie

    I bought one of these yesterday in Supermodel, and I like the color, I like how it swatched on my hand, but as soon as I put it on my lips it immediately felt bizarre. The color looks nice but dried out my lips right away. I reapplied it later in the day and put gloss over it and it looked better. I’m debating if I want to keep it or not.

  • Chase

    I bought one of these before I saw your review and I’m glad I kept the receipt. They feel very old. Does that makes sense? It feels a lot like a really retro lip product that my grandmother would wear. yucky πŸ˜›

  • Daheep

    I loved the way Iconic looked on me for the first 30 seconds, but then the texture went all gross on me. Any recommendations for a color dupe in a different formula/brand?

  • HautePJ

    Your makeup looks great here! Do you have a different camera that you’re using? Also, I totally agree about the dry down being less than desirable. It sucked all of the moisture out of my lips and I had to keep topping it with Jack Black lip balm (my fave) because it was driving me nuts. I bought 4 of them and sort of regret it!

    • the Muse

      thanks pj you’re too kind. no prob just the lighting! my house is an old victorian home so lighting is different every day ;-D it’s a pain! I sort of do too, love the colors, formula is a bit meh!

  • littjenjen1

    The colors look great on you. I like the Iconic and Backstage color. After reading your review thinking if i should buy it or not. Sucks i have very dry lipss .

  • Tres

    Finally got these in our CVS! Picked up Womenswear, Socialite, and It Girl. Awesome colors for fair skin girls. I love that they aren’t shiny/glossy even though they do have shimmer & that they wear much longer than the Colorburst Lip Butters. They are smooth & even going on. They do emphasize dry lines if you’ve got them. I used Fresh Sugar Lip Polish & that seemed to solve the problem. I’ll need to wear them a bit longer to test out the dry down/moisture loss factor though. Side note: I used them as creme blush too & the look was super fresh. The 3 colors I chose = very Spring. Cruise looks so great on you Muse!!

    • Tres

      OK…the verdict is in & these are out. Tested “It Girl” for 2 days. Horribly drying. My lips looked they had scales, lol. The color totally separated through out the day and my lips felt super dry. Returned the other two. Ugh.

  • shealeigh

    I bought this in Socialite today and I wish I’d read your review..FIRST!! While I really like the color…it goes on smooth and suede-like for the first ten minutes..but after that it gets super dry and matte..and sticky. I was so disappointed! πŸ™ I know most ‘colorstay’ or 16-hour/longwear lipsticks have a tendency to get dry…but this one got really sticky/tacky AND dry. Weird.
    “I feel like it sucked the moisture from my lips” YEP!!! πŸ™ I put lipbalm over the top of it after 30 minutes of wear but it still made my lips feel too dry… Boo. I really liked the idea of this lipstick.

  • Emma

    I LOVE Backstage on you! Very pretty! These don’t seem like they’d be a good match for me and my sometimes chapped lips, so I’ll be giving it a pass

    • the Muse

      thanks emma! they are a bit dry πŸ™ so damn avoid if you’re prone to chapping!

  • Lisa

    I just bought their ‘Womens Wear’ today and discovered exactly what you are saying πŸ™ I couldn’t stand wearing it after only two hours and I’m going to return it for a refund. You paid only 7.99, I paid 11.99! That’s a fair bit of change for a girl on a budget so back it goes. I’m going to take a look through your other reviews to find a good one πŸ™‚

  • Iryna Harpy

    Revlon have never failed to disappoint except in foundations & powder. My mum swore by Revlon for everything except Lancome for her eye makeup. They come up with great colour ranges, but there’s no compensation in that when their formulas are utterly awful. Nevertheless, I’m matte lipstick mad & had to pounce on these as a cheaper alternative to MAC mattes which don’t offer enough of a colour range.

    I picked one up in Supermodel because I’m trying to wean myself off bold colours (I’m about to turn 54 & bolds are the perfect way of screaming for attention to the overstretched cow’s bottom with jowls that now passes for being my mouth). Unfortunately, I can’t tolerate the MLBB look on myself. I just look like a neutral washout. So, I picked up Backstage as well, even though I wasn’t sold on the texture. I have, however, come across a rescue that isn’t great but works fairly solidly for me: a thin smear of Too Faced Borderline as a primer over the entire lip area (after my moisturiser, face primer, foundation but before the rest of my makeup routine in order to let it absorb completely), followed by Twilight Just Bitten lipstain (which I’ve only been using as a base for heavier neutral colours to give ’em a colour lift), then one of these suedes &, finally, a use for the Just Bitten balm – a coat over the top once the suede has set gets rid of that tacky, sticky finish they have that drives me mad.

    I don’t know why it works, but it somehow seals the moisture into my lips & keeps it there. Mind you, your lips need to be well moisturised overnight to wear mattes every day like I do without the chapping & caking.

    Nice lesson in how to salvage a couple of products I’m not keen on! I’m feeling quite proud of getting a little more use out of stuff I would have normally tossed by now. Okay, I’ll probably get bored with this soon & give them all the toss… but at least I’m getting some wear out of otherwise destined to be neglected products.

    It’s terrible being such a product piggy. You’d think I’d know better at my age. I can see myself spending my entire food allowance on ‘must try’ cosmetics once I’m retired & on a tight budget.

    In the meantime, I’m off to buy a Kissable balm in Adore & in Crush; a Youngblood eyeliner in Black Orchid even though I’ve read some awful reviews about it… & will, no doubt, scoop up a few additional impulse buys. Sigh.

  • Linda

    hi, your review is the most honest opinion i’ve encountered so far! I went out and bought not 1 but 2 of these things because I saw so many rave reviews on them… and they simply felt sticky after 5min, and then sucked every drop of moisture out of my lips! I’ve NEVER seen my lips looking so dry! I just wished i saw your review before I went out and bought them!

    • the Muse

      aw thanks linda πŸ™‚ same here, gorgeous color but damn they sucked the moisture from my lips in a major way πŸ™

  • rin

    thx god i found your article in revlon. good job!
    i wonder if you can suggest which color look the best on medium-skin for everyday use and formal use. i go for ‘it girl’ but i’m not sure since i always bought the wrong color. not just wrong but it looked weird on me. then i realized i don’t know which color fit with my not too white-not too dark skin. thx

  • Iryna Harpy

    Update: scratch my so-called ‘rescue’. It was a hit & miss fix, anyway. Some days it did the trick & some days the suede matte would clump up in waxy blobs just like any other cruddy matte formula.

    I made the mistake of wearing it for about 3 or 4 days in a row. My lips felt as though they’d been sand blasted and I had chapped, red craters in them. It took close to a week of serious moisturising to undo the damage.

    The only thing this formula is good for is a photo & then being whipped right off. It looks nice but you wouldn’t want to have to wear it. Sucks out every drop moisture and leaves a sticky, hard wax finish. I already have enough lipsticks that’ll never be used up. What a complete waste of money! Naughty Revlon! Naughty!

  • Sabrina

    Can u give me a high end Mac dupe for revlon color stay I’m supermodel and fashionista

  • Jen

    Have to tell you that I have been reading you daily for months and the first pic of you in Supermodel is the best makeup look I have seen on you. Love it!!!!!! And you wear many pretty looks.