Fortune Cookie Soap Lollipop Your Cherry Perfume Oil Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Lollipop Your Cherry Perfume Oil

Fortune Cookie Soap is restocked the Candle Aisle Summer 2014 Collection and the first thing I snagged was Fortune Cookie Soap Lollipop Your Cherry Perfume Oil! I love fragrances that are sweet, fruity, and candy inspired so I was sure I’d adore this one.

I love Fortune Cookie Soap Mist Me Body Spray but it doesn’t last on me at all! My body chemistry just sucks the fragrance up. Grrr! So this time around I decided to indulge in the Fortune Cookie Soap Perfume Oil to see if that was longer lasting with better throw and…

It is! It is! It is! Bless be! I wish The Mist Me was as forgiving because that formula is positively delightful! I dunno how they do it but it’s such a hydrating body spray! Just wish the fragrance actually lasted on me longer…boo!

Fortune Cookie Soap Lollipop Your Cherry Perfume Oil is a mix of cherries with vanilla and a swirl of orange and pineapple according to its description. I actually fail at smelling the orange and pineapple at all in the mix. In the bottle it smells like pure fruity cherry with a slight tartness. On my skin it starts off as a fruity cherry blend but it dries down to a fluffy cloud of cherry mixed with vanilla. There are definitely aspects of a sticky cherry lollipop here but the vanilla tames that some so the fragrance isn’t sickeningly sweet but actually a little sophisticated thanks to the vanilla note creeping in the background!

I realize the name could throw some folks who aren’t big fans of sweet candy scents. But don’t like Fortune Cookie Soap Lollipop Your Cherry fool you! It’s actually quite a very fun fragrance but also has elements of being flirty and dare I say slightly sexy thanks to the beautiful creamy vanilla notes.

Loves this!

I’ll be purchasing more before it disappears.

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  • 6/10/14 12:03 Icequeen81:

    I hope fragrances lasted on me too< I really have problem with that, and counting I don't even use it direct on my skin doe my sensitivity for alcohol on skin. I use them on my clothes not even then some don't last not even 3 minutes examples like Shakira and Avril Lavigne Par fum they didn't last me leaving the house. Wonder how it works with oils, and how they work for sensitive skin.


    • 6/10/14 13:13 Isabella Muse:

      same here! the best and longest wear for me are Lush fragrances and my Annick Goutal fragrances! many fragrances are short wear for me! :(


      • 6/11/14 13:18 Icequeen81:

        No lush over here or Annick Goutal :( my bad


        • 6/11/14 13:32 Isabella Muse:

          aw :(


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