Julia’s Lip Tint Review & Swatches

Julia's Lip Tint 1

Summer’s here (almost) so that means it is time for a great time for Julia’s Lip Tint! And if you’re already a fan you’ll be happy to know she’s revamped the packaging to include an attached wand as well as added a new shade for Spring/Summer called Pink Pop!

Julia's Lip Tint

There’s no secret I’m a lover of Cheek and Lip Stains and Tints! I discovered Julia’s Lip Tint last year and it’s pretty much taken over as one of my favorite lip and cheek tints of all time!

Julia’s Lip Tint is available in 13 shades and is formulated with a rose water and glycerine base. The thing that sets it apart this tint from other formulas is that heavier glycerin base as it applies very easily with a hydrating finish on skin that’s natural and soft. Too many times I run across stains that are difficult to blend out and they end up making my cheeks look ruddy. This base is very hydrating so it smooths onto skin in a soft, even finish without looking patchy. Many stains set very fast and Julia’s Lip Tint does as well but the glycerine does make it a heck of a lot easier to blend out to a natural, fresher finish.

Julia's Lip Tint Pink Pop

Julia's Lip Tint swatches

Julia’s Lip Tint Swatches (swatched and shown above in the newest color, Pink Pop)

Although shy about marketing it as such Julia’s Lip Tint can be used on your lips or your face. I find on my face it has an 8 to 10 hour wear and on my lips about 8 hours as well with some fading around hour 7.

Formula side this tint happens to come in a variety of shades which is another reason to love, shades you can’t really get from other brands! Plus a large bottle that will literally last you ages.

Recently, Julia revamped her packaging for the better as well. The packaging is the same alchemy glass jar but now there’s a sponge tip applicator that’s attached to the bottle’s cap for easy application. This soft sponge is ideal for dotting on cheeks quickly and easily.

Note: Apologies in advance for my brows. I’m growing them out before my next threading and they are looking heinous I know!

Julia's Lip Tint 5

Wearing Pink Pop

Julia’s Lip Tint has a lovely rose fragrance and flavor, doesn’t dry lips out, applies easily, and comes in a variety of shades making it one of thee most perfect Cheek and Lip Stains around in the indie world.

Do try it!

Muse Approved.

Grab it at www.juliasliptint.com.


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  • 5/6/14 21:41 Nat:

    Don’t feel bad about the brows – I wish I had enough to need threading! I’m sparse :(


    • 5/7/14 9:56 Isabella Muse:

      you can have some of mine :)


  • 5/7/14 11:10 Fey:

    I’m liking Pink Pop. I was worried it’d be a very cool toned bright pink. This is way wearable. I really like your brows like this.


    • 5/7/14 11:15 Isabella Muse:

      oh gosh thanks but my brows are a hot mess :)


  • 5/7/14 12:36 Ruth:

    wedont judge around here!


    • 5/7/14 12:50 Isabella Muse:



  • 5/7/14 12:37 mindy:

    What does THREADING mean mommy?? I can’t imagine,


  • 5/9/14 12:12 Ame:

    Ohh I love this. I might have to check this product out.

    Your brows actually look AMAZING btw.


    • 5/9/14 12:14 Isabella Muse:

      damn thanks but they are out of control 😀 Do try it, it’s lovely 😀


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