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L'Oreal Collection Privee Colour Riche Lipsticks

Good news the L’Oreal Collection Privee Lipsticks have popped up on today! If you recall I reviewed these lipsticks about a month ago!

The collection is a selection of the Perfect Nude Lipstick inspired by past and present L’Oreal celebrity ambassadress. Each shade compliments a different skin tone but of course, you aren’t by that of course, but from experience some shades are better than others on my own skin tone!

The collection has five shades on Ulta’s site but there are six total! The five they have are listed below (I’ve included links to my review, swatches, and lip swatches as well since the promo image’s on Ulta’s website are wacky!).

  • Eva Nude: A hint of gold to capture the radiance of matte skin for a sun-kissed look. For dark brunettes with golden based complexion.
  • Doutzen Nude: This barely pink nuance combines freshness and femininity with a sprinkling of softness. For blondes with fair complexion.
  • Frieda Nude: This refined lavender nuance is perfect for emphasising the delicacy of the amber complexion. For brunettes with amber complexions.
  • Julianne Nude: A delicate and elegant barely peach shade that enhances the radiance of pale pink based skin tones. For very fair and rose complexions.
  • Cheryl Nude: Subtly gray pink nuance that discreetly enhance the beauty of greige based complexions. For brunettes with fair complexions.
  • Liya Nude: A barely brown color that adds contrast and brings extra attraction to darker skin tones’ lips. For darker skin tones.

I know a ton of people have had a hard time locating these so at least you can grab them online now if you want!
has Free Shipping on a $25 purchase and you can use coupon code 200929 for $3.50 off your order!

Happy Shopping!

  • 6/12/14 11:13 Crystal:

    This is my must have lipstick. It’s the only lipstick wear now. I bought out all the Eva’s nude at my BBB. Will definitely have to order some more. Thanks!


    • 6/12/14 11:24 Isabella Muse:

      yay happy to hear it 😀


  • 6/13/14 21:06 Melissa:

    Is Cheryl’s nude available only in the UK?


    • 6/17/14 16:59 Isabella Muse:

      I haven’t seen it in stores but has it listed Melissa!


  • 6/15/14 4:45 Lindsay:

    I really wanted to love these so badly. I hunted and hunted for Julianne’s shade (fellow pale redhead here) and finally found it on clearance at walmart! I was so excited…till I opened it, the smell for me is just awful. It smells like my super cheap Wet N Wild lipsticks from high school and I couldn’t wear it for more than 5 minutes :(

    I love the color though and am now looking for a dupe of it.


    • 6/17/14 16:47 Isabella Muse:

      yeah understand Lindsay! l’Oreal def has a strong flavor/fragrance :(


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