Chanel Collection Etats Poetiques for Fall 2014

Chanel Collection Etats Poetiques

The Chanel Collection Etats Poetiques for Fall 2014 features a new selection of poetic Fall shades that express passion and emotion. Through an evocative collection focused on eyes, the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio plays an intriguing game of opposites: innocent and stormy, soft and intense. A spectrum of pink shades — balanced with flashes of purple, radiant yellow and tumultuous grey — brings a
state of grace to the Chanel Collection Etats Poetiques for Fall 2014 makeup collection. At the heart of this romantic colour range, a reinvented eyeliner adds mystery to every glance.

Take a look!

Chanel Fall 2014 Makeup

Ecriture de Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner $35
In a sleek new design, this automatic eyeliner beautifully combines simplicity and definition. The precise felt tip
delivers versatile effects from thin to thick. In two long-wearing, quick-drying shades.

Chanel Automatic Liquid Liner

Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow $29.50

  • Sensation (Ivory Pink)
  • Palpitation (Soft Rose)
  • Admiration (Golden Yellow)
  • Exaltation (Bright Pink)
  • Hésitation (Pink Plum)
  • Pulsion (Deep Plum)







Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush $45
An innocent rosewood sweeps cheeks with subtle colour.

Chanel Rosewood Blush


  • Innocence (Rose Wood)

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine $35

  • Intime (soft pink)
  • Confident (intense rosewood)
  • Viva (intense fuchsia)
  • Aura (plum)

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Fall 2014

Chanel Levres Sintillantes Glossimer $29.50

  • Rose Reve
  • Songe


Chanel Fall 2014 Glossimers

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color $27

  • Secret (Nude)
  • Atmosphère (Iridescent Pearl)
  • Orage (Grey Blue)

Chanel Le Vernis Fall 2014

The Chanel Collection Etats Poetiques for Fall 2014 is available now at and launches later shortly at your favorite Chanel counter.

  • 6/11/14 17:00 Natasha:

    uh, oh. Not good for my bank account.


    • 6/12/14 9:26 Isabella Muse:



  • 6/11/14 18:22 Ashley:

    Wow can’t believe we are talking fall makeup already, its probably being made as we speak. Nice colors, not my favorite collection though.


    • 6/12/14 9:26 Isabella Muse:

      i know :( but we haven’t had much of a summer here in NY anyway rain everyday! I don’t mind fall can’t come soon enough!


  • 6/12/14 2:54 Angel:

    Those eyeshadows are gorgeous, but I can’t help but laugh at how 80’s that application is. I lived through it, not going back LOL! You really gotta be in your teens and twenties to pull off eyeshadow up to your brow. Especially a rainbow of colors 😉


    • 6/12/14 9:14 Isabella Muse:

      lol completely impractical eyeshadow application! I love WnW because they always promote the weirdest shades above the brow What in the what?!


  • 6/16/14 11:18 Emilee:

    oooo grey-blue nail polish. I am all about that. Revlon (or any brand that doesn’t charge $28 for nail polish, sheesh), please dupe this one ASAP.


  • 7/3/14 17:08 Esther:

    No eye shadow palette? They are usually my fave products. I do not need any more blushes or lip sticks. Heck, I don’t need any more eyeshadows, really, but they are always my lemmings. I do love a palette. Must be those pretty combinations and the packaging, lol. And fall, or Autumn as we like to call it always has the prettiest colours.


    • 9/20/14 15:41 camilla:

      Have you tried the 4Ombres? I have the Tisse Veniten {teals} and am positively in love with the colors!


  • 7/8/14 5:50 Ro:

    Absolutely love this collection. Probably the only one I like, along with the NARS one because I am finding Dior’s to be quite boring. I think I may have to take a look at the mono eyeshadows in person to make up my mind about them, but I really love the glossimers and the nail lacquers… Those are terrible news for my bank account. Really gorgeous promo pictures, I must say!. I might be trying those looks, I am not afraid of color!^___^


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