Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Megalast Matte Lipsticks

Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Megalast Matte Lipsticks

Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Megalast Matte Lipsticks are popping up now in drugstores. The collection consists of several shades of Wet n Wild Megalast Matte Lipstick as well as Fall shades of Megalast Salon Nail Color.

I picked up one of the shades of the Megalast Matte Lipsticks just to give a test run to because I never tried the matte finish formula. There’s a review for it upcoming tonight for those interested.

Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Megalast Matte Lipstick

Anyone see this new Wet n Wild All Access Beauty Fall 2014 Collection at their local drugstore?

P.S. Anyone watch the Knick or Outlander this week? I stayed up super late last night to catch up on both and completely loved ’em, particularly Outlander as I adored the books!

  • 8/11/14 18:17 Fancie:

    The lipsticks don’t look all that unique but I’m still going to end up with a couple anyway lol. I really like the nail colors though!


  • 8/11/14 22:14 Antje:

    Fellow outlander fan over here! I watched the preview of the first episode and loved it! Need to check out the Knick since it’s muse approved.


    • 8/12/14 9:30 Isabella Muse:

      yay! 😀 I thought they did a fine job with outlander for a first episode! I look how it progressed and visually it’s a beautiful series to say the least! DO! let me know what you think :)


  • 8/11/14 22:36 Dazzling Diva:

    I have some WnW mattes in a few colors and kinda love them. I wonder how unique the colors will be though…but I’m certainly going to keep an eye out during my next drugstore stop.

    I did watch the Knick and I loved it (figured I would from the previews). I’m not a Cinemax subscriber but I plan to now just for that! Those HBO people certainly know what they’re doing lol.


    • 8/12/14 9:29 Isabella Muse:

      I thought it was great too! 😀 looking forward to the next episode!


  • 8/16/14 10:47 Mayra R.:

    What drugstore did u find this in? I might be taking a walk to all my local ones today lol. I searched before and no one had it yet.


    • 8/18/14 9:47 Isabella Muse:



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