Avon SuperShock Brights Mascara for Summer 2014

Avon SuperShock Brights Mascara

I’ve never been a fan of colored mascara but I can understand the appeal! For those that do love it and perhaps those who are craving the new Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara ($26) you might wish to indulge in the new Avon SuperShock Brights Mascara instead which will set you back a mere $5.

Avon SuperShock Brights Mascara Summer 2014

Avon’s new SuperShock Brights Mascara lengthens, defines, and adds playful color to lashes with a lightweight, flake-free volume!


  • Emerald Shock
  • Royal Shock
  • Violet Shock

As cool as Dior’s version is I’m not sure I wanna to dish out as much as near $30 on colored mascara that I won’t use often! Avon Supershock Brights Mascara is affordable and comes in similar shades for under five bucks so that I can def swallow.

These are available now at shop.avon.com.

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  • 6/30/14 11:43 Christina D.:

    Is it just me or is the colored mascara thing a huge disappointment? I mean, it sounds like a really good idea but I cannot get it to work! I tried every possible way to apply it — by itself, on top of black, on the lower lash line, on the top tips — and it is just does nothing worthwhile. Yeah, if I stand in a certain light in a certain way I can sometimes see a hint of color which really does nothing but detract from my lashes anyway. I have long lashes but on the light side so maybe that’s the issue but I am going to stop trying every new colored mascara that comes out and stick with black! I’ll leave the color to the shadow and liner.


    • 6/30/14 13:39 Isabella Muse:

      yes yes yes yes and I concur. They sound awesome in theory but they don’t really work :(


  • 6/30/14 12:30 breyerchic04:

    I do like to keep a purple mascara around (I think my current one is Victoria’s secret?) So this is pretty cool.


  • 6/30/14 15:42 Heidi:

    I’m kind of on the fence about colored mascara. I’ve tried a couple by Avon before (a sort of burgundy and a navy blue) which I liked so I might check these out. (The burgundy one I had worked well with my green eyes.) I’ve tried the Maybelline Great Lash and the Rimmel versions in recent years, though, and wasn’t too impressed. The Rimmels had good color but I didn’t see much impact, and the Maybelline was just so-so. I think with a colored mascara you need it saturated enough and offer good volume or really awesome length to show up.


    • 7/1/14 13:52 Isabella Muse:

      i’m the same heidi! never really works for me!


  • 7/1/14 1:29 Cindy:

    They work well over MAC Prep + Prime Lash.


  • 7/10/14 8:31 autumn:

    I have this in violet. I need to put it over my regular black mascara and the color is very subtle. Unless someone is looking closely under the right lighting conditions, I doubt anyone will see it. That being said, I’m glad it isn’t a bright color like the model in the picture!


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